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IT HAS BEEN a direction the country has been intentionally steering towards for decades, however now it seems Australia can truly call itself an ‘Asian Nation’. The 2016 census figures reveal that China, India and the Philippines now account for more foreign-born residents than the traditional birthplaces…
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by Dr. William L. Pierce ONE OF THE more interesting aspects of the ongoing saga of illegal campaign contributions and money-laundering in the Clinton administration is the Asian connection. A temple full of Buddhist nuns who cannot speak English but who have handy checkbooks, Clinton buddy Johnny…
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WHITES ARE the only race on the planet concerned with justice, the rights of others, compassion toward the downtrodden and ideals higher than myopic self-interest. We have been endlessly patient and generous toward worthless and violent monsters who reward this national suicide with cities on fire,…
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by Ricardo Duchesne HENRY YU, professor of history at University of British Columbia, believes that “Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the United States are settler colonies that were built around white supremacy.” He asserted this in a recent article, White Supremacy and the Foreign
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