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by David Sims NONE OF EARTH’S civilizations came from Africa. The ancient Egyptian civilization was in Africa, but the people of that country were an offshoot of Mediterranean Whites, with some Semites who arrived later. For the 3,000 years of its glory, Egypt was run by these Whites. In 760 BC,…
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The “Middle Eastern” ancestry cited was Neolithic, including some from ancient Anatolia, which was once almost entirely occupied by proto-Europeans, and likely included Sumerians, another essentially European people. ANCIENT EGYPTIANS were more closely related to people from…
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THIS WORK REFUTES Afrocentrist nonsense which claims that “Egypt was black” through reviewing the historical record of Egyptian art, images of mummies, and new dramatic DNA evidence. Ra was the sun god of ancient Egypt, and part of the religion of that culture was a belief that the pharaohs were descended…
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