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Saint Hitler watch over us and protect us and pray for us and our evolution. by Arman
as told to H. Millard SAINT ADOLF HITLER was a man sent by God to do God’s will and save Whites from extinction and to help us evolve into the Ubermenschen. Saint Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 and died on April…
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Wherein Homeless Jack teaches us even more about the sacred teachings of Arman by H. Millard YOU CAN believe anything you want, man, and you never have to prove or justify your beliefs to anyone else. You can keep your beliefs to yourself or you can share them with others. That’s your call. Belief…
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by H. Millard ARMAN SPOKE, SAYING: We are different, some of us, I am convinced; at least those of us who instinctively understand, or who are easily awakened to the White truth with very little prodding. We who know, know in our bones that we Whites must remain separate and even isolated in order to evolve…
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