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MORE EVIDENCE of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s quiet transformation from “nonprofit civil rights organization” to “advocacy group” turned up today, serendipitously, as is so often the case. A recent story in the Ashland (Oregon) Daily Tidings reminded us of the SPLC’s boilerplate claim that…
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by Hadding Scott IN RECENT YEARS I have paid less and less attention to what goes on in White nationalism generally, or what is now known as the “alt-right.” Whether White nationalism and the “alt-right” are the same thing, or different things, I cannot tell. Some people…
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Given the rapid speed with which they have emerged, some have questioned whether the groups are really created by students. AT LEAST 30 social media profiles of so-called “white student unions” have been set up in the last week, in response to nationwide student protests demanding action to address…
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