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Here’s a classic satirical look at the network TV schedule a quarter century ago. Except for the names, things haven’t changed much, have they? Let’s petition for reruns of these “classics.”
by Cholly Bilderberger HERE’S A VERY INSIDE peek at coming attractions…
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by Edgar A. Perry THE WALL STREET JOURNAL reports that “[t]he list of racially insensitive words just got bigger: Republican U.S. Senate candidate Mark Kirk is drawing some criticism for a remark he made to fellow Republicans about the upcoming election. Kirk talked about ‘key, vulnerable…
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He’s kidding, I think. — Ed. by Fernando Pena THE NEXT TIME you read about an African American or Hispanic who committed a crime, don’t blame the African American or Hispanic, instead blame the majority white population. Whites have historically oppressed people-of-color; this…
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