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Thoughts on Elizabeth’s Legacy

HER MAJESTY’S PASSING HAS if nothing else highlighted the distinction between the cultural identification of her British subjects and those of the New British. For instance, the latter deemed the mourning crowd outside Buckingham Palace to be ‘too White’ — an accusation which could draw a number of responses, one to the effect that Britain has always been a White country, at least until the traitors opened the gates in recent times. Or that if the New British claim to be British, then why have they no empathy with this quintessential British institution? Or, rudely, if you don’t like British Whiteness why don’t you find yourself a nice Black or Brown country and escape the “racism.” Oh, that’s right — there are no nice countries that are Black or Brown. And the few that are rich by way of natural resources would barely let you lot in for even a short visit.

Here’s a typical picture the London crowd that gathered upon the news of the Queen’s death, followed by a typical “New British” comment:

Anyone spoy [sic] what’s odd about such a crowd, in London of all places? Sorry, way too many white ppl in a single location.

Then over in the USA a charming ‘professor’ named Ooga Booga, sorry, make that Uju Anya (I believe her ancestors arrived in America on the Mayflower) who describes herself, inter alia, as a feminist, didn’t show much “gender solidary” by wishing the Queen a speedy death, adding for good measure “and may her pain be excruciating.” Charming. But I suspect she speaks (in her semi-literate way) for a high proportion of the armies of resentful and ungrateful Blacks feeding on the carcass of a once-great country.

The vibrant New Britons may be in short supply among the mourners, but they’re all over the corridors of power where they now hold three of the four most powerful offices in the land. And had three-passport Rishi won it would have been a full blackout. Or brownout. I’m afraid that’s Elizabeth’s legacy, a Britain unrecognisable from that which she inherited, where the people she supposedly represented now find themselves dispossessed and marginalised in what had been their own country.

Could she have done anything to prevent this? Well of course she could. While recognising the formal constraints applying to the role of a Constitutional Monarch, had she inserted a regular reference to the “British people, our traditions and culture” in the speeches written by traitorous bureaucrats it would have sent a powerful message. Again, a quiet word in the ear of each new PM presenting his credentials to her would also have meant something.

As it is, Britain is facing societal and economic degradation on an unprecedented scale. But if indeed she can be blamed, then we must also admit that it can’t be said that there was any widespread public reaction against what happened during her reign. The same Uniparty has been voted in repeatedly. Even Charles Moore, the epitome of the hunting-shooting-fishing Tory of the shires had this to say about the new Cabinet:

There’s not a single white male in any of the top four posts. And that is good.

Changing the puppet makes no difference as long as the puppeteer remains the same. Traditional Britain is on its last legs and it went down without a whimper. It takes many centuries to build a civilisation, mere decades to destroy it.

And those who cry ‘appease, appease’
Are hanged by those they tried to please.

* * *

Source: Irish Savant

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22 September, 2022 10:49 am

Or, rudely, if you don’t like British Whiteness why don’t you find yourself a nice Black or Brown country and escape the “racism.” 

Better if Black or Brown people don’t like Whites, why don’t THEY find themself a nice Black or Brown country and and escape the “racism.” ??

23 September, 2022 12:52 am

Unlike those many tone-deaf and congenitally stupid brown-skins who leapt to their opportunity to mock white British sentiments about their departed queen I said nothing. I even regret the loss of the symbol, even an empty one about to be emptier… But on review of her record I find only two instances where she appeared to exert herself: Once to press for the betrayal Rhodesia white folk and the other time for the betrayal of South African white folk. Of course by her inaction she also betrayed the white folk of Britain. Before turning back to the serious business of fighting for our folk my last thought of her was a wondering question: Was she just a typical isolated and fearful white woman virtue signaling her compliance to the monster… Read more »

Reply to  b.smith
23 September, 2022 11:59 am

Interesting thoughts, Mr. Smith. Are you an Alliance member, by chance?

Reply to  RCavallius
24 September, 2022 12:39 am

In spirit I think, and will to be in fact (if found worthy and can be effective).

For now though, and a few seasons to come, I am 99% adsorbed in my own peculiar battle for the folk and cannot commit time to other endeavors (even one so outstanding as the Alliance) — I’m not worth the time it would take to induct me right now I fear.

After this battle is won though, then I can do more.

Ah but I could send a quick donation now and then, hah, at least that would be something — thank you for making me think of that!

Reply to  b.smith
24 September, 2022 10:12 pm

“I’m not worth the time it would take to induct me right now I fear.” No, it doesn’t seem like it. Thanks for letting us know. Best of luck with your “peculiar battle.” In the meantime, we’ll be here fighting this battle that you’re waiting for us to win before you can “do more.” And we’ll be fighting it full-time, with relatively little funding and no support from the slow learners who still haven’t figured out that the White race has neither the luxury nor the time to remain preoccupied with less pressing pursuits than building a new White world NOW. Donations can be sent to National Alliance, PO Box 4, Mountain City, TN 37683. Any little bit helps, and we appreciate it, although I do believe you should be… Read more »