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Hey! Be checkin’ da smirk on dat Jew. If you’re like everyone else, you’ll want to know how people get that smarmy, Jew smirk. Read on! by Arch Stanton IT’S TIME once again for Arch Stanton’s – Theater – of – the – Absurd! Today’s episode — Dr. Smirkin. You just closed that billion-dollar deal,…
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Could it really have happened in the way that this humorous analogy suggests? We don’t know, but the author sure nails the mentality behind Semites and their religions. by Arch Stanton SAUL/PAUL was a Temple Jew. The Temple was the Jews’ first central bank (think Federal Reserve Bank) and like…
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by Arch Stanton IT WAS A blistering, bright, sunny day in Judea. The temperature was just over 103° under the sun-burnt date palm where King Nebuchadnezzar II sat. Classic descriptions of Nebuchadnezzar are of a tall, stately man who towered over his subjects — when in actuality, he was only 5’1”…
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