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Kevin Alfred StromNews

by Kevin Alfred Strom HAROLD COVINGTON, who died this week, does not deserve to receive accolades or be remembered as a comrade. He was not a comrade. He consciously sought to ruin our cause and the good fighters who were and are fighting for it. He was a talented writer — and an unscrupulous liar.…
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Andrew HamiltonNews

by Andrew Hamilton COPS, PROSECUTORS, and judges are always (that is to say, as a rule — the culture strongly encourages it) eager to attack Whites and undermine their civil liberties and human rights. It’s very safe compared to fighting crime, and good for their careers . . . not to mention…
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by Lawrence Forthright THE QUESTION of deception within the movement is of the utmost importance, as we who have chosen to carry this burden and fight the good fight must always be aware that those around us may be agents of the government (this may include police, police informants, co-workers, family…
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