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Jews Like Blackmailable “Leaders”

Jeffrey Epstein’s operation was not unique. In nameless opulent homes, diplomatic missions, and rude warehouses — as in the artist’s conception shown here — White children are exploited and abused by Jewish traffickers and intelligence operatives. One of many such Jews, Arie Scher was protected and rewarded by Israel, who were well aware of his crimes against non-Jewish children.

by David Sims

JEWS LIKE TO BE in charge, but they don’t like to be recognized as Jews engaged in the pursuit of Jewish political and economic power at the expense of everyone else. So they change their names sometimes, and they work through gentile front men sometimes.

And they establish “charities” that ostensibly pursue allegedly “good” aims, but which in reality work iniquity. Some of them are money-laundering operations, run as a service to other scamming Jews or to criminals willing to pay for it, such as the Latin American drug lords.

When Jews work through gentile front men, they need to have a way to keep them under control, and blackmail usually serves this purpose. So the Jews induce their goy helpers to commit crimes as a precondition for them ever to have any rank, status, or significant income.

With some gentiles, the threat of exposure for financial corruption suffices. But, with others, something stronger is needed, and that something is usually the threat of exposure for raping a child.

That’s what Jeffrey Epstein was up to. His job, on behalf of the Israeli government, was to induce senior US administration officials, members of Congress, wealthy businessmen, and top law enforcement officers to rape a little girl or bugger a little boy in a “private” room while a hidden video camera secretly documented the perverted act. That done, the official being blackmailed had to do whatever the Jews told him (or her) to do.

The United States isn’t the only country in which the Jews play this game. In the summer of 2000, the federal police in Brazil arrested George Schteinberg on charges of making child pornography in the Rio de Janeiro home of Arie Scher, who ran a child prostitution business in his apartment.

George Schteinberg was, by day, a college professor who taught Hebrew language and social studies.

Arie Scher’s day job was being an official Israeli diplomat; he was the vice consul for Israel, working at the Israeli embassy in Rio.

The girl who broke the case by reporting Schteinberg to the Brazilian police found, while surfing the Internet, an image of herself, naked, posed on the hood of a car. She became angry because Schteinberg had promised her that only he would ever see it. So she went to the cops.

George Schteinberg was arrested and his home was searched. The police found many photos and videotapes of adults having sex with children. When Schteinberg confessed, he also brought out the role of Arie Scher, and the police went to arrest him at his Ipanema apartment. But he wasn’t there.

Somehow or other, Scher got notice of Schteinberg’s arrest and, leaving the Israeli Embassy, he hopped a plane to Buenos Aries, changed planes, and was soon bound across the Atlantic Ocean for Israel.

Brazil asked Israel to extradite Scher back to Rio for trial, but Israel said no. Israel did promise to try Arie Scher in Israel and to punish him suitably. However, the “suitable punishment” turned out to be taking away Scher’s diplomatic license for five years.

And, during those years, Scher was given a cushy administrative job whereby he was well paid for his time.

The five years went by speedily. As the time came to a close, another Jew named Amir Laty had disgraced himself so badly that he had to quit his job as Israel’s consul in Australia. His crimes seem to have involved espionage and exceptional rudeness toward women.

So Israel needed to find a new person to be their consul to Australia. They chose Arie Scher!

Meanwhile, someone in the United States who had been following the case of Arie Scher, contrived to explain to the Australians who Scher was and what he had been doing as Israel’s vice consul for Brazil five years earlier. The Aussies got all up in arms about it.

Upon finding out that an obnoxious Israeli spy was being replaced by a Jewish pedophile and pimper of children, they made noises that Mr. Scher might have found a bit intimidating. Eventually, Arie Scher decided to decline the appointment, perhaps for health reasons.

* * *

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Peter Rushton
Peter Rushton
20 March, 2023 7:52 pm

A remarkable story: one minor correction – Arie Scher (sometimes written Arie Sher) was chosen as Consul (not Ambassador) to Australia. [Corrected — thank you! — Ed.] As noted above the appointment was dropped following a media storm, though Israel’s Civil Service Commission had deemed that Scher’s earlier conduct in Rio had warranted only a “light reprimand”. A previous scandal led to Israel changing its mind about the appointment of Eliyahu Lankin as Ambassador to London. Lankin had been a senior officer in the Irgun terrorist gang that committed numerous atrocities against British as well as Arab targets. His old Irgun commander Menachem Begin, as Prime Minister, chose Lankin in 1983 as Ambassador to the UK. Mrs Thatcher objected and the appointment was dropped, with Lankin remaining en poste as… Read more »

21 March, 2023 6:59 am

The best depiction of the basic Jewish modus operandi can be found in Veit Harlan’s 1940 masterpiece Jud Süß , which can be seen for free here:
or purchased here:
On the latter website, you can also find Leinen aus Irland (linen from Ireland), which is primarily a comedy skewering the byzantine twists and turns and corruption of the Austro-Hungarian bureaucracy, but which also features a crypto-Jewish financial advisor who has his sights not only on his business tycoon employer’s money, but also on his beautiful blonde daughter. It’s like Harlan’s movie, but much more lighthearted, but does not come with subtitles.

William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
22 March, 2023 10:13 am

Thank you for keeping this disgusting Jew story alive, Mr. Sims, Recent History: Homosexual Jewish Diplomat Runs a Child Porn and Prostitution Business in Brazil | National Vanguard Colombia: Jews Caught Operating Nationwide Child Sex Slave Ring | National Vanguard Dr. Pierce first covered this in his classic “The Rubes and the Carnies” more than two decades ago: The Rubes and the Carnies | National Vanguard Well, well, well! I have on my desk at the moment a news item from Brazil. It is dated July 5 — that’s just 10 days ago — and was reported by Reuters news agency. It is about a child prostitution ring operated in Brazil by Israeli diplomats in order to satisfy the sexual appetites of Israeli tourists. I’ll bet you haven’t seen anything… Read more »

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
9 June, 2023 9:34 am

Jews to re-attack Mel Gibson for exposure
of their pedophilia and adrenochrome rings: