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compiled by Steven L. Akins and John Smith HOW DO the Jews (who American Evangelical Christians/Boomers love so much) really behave? American Jews are more than 80% leftist or centrist (and the few who identify as “conservative” usually define conservatism mainly in terms of supporting…
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American Dissident Voices broadcast of December 9, 2017 by Kevin Alfred Strom JUST THE OTHER day, Donald Trump announced that the US was going to recognize the disputed city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, and move the US embassy there from Tel Aviv — exactly what the more extreme sorts of…
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D’Souza’s latest “anti-racist” book is so moronic that only a boomer conservative on multiple painkiller prescriptions could stomach it. Let’s take it apart every time it’s mentioned on social media. by Hadding Scott DINESH D’Souza’s narrative…
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