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American Dissident Voices broadcast of 9 October, 2021 by Kevin Alfred Strom RACIAL survival is the necessary basis for having a future. If we as a people make money our primary value in life, our race, our people, will die. Eventually circumstances or enemies will force us to choose between continued…
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Douglas MercerEssays

by Douglas Mercer WHEN THEY had cleared the East of race scum the National Socialists planned to plant large colonies of German soldier-farmers there. Himmler believed that this was the White man’s ancestral homeland and that tilling the soil was the natural and healthy element of the White…
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by David Sims I’VE BEEN contemplating capitalists and their pet-poodle philosophers, like Ayn Rand and Stefan Molyneux. The imagery here goes like this: Capitalist: “Capitalism is the best. It always works. Isn’t that right, Fluffy?” Fluffy says “Arf!”…
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THE U.S. GOVERNMENT’S “Optional Practical Training” (OPT) program pays American companies to employ foreign graduates over the head of Americans, and in the 2017 financial year “swiped” $2 billion from trust funds for the elderly to favor 240,000 alien college graduates over an equal number…
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David SimsEssays

Here we have media Jew Mike Wallace (original family name Wallik) and his interview with philosopher Ayn Rand (born Alisa Rosenbaum), author of Atlas Shrugged. Rand, also a Jew, invented Objectivism, a formalized variety of libertarianism that was promoted as an antidote to liberalism, religious
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