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Here we see “Wakanda,” which, like everything else in Jewish Hollywood, isn’t real. THIS IS AN article for everyone. Yes, I speak to you too on this occasion, Black man! Make no mistake though, I do not speak for you, nor should you want me to. I have no time for you, Black man, but you…
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Police refuse to stop takeovers; “Washitaw” mythology was derived from the ravings of Malachi Z. York’s various Black Muslim “Nuwaubian Moors” groups; York was convicted of abusing over 200 children of his followers. SQUATTERS ESPOUSING allegiance to an esoteric…
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Classic EssaysWilliam Pierce

by Dr. William L. Pierce (pictured, oil portrait by Will Williams) WHITE AMERICANS — MEMBERS of that great, dispossessed majority — are increasingly suffering from the effects of a widespread program of “reverse discrimination,” in which they are refused employment or promotion…
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