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This blood-chilling story is from the diary of Captain Theodore Canot, a European trader in gold, ivory, and African slaves. It’s a first-hand primary source on the nature of the Africans that slave traders brought to North America, who almost invariably had already been enslaved by their fellow
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by David Sims BEHOLD, Cadimella — Uganda’s “space satellite.” No. Not really. Like all other Black African aerospace achievements, Cadimella is a hoax. It’s an aluminum box, decorated with lights and strips of gadgetry that were probably bought online from Europe,…
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Summary Based on the fact that ~41% of all blacks in West and Central Africa prior to European conquest were slaves, the extreme increase in price of slaves from the relatively small increase in demand that the Atlantic Slave Trade represented, and the anecdotal evidence that more slaves were put to…
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by David Sims HOAXES ABOUT BLACK achievement go back quite a ways. A Black commenter on YouTube took exception to my remarks about the intellectual deficiencies of his race and haughtily directed my attention to the Dogon people, a Black African tribe, who “taught advanced astronomical knowledge…
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