Yahweh Did Not Create Us

From evil roots, poisonous plants do grow.

EVEN AFTER having been exposed to the great qualities — and achievements — of European peoples before they were swept up in the Middle Eastern religion that now dominates them, one racial patriot recently stated: “I still trust the Bible and Christianity.” I responded:

But why? Christianity isn’t the native, organic, ancestral belief of the White race. None of our ancestors were Christian until it was forced on them through tyranny, oppression, and brutal violence.

Why do you trust a book written by the very same race of people you recognize today as a threat? The Bible wasn’t written by our White ancestors. It was written by the ancestors of Jews, and written for the Jewish people.

In the Old Testament, the Jewish authors describe themselves (with no apparent shame) — terrible, depraved, wicked, sadistic, savage, greedy, deceptive, subversive, genocidal — in great detail.

So why would you take the words of such people as absolute, eternal truth?

Why trust what Christianity teaches? Is it because you fear Yahweh’s wrath and want to avoid an eternity of torment?

Who created the narrative that we’re all damned to an eternity of torment? What does this actually teach us?

The New Testament’s Romans 3:10 gives us the doctrine of “sin equity.” As Saul of Tarsus explains, Jews are superior to non-Jews, but “sin equity” ensures all are “equal under the power of sin.”

Much like how Communists want everyone to be equally poor, so that none can claim to have more than others, your Christianity needs everyone to be “equally wicked,” so none can claim to be more moral than others.

Do you not recognize how this belief was crafted by the very race of people who are more depraved and wicked than any other tribe or race on Earth?

Jews have taught you that you are as wicked as they. That you are as damned as they. That you need to “confess your wickedness” to their god, so you can avoid eternal torment.

You were not created so you could be damned.

You were also not created so you could be “saved,” because you don’t need to be saved from anything.

The fact of your human existence in our physical reality is not a curse. It is a gift from your gods — the gods of your ancestors, not the god of Abraham and Isaac.

Christianity has nothing to offer the White race. We were moral and virtuous without it. We maintained stable, secure societies without it. We did “the right thing” without it. White people never needed Christianity to be moral people.

If you have not already, I encourage you to read Germania by the Roman historian Tacitus. You will likely be shocked speechless when you discover that the Germanic peoples lived much like we would live today if we were able to live without Jewish influence and subversion.

You don’t have to fear Jewish “Hell.” You don’t have have to fear the wrath of the Jewish god. These are Jewish inventions, crafted to keep you terrified and obedient.

If you love and cherish your White ancestry, you must come to the realization that your religion was invented by non-White people for the purpose of enslaving White people — and destroying our culture and heritage.

Remember: Christianity is responsible for teaching us that our ancestors were wicked and brutal monsters who had to be “converted” for our own good.

If you reject the wildly misnamed “progressives” who claim your being White means you were born sinful, it’s time for you to also reject the doctrine that claims your humanness means you were born sinful.

You weren’t born sinful. Your nature is not a curse or a burden. You weren’t created to pursue a Jewish version of “perfection.” You weren’t created to be put in a tiny box that forces you suppress your human nature for the sake of empty promises made by someone else’s god for another race of people.

Friend, you don’t have to believe in anyone’s gods to recognize that Yahweh, the god of Abraham and Isaac, represents genocide, subversion, tyranny, degeneracy, usury, and greed.

You don’t have to accept the Jewish description of your Creator to recognize and be in awe of your Creator. But your Creator is nothing like the entity described in the Torah, in the Jewish scripture. The Jewish scripture teaches you that your Creator is a jealous, easily-angered, vindictive, mercurial despot who specially favors Jews and will execute people on the spot if they anger him enough.

You were not created by such a psychotic, anti-human entity.

* * *

Source: by National Vanguard correspondents based on posts by @volkischexe

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
19 September, 2022 9:25 am

I have seen several items to
the scourge of Christianity.
However, none are as straight-forward
and hard-hitting as this one.
Unfortunately, this will not go
over with the sheep here in SC.
They are too steeped in their
Christianity to see any other
way. A grim prognosis for them.

David R. Westerlund
David R. Westerlund
19 September, 2022 1:40 pm

GR8 article Chris: HOW were we “created”? My education/experience tells me EVOLUTION to man. HOW was the earth created is the big question. Best answer to that is “The Big Bang”. 88 Dave Westerlund

Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton
19 September, 2022 2:34 pm

In short, the Bible was written for Jews, by Jews, about Jews. It has nothing to do with anyone outside the Jewish race. It is truly amazing how the gullible goyim cannot fathom this simple, obvious fact. No doubt this is due to massive Jew programming White cultures have been undergoing for millennium.

Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
19 September, 2022 6:37 pm

If you have not already, I encourage you to read Germania by the Roman historian Tacitus. You will likely be shocked speechless when you discover that the Germanic peoples lived much like we would live today if we were able to live without Jewish influence and subversion... — Very good. No, original Teutons did not worship an imaginary Jewish superspook up in the sky — like is said here: — None of our ancestors were Christian until it was forced on them through tyranny, oppression, and brutal violence. — Tacitus’ Germania is a favorite book in my personal reading room. We offered it at our online bookstore until inventory was recently sold out. I just ordered another batch — a newly revised edition with chapter titles — that we’ll announce in the September BULLETIN to… Read more »

19 September, 2022 7:20 pm

Give everything to jews and destroy yourself or go to hell, such a “God” would be nothing but an enemy in the first place.

Shieldmaiden Odinsdottir
Shieldmaiden Odinsdottir
20 September, 2022 5:58 pm

I really appreciated this article, I came from a horrible religion that I won’t name… I had always felt like I didn’t belong or wasn’t good enough for it, like I had to suffer in order to be approved by that god. Such a self loathing religion. Ugh! I am so glad it is far removed from me. I had such a deep realization of what I was supposed to do spiritually. I now practice the religion of our White ancestors. My boyfriend really helped me to understand what these Christian teachings were designed to do. That I am thankful and grateful for. Hopefully more Whites will learn these truths and drop that ugly religion.

28 September, 2022 2:56 pm

This article has so many points to comment on. Lets begin 1) We are the children of Prometheus, the Titan who made man from clay and of Athena the Goddess who breathed the divine spark into the lifeless body. Through this union of the male and female principles we were born into being. From our father we inherited the fire of Knowledge and from our military mother the Intelligence and strategy of War. Due to this we are Aryans, the people of War and Prometheans the Creators of Civilization. Unfortunately we focused more on the martial aspect of War (Ares) and forgot about the Stratagem part of it. Which includes propaganda and the twisting of enemy perceptions. 2) The Jewish/Christian myth of Creation is an amalgam of Platonic ideas and… Read more »

Axis real heroes of ww2
Axis real heroes of ww2
29 September, 2022 2:55 am

Hats off to the author of this article.
We should always restrain from mocking christians
and thus alienaiting them.
Always and I mean always point out to them that
Christianity and Islam are jewish subversions
and one side of the same jewish coin as communism.

5 October, 2022 5:44 pm

Salute brother, well said.

This needs to be done with an appeal to emotion before logic, any experienced orator knows an appeal to emotion before facts is the way with 95% of people(ours included).
Then comes the facts and logic to back up the appeal to emotion/soul.
You can feel it in your bones, in your blood, and in your folk soul? All appeals to emotion/drive. 
Then comes logic to act as the foundation to it all.

People have to see the vision of a house before they even start to build a foundation, they need something to drive them.
“a vision”