The Jews Behind Bros: Another Homosexual Propaganda Film

Judd Apatow

Some of the images in this film overview are disturbing and should not be viewed by children or sensitive persons.

by Ryan Cavallius

What the Jews did and do (and cannot but do) is a consequence of what they are — and of what they remain even when they turn their backs on Jewish tradition (or pretend to do so) and become Christians, Theosophists, Buddhists, or just “rationalists” or Communists. (Savitri Devi)1

DR. PIERCE’S BIRTHDAY has just passed, but this month there is another birthday coming up which is also important to many racialists. The 30th of September is Savitri Devi’s birthday, but unfortunately, outside of pro-White circles, few Whites know who she was, and even fewer will be celebrating. A much larger number, probably, will – in what has become true American style – celebrate something else on the 30th: the release of another sick, degenerate film intended to further poison the White mind and strip our people of whatever is left of their rectitude. This time it’s Bros, a movie described by Jew-run Wikipedia as an “upcoming American romantic comedy” but which is actually just more homosexual propaganda from the perverts who control the movie industry.

What is significant about this film is not just that it represents the latest in a long string of travesties in American cultural life, or even that it’s being released to the public on the birthday of one of the greatest thinkers of post-war National Socialism, for surely the latter is only a terrible coincidence. What is really important to know about this film – and this is the point I want to hammer into readers’ heads – is that it did not just drop into our formerly White society out of the clear blue sky. This propaganda came from somewhere specific. It was created by individuals whose identities can be easily ascertained just by doing a little bit of digging on the Internet. And when those identities are discovered, what comes to light?

This: Bros is an entirely Jewish creation.

* * *

The release poster for the movie features a picture of (get ready) two men grabbing each others’ rears along with the caption, “A romantic comedy that gives you all the feels.” This against a pink backdrop, with an arrow through a heart in the “o” of the movie’s title. Looking up the plot, one reads that the film is about “two men with commitment problems [attempting] a relationship,”2 but, while that would be bad enough, the trailer reveals that there is a whole lot more to it than just that.

The trailer opens with an evidently homosexual man named “Bobby Lieber” filming himself in front of the “future home of the LGBTQ-plus museum,” and then proceeds to give viewers snapshots of the decadent lifestyles of a bunch of big-city fruiters engaging in multiracial love-fests of various stripes.3 It depicts scenes from a “gay” nightclub, an Asian and two Negroes who are in a “throuple situation,” (yes, you read that correctly), and so on. At one point, when one of the characters says, “Gay guys are so stupid,” Lieber responds, “I know. But, we’ve been smart enough to brand ourselves as being smart.” To that, the first queer says, “It’s our little secret.” (In fact, homosexuals have been branded as smart. The myth of the charming, intelligent, and successful homosexual man has permeated American culture for decades, only it wasn’t the perverts themselves who propagated this false ideal – not principally, anyway. It was Hollywood Jews.)

Then there is the scene in the trailer where a Mestizo-looking man is sitting with his wife, talking to Lieber. His two young children – a son and daughter who appear to be less than ten years old – are in the room. The man says something about “bottoms” (a homosexual term for those who perform a certain role in the bedroom) and when his children hear the word they jump up gleefully, with the little girl shouting, “Bottom dance!” Encouraged by their mother and father, they all start to dance around in demented joy, shaking their rear ends in front of Lieber who, incidentally, does not join in the dancing. The trailer ends with a lesbian-looking thing asking a group of queers whether they “remember straight people.” Another freak replies, “Yeah, they had a nice run.”

So there you have it. Bros. Another unimaginably degenerate homosexual propaganda film. It’s scheduled to premier at the Toronto International Film Festival this month, and then it will be released in American theaters on 30 September, Savitri Devi’s birthday.

So who is pumping out this garbage? Well, we already know the answer. Bros was produced by “Global Solutions” and “Apatow Productions,” and will be distributed by Universal Pictures.4 More specifically, however, it is a coterie of perverted Jews who are behind this film, and the main two – the head honchos, the ones who really got this thing off the ground – are not even queers themselves. But they are spending a lot of time, money, and energy to promote homosexuality in America.


Looking into the production of this film, we first have “Stoller Global Solutions” (called “Global Solutions” on the Bros Wikipedia page). This company was registered as a business in a few different states some years back, including Florida, Georgia, and California.5 However, its status is “withdrawn” now, having been dissolved in 2017. The CEO, CFO, and Secretary are all given to be one Nicholas Stoller,6 and while this company was supposedly dissolved, it looks like it probably just took another form.

Nicholas Stoller

Nicholas Stoller helped write, direct, and produce Bros and has also been instrumental in the creation of many other trashy and idiotic films over the past couple of decades, such as Sex Tape and Captain Underpants. The first line in his Wikipedia entry calls him a “British-born American filmmaker,” but read a little further and it tells you he was “raised Jewish.”7

Next up is Stoller’s buddy, Judd Apatow. Apatow and Stoller have been working together for over twenty years, sometimes through Apatow’s own production company “Apatow Productions,” to create television series and full-length films.8 Apatow is another heterosexual Jew who is married with children but insists on peddling homosexual propaganda to the rest of us. The first line of his Wikipedia article calls him simply “an American comedian, director, producer, and screenwriter,” but scroll down a bit and you will read that he is a New York Jew.9

Apatow and Stoller appear to be the prime movers behind this filthy film, but they were assisted by a number of other Jews.

Joshua Church (right)

Billy Eichner played a big part in the creation of this film, too. Eichner is also from New York, also a Jew, and is also referred to as “an American comedian, actor, and producer,” until you get to the part about him being Jewish.10 Eichner is a homosexual as well, and in addition to helping Stoller write the script, he played the leading role as Bobby Lieber.

Another creep responsible for this movie is producer Joshua Church. He is an executive at Apatow Productions and answers directly to Judd Apatow. Church has helped churn out tons of degenerate movies throughout the course of his career. He is apparently a heterosexual, and although I couldn’t find much information about him, I am almost positive that he is Jewish.11


“Eve” Lindley

Moving on to the casting, we see that there are also many Jews who appear in the film. We already noted that Billy Eichner, who helped write the script, played the leading role, but:

· Guy Branum is another homosexual Jew who stars in the film.12
· Harvey Fierstein is another homosexual Jew who stars in the film.13
· Brock Ciarlelli is another homosexual Jew who stars in the film.14
· Monica Raymund is a lesbian Jew who stars in the film. She was previously married to a man but is now with a (Jewish) woman.15
· Jim Rash is another homosexual who stars in the film, and while he was adopted and claims not to know who his biological parents were, he is most likely Jewish.16
· Eve Lindley is a transsexual who stars in this film. The identity of his mother is apparently not public knowledge, but his father is from New York.17 This, coupled with the shape of Lindley’s nose, make it very likely that he is Jewish.
· Guillermo Diaz is another homosexual who stars in the film. After researching him online, I am almost certain that he is part-Jewish, but I cannot confirm it.18
· Debra Messing is another Jew in the film’s cast. She is apparently not a lesbian, but has received awards from queer organizations for her pro-homosexual activities.19

More Jews

· The “American composer and lyricist” Marc Shaiman created the music for the film. He was born to a Jewish family in New Jersey in 1959.20
· Daniel Gabbe edited the film, and while I can’t find anything specifically stating that he is a Jew, a quick search of the Internet reveals that “Gabbe” is a Jewish surname.21
· Bros cinematographer Brandon Trost is a “fourth-generation filmmaker”22 who got his start helping his father on movie sets. Since an Internet search reveals “Trost” to be a Jewish surname23 and Brandon’s family has been in the film industry for four generations, he is almost certainly a Jew.

Other Weirdos

The only confirmed non-Jews involved in this movie are in the cast. They are all freaks, of course. “Ts” Madison, a Black transsexual, has a part in the film, as do Bowen Yang (an Asian homo), a freaky Sri Lankan transsexual who goes by “D’Lo,” and Amanda Bearse, a dyed-in-the-wool lesbian. Actor Luke Macfarlane is not Jewish either, but “came out as gay” in April 2008. And there are a few other non-Jewish crazies in the film as well.24

* * *

When Savitri Devi wrote that “the more moral enslavement is complete, the more economic exploitation… flourishes,” she was making a reference to the Jews.25 She documented Jewish deception in a number of her works and took pains to stress not only the physical differences, but beyond those, the spiritual and moral differences between Jews and Aryans. Those differences reflect not merely differences in culture, but inherent psychological differences between two completely different racial types.

Of the twenty people named in this article, nine are confirmed to be Jewish and another six almost certainly are as well. That makes 15 out of 20. The other five are whack-jobs who serve as nothing more than Jewish lackeys. There was not a single heterosexual White man or woman involved in the creation of this movie (yet you can be sure that many of them will be watching it). No non-Jew of any race had any power whatsoever over any aspect of this film’s creation. The writing, editing, directing, producing, and cinematography were carried out exclusively by Jews. Jews made all of the decisions about the film, provided all of the funding for it, and are singly responsible for getting it from the script to the big screen on 30 September, when American suckers can stick popcorn in their maws as they wallow in it.

Nicholas Stoller and Judd Apatow, the two Jews who seem to be at the top of this whole business, are not even homosexuals themselves. Why, then, are they Hell-bent on normalizing homosexuality? The answer lies in the quote I gave at the beginning of this article. Jews are natural degenerates. What they do is entirely a consequence of what they are. Savitri Devi told us about this a long time ago. Let us remember her words, not only on the 30th of September, her birthday, but every day for as long as we live.


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* * *

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16 September, 2022 9:20 am

As true today as it was then…

comment image

16 September, 2022 1:06 pm

Another nasty Jewish film to further the damage on our people. Well written, I always appreciate your thorough research Ryan. We must be kept abreast about the things they are up to. The people behind these films are perverted delinquents.

JewsDestroy Nations
JewsDestroy Nations
Reply to  Shieldmaiden
19 September, 2022 2:17 pm

For me, it’s even difficult to read the article past the inset homo pictures. It’s repulsive to see.

Reply to  JewsDestroy Nations
19 September, 2022 11:50 pm

yes, it is.

17 September, 2022 1:01 pm

To be fair, to make such movies worth seeing, the lifestyle is often ridiculed, all in fun of course. The best example for those not watching such movies (everyone reading this site I’d guess) is Modern Family, a long running comedy series with a White gay couple with an adopted Viet child. Representing traditional America is patriarch Jay played by Ed O’Neill, although he is compromised by having married a Latina in the show, producing a mixed-race child Joe. In the first 6 seasons I’ve seen, dialog has included comments that if made today in a non-comedic setting, would be considered homophobic or stereotypical by the mainstream. Then you have to ask, which came first – homosexual couples or movies/TV shows about them?

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Anonymoose
17 September, 2022 2:15 pm

We in the National Alliance aren’t concerned about “…which came first – homosexual couples or movies/TV shows about them?” We want to sweep the degenerate and the degeneracy they produce into the dustbin of history. Or at least send them where they’ll do no harm to Whites. This is an effort that can only be done collectively by dedicated people who can work cooperatively and in an organized, hierarchical setting. Individuals alone can’t do it.

The framework within which we operate does allow for us to overcome huge problems such as what you describe. I recommend you apply to join us to be a part of the solution.

Reply to  Jim - National Alliance Staff
17 September, 2022 5:39 pm

Jim, when I come across comments like this and meet people of this nature in real life, sometimes I become exasperated. However, I try to keep a positive attitude. I’m thankful for guys like you who aren’t afraid to take an uncompromising stand and put in the work necessary to win this fight. As for the rest… well, I guess they can just go watch “Bros.”

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  RCavallius
17 September, 2022 11:43 pm

Thank you, Mr. Cavallius. Many will keep on watching the Jewish mind-rot and in the long run will have lives that amount to a name and some simple dates on a headstone. We in the National Alliance are aiming higher than that and will not forget those who also make a lifetime commitment to the Path we have chosen.

For those who want to understand the physical reality of that Path I’ve referred to above, you can begin to learn more here:

Reply to  Jim - National Alliance Staff
17 September, 2022 6:28 pm

The woman in your Straight Pride picture could easily be a hispanic. WTF are you people thinking? Couldn’t find a lighter skinned, lighter haired model????

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Rod
17 September, 2022 11:14 pm

Those descended from the sons of that former Roman province of Hispania who have kept their blood White are of my race. WTF are you talking about here, exactly?

Kevin Alfred Strom
Kevin Alfred Strom
Reply to  Rod
18 September, 2022 12:34 am

The vast majority of White people have brown hair, myself included (at least before it turned grey). And the female model’s skin tone is almost exactly the same as the male model’s — and that of many hundreds of millions of White people, including some Norwegians like me. I normally don’t allow such carping comments, writing huge swathes of White people out of the race (see my ADV this week), but made an exception in order to make my point.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
18 September, 2022 10:20 am

Take it from the late great William
Shakespeare: Much ado about