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American Dissident Voices broadcast of February 14, 2015 by Kevin Alfred Strom EVERY FEBRUARY 14th I do two things: First, I commemorate the anniversary of the horrific firebombing of Dresden, an act of terror and racial hatred against us — a true holocaust of innocent people, good people, our
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Don’t believe those who have usurped conservatism and the Tea Party movement when they tell you “it’s not about race.”
by Kevin Alfred Strom WHILE I WAS in a restaurant the other day with a few friends and their children, I saw another group enter the establishment and take…
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by Ted Wansley (pictured) POLITICIANS obsessively refer to America as a “nation of immigrants.” The “nation of immigrants” catchphrase is as misleading as the related slogan “America was founded on diversity.” Until 1965, American immigration laws explicitly protected America
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According to this plan, which is now officially being revived and openly promoted — even on T-shirts — by “Reconquista” invaders with corporate backing, all White males over 16 years old are to be killed. by Don M. Coerver
from the University of Texas Handbook of Texas Online
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Press Release: Controversial Pro-White Novel Released in Time for Columbus Day 2010; its subject is the genocide of White people. KYLE BRISTOW—a second year law student at the University of Toledo College of Law, three-time elected Republican precinct delegate for the 29th precinct of Michigan’s…
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