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Lighthearted fantasy contains much worth thinking about by David Sims THE SOLAR SYSTEM EMPIRE (SSE or Empire) is an absolute imperial monarchy whose territories include all the space and all of the mass within 1000 astronomical units (1.496e14 meters) of the solar system barycenter, excluding…
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Let’s start today with a rousing song! by David Sims THE BATTLE HYMN of the Republic was originally an American Christian-patriotic song composed shortly before the American Civil War, with words by Julia Ward Howe. The new words, composed by myself, are sung to the same tune. The “Fourteenth”…
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by David Sims ALL MORAL codes comprise a hierarchy of values. Not only do they define good and evil, but they also specify that some goods are higher than others. By doing this, however, they necessarily engage with nature’s own test of goodness, which is simply whether or not people, by the practice…
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