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David DukeEssays

by David Duke
an excerpt from his book The Zionist Conspiracy THE LEADING universities of the United States follow draconian, racist admissions policies that result in a massive Jewish over-representation of mind-boggling proportions. (ILLUSTRATION: Gate at Harvard University) When one compares…
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David SimsEssays

by David Sims THE IQ distribution of American Whites is 103±16.4, and that of US-resident Blacks is 85.0±12.4. The averages in those distributions comes from Rushton and Jensen (2005).¹ The standard deviations in the distributions comes from a 1963 study by Kennedy, Van De Riet, and White. See also…
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Classic Essays

by Yggdrasil MOST White Americans believe that the vast array of race preferences only effect those Whites in the lower socioeconomic levels of their race — those in the bottom 20% by IQ and income. Most Whites at the highest socioeconomic levels believe that only the proverbial six or seven Whites…
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WHERE DOES OUR education spending go? A large chunk of it will go to Affirmative-Action-pushing university presidents like Teresa A. Sullivan (pictured). About $680,000 a year, to be specific. That’s how much she’ll earn for becoming the first female president of the University of…
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Classic EssaysReports

by J. Gardner and editorial staff THE National Longitudinal Study indicates that the impact of Affirmative Action laws and diversity-enhancing public policy is far different from that imagined by most Americans. Instead of being over-represented (which equality advocates often view as something…
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