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THIS WEEK the Daily Mirror carried an article with this headline: “Britain Stops Taking Stranded Children From Calais Jungle temporarily — Just as Camp is Demolished” Under the banner accompanying the headline was the photo above. Whenever healthy White men look upon such a…
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Riot police forced to use tear gas on stone-throwing crowd chanting ‘f*** the UK’ who tried to board ferries bound for Britain HUNDREDS of rioting migrants swarmed Brit cars and lorries at the flash-point port of Calais — in scenes described as “like The Walking Dead”. (ILLUSTRATION: …
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What follows is a transcript of Simone Héricourt’s oral account of the present situation in Calais, given on Sunday, February 7 in Rungis in front of a patriotic audience. She is an ordinary woman confronted with an extraordinary situation. WELL, HERE WE ARE. Pierre introduced me. My name is Simone…
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