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Four Wars that We Lost, part 4

Rejecting the spiritual cancer that has infected our race will be like placing a great, unstoppable sword into our hands. (painting by Espen Olsen Sætervik; purchase his works)

by Wolf Stoner


NATURE IS VERY PATIENT and just, but harsh. She can wait for a long time and gives multiple opportunities to rectify previous mistakes, but when time runs out, when the moment of grand decision comes, she will show no mercy. Nature is merciless to traitors, and so to blockheads; neither are needed. The primary task of Nature is to advance the best of human qualities, to reward the highest aspirations, not to preserve the lowly and contemptible. No one should confuse Nature with the Jewish god that was concocted for goyim. The priorities of Nature are diametrically opposed to those of the Christian god. The Christian god isn’t going to survive the coming social transformation. The main purpose of the make-believe Christian god was to destroy Natural hierarchy and substitute for it a perverse hierarchy wherein the worst elements advance to the top.

This Jew-spawned program partly succeeded. All the major failures of the White race in recent centuries can be traced to this slave religion.

In the Second World War the resources of the whole world were employed against Germany. The lie-generating potential of all anti-White forces was used to dupe non-German Whites into believing that Germans were their enemy, too. This propaganda achieved its goals. The majority of the American, British, and Russian mainstream public believed the whole set of Jewish lies and were incited to hate Germany. This psychological trick is what allowed our enemies to win the war. Just as in the American Civil War, it was not courage on the battlefield that decided the issue — but the most insidious lies. The White people of America, Britain, and even Russia would not have fought had they known that the main beneficiaries of the war would be the Jews. In the same way, the White Americans from northern states would not have supported Lincoln had he clearly proclaimed that the objective of the war was to free Negroes and to make them equal citizens. And in the Russian Civil War, peasants and even industrial workers would never have supported the Bolsheviks had they known the real agenda and main driving force behind this movement.

The main purpose of those who initiated the Second World War was to annihilate the traditional European power structure and impose alien rule on Europe in order to eventually destroy its distinct identity. To put it simply: to destroy the White race as a factor in global politics.

It is no coincidence that by the end of the war, United Nations documents started to appear that proclaimed “equality of races.” Obviously, any idea of equality presupposes diminishing the stature of those of higher race. Translated into plain language, the idea of “racial equality” meant an assault on the White race and all of its possessions. Any attempt to equalize unequal values means violence, coercion, and subjugation. The whole idea of “democracy” was nothing more than a smokescreen behind which the current brutal totalitarian global system was set up. And this devious scheme saw in the White race its main obstacle.

The conglomerate leadership of the new global “elite,” consisting mainly of deracinated White capitalists (driven by their vulnerable Christian mentality) and Jews, was bent on abolishing traditional society and replacing it with an artificial one based on false values. This “elite” vastly overestimated its own abilities. Yes, they were able to annihilate Germany and subjugate Europe. But, though very capable when it comes to destruction and the spreading of corruption, they lack the ability to create anything useful. The ability to destroy does not presuppose an ability to create.

They dismantled traditional European society but were unable to replace it with anything equally efficient. They created global mayhem and presented it as a “new world order.” But this chaos is bound to devour its own originators, together with their goyish sidekicks. Yes, the Second World War was lost by the White race — but our enemies will not enjoy a lasting victory.

The 77 years that have passed are a short time in historical terms. And we now see sure signs of the approaching collapse of the whole globalist structure set up by the war’s victors. They will try to reassert their power, to mend the crumbling structure they created, to defend it by force and with generous promises — but all will be in vain. Both the USA and the European Union are failing projects; both become ever less efficient, less prosperous, and more overburdened with problems and debts. All their universalist ideas turned out to be a sham, divorced from reality. The high living standards on which this system based its legitimacy are declining. The only way for them to maintain power is to rely ever more on force and the suppression of political opposition — a sure way to self-destruction.

The globalist system has come to its dead end. There is no way out. It will collapse at some point. But before their downfall, these globalist maniacs are sure to use their tools of last resort. They have never been shy about doing this. If Lincoln had had a nuclear bomb he would not have hesitated to drop it on Richmond; if Roosevelt had had the nuclear bomb before the 8th of May, 1945, he would happily have dropped it on Berlin; if he had had hundreds of such bombs, he would surely have ordered all of them to be dropped on German cities. These anti-White globalist maniacs have no moral barriers. Therefore, it would be foolish to suppose that now, when met with a prospect of losing power, they would refrain from using their nuclear stockpiles. They will surely use them. But it will be their death sentence. The collapse of technological civilization, the deaths of billions of people, and the subsequent incessant wars throughout the planet, would not leave those parasites any place to hide or survive.

Even if initially they were able to save their lives in deep bunkers, they would gradually be annihilated one by one by those who survived on the surface. There will be no way to dupe people any more. There will be neither Hollywood nor MTV — only the harsh reality of natural selection.

* * *

In all of those four wars that we lost, the skillful application of lies was the main factor that allowed the enemy to win, not prowess on the battlefield.

The ability to turn one group of White people against another is the key to Jewish success. But the problem lies even deeper. When did it all start? When were Jews able to gain such a stranglehold on the White mind?

The answer is strikingly obvious and simple; it lies on the surface. If you accept someone else’s tribal god as your highest authority, there cannot be any other outcome except that which eventually happened to the White race. It could not be otherwise. It is impossible to simultaneously believe in the Jewish god and not be enslaved by Jews.

It requires phenomenal stupidity not to see this fact. But the truth is that the majority of people in any society are not particularly bright. That is the way Nature works. Only the few have minds strong enough to resist mass propaganda; and only a few of these have a thorough understanding of events; all others are destined to live within the worlds of illusion imposed on them. That is why ideas of “democracy” and “equality” are so destructive and dangerous: They undermine our natural social hierarchy; they give the unworthy among us undue advantage; they deprive the worthy of their natural positions. Mass democracy is a sure killer of any civilization — and that is why it was made into the main dogma used against us by our enemies.

These four wars that our race lost were wars of clear racial significance. The Second World War marked the great defeat (in material terms) of our race and the triumph of our enemies.

Why did it happen? Why does the race whose rule over the whole planet was uncontested 150 years ago now stand on the brink of extinction? — Why can White people now be spat upon by any subhuman creature? There is no easy answer to this question. But there are some key aspects that provide clues as to why it happened.

The first and foremost of these is the fact that for many centuries the White race was subjected to surreptitious spiritual destruction by means of Christian ideas. Dozens of generations were taught to believe in unnatural ideas and improbable stories — and in the idea that there is an alien tribe that was “chosen” by its god (now exalted into a universal god, which we worship) to rule over all other lands and nations. Although a religious idea like this has little immediate effect, in time it starts to corrupt the targeted collective mind. Like acid, it quietly eats through all barriers and destroys what was unassailable by any other means. That is what eventually happened to the White mind and White society.

The whole abolitionist movement was based exclusively on Christian sentiments. The most radical activists of that movement were ardent Christians who had taken Jesus’ teachings closely to their hearts. They were true Christians indeed, and their interpretation of these teachings was correct. Yes, Christianity promotes the idea that all bipedal creatures are equal, regardless of race, intellectual abilities, or social stature. Every sheep is equal because its only purpose is to become a nourishing meal. Therefore, why bother thinking about which sheep is more clever than another? From the shepherd’s perspective this is very logical approach. He cares only about those characteristics of his flock that are essential to him. The sole purpose of Christian teaching is to pacify “sheep” so that they will be obedient to their masters. Christianity explains to bipedal sheep that their only purpose in life is to serve the interests of their god, Jehovah, and, by implication, his chosen tribe on Earth: the Jews.

With sorrow in our hearts we should acknowledge the sad fact that, although being worthy and honest people, Americans who fought for the Confederacy, Boers who fought against Britain, Cossacks and Tsarist officers who fought the Bolsheviks in Russia, and even the bulk of German soldiers in World War 2, were believers in Christianity.

Although this fact might at first seem to have no bearing on the actual events in each of those wars, it is hardly coincidental that White Christian societies consistently lost those crucial struggles. Certainly, there were other more immediate causes of each particular defeat, but this aspect shouldn’t be neglected. It, too, played a role, though not an immediate one. As was already said, Christianity operates by gradually undermining the collective psyche, and in these four wars we can detect what really happened at the end of each. It was apparent among Southern society in 1865; among Boers after their lands were occupied by the British; and was especially visible in Russia in 1920 when whole layers of Russian society were morally broken — but instead of going berserk and fighting with all the force of desperation, they fell into a tearful state of Christian prayer. A similar effect was apparent among the German population at the end of World War 2. In each of those cases we can clearly detect the collapse of public morale at the moment when the ire of desperation should have increased moral force ten-fold. The moral force that led 300 outmanned Spartans to fight heroically against the Persian army at Thermopylae was lacking among Christian Whites in the wars of the last two centuries.

In making this observation, I have no intention of diminishing the individual courage and feats under arms of those thousands of White fighters who did their utmost in those wars. I am talking not so much about them, but about society as a whole, especially civilians. Christian doctrine was too deeply ingrained in their collective mind to not bear its poisonous fruits.

It is rare that this problem is touched upon; in most cases it is not mentioned at all, as if it doesn’t exist. Such ignorance allows this poison to continue its destructive work. That is why we should trace this effect to its origin.

Christianity wasn’t the main factor that defeated White people in those four wars, but the ideologies that were spawned by Christianity did. Capitalism, Marxism, Liberalism, and the “human rights” and “human dignity” religion are all offshoots of the same poisonous Christian doctrine that for centuries parasitized the tree of the White race.

We can trace all those ideologies back to the same basic Christian tenets. Therefore, the destruction of European civilization that we are now witnessing is the result of this original cause. The Christian Bible’s Jew-worshipping was bound to lead to this outcome. It is impossible to solve our problems without understanding this key fact.

But this is not the end; far from it. Although those vital racial wars were lost, new battles are ahead, even more bloody, even more merciless. Only this time the White race must cast off its Christian straitjacket and use its entire potential against the main enemy.

The White race in its present state is doomed. But a new White race will emerge; the new race consisting of the best elements of the old. This process has already started. The time to choose ends; it is now or never. Those who choose to serve their Jewish masters are destined to perish; those who are ready to take the full burden of racial responsibility, must take it now.

The time has come when there is no way to coexist with the degenerate Jew-worshiping crowd. The process of moral decay has reached such a point that it has become meaningless to try to save anything of the current structure. Society as a whole is beyond repair. No one would be able to make America, or Britain, or France, or Russia “great again”; it is too late for that, and quite pointless. What is dead must fall and be trampled under the feet of savages.

The only task that remains in this coming reality is to care about ourselves — those of us who know the truth, who don’t worship our enemy’s god; those who are willing and able to take responsibility into their hands.

A time of planetary cleansing is coming. The excess bipedal creatures are going to die out like locusts. There is no way around it; there is no way to save those who have abandoned their identity. Past defeats can be turned into future victories if the right conclusions are drawn. Jew-worshipping in any form must be rooted out from among Whites. Any Jewish religion, be it Christianity, Marxism, liberalism, capitalism, or multiculturalism brings only decadence and destruction. Those who can’t understand this simple truth have no place in the future. This is not simply my opinion, but is the way Nature works. The Jew is an agent of degeneracy and decay, probably created by Nature precisely for this purpose alone — to weed out weaker elements, to infect those who are not able to guard themselves, thereby increasing the overall strength of the surviving population. It is the same with cholera and plague; those illnesses have played an evolutionary role. Plagues provide selection mainly according to physical criteria; the Jew-plague is a mechanism for spiritual selection. Dr. William Pierce expressed this idea repeatedly; it is the hypothesis that conforms best with observable reality.

The issues brought to the surface in these four wars were not resolved after they concluded. On the contrary, each loss only aggravated the problems that existed before, because the resultant social arrangement contradicted the laws of Nature and made false ideas triumphant. Each war brought diminishing stature for the White race and increased the overall chaos in the world. In each of these wars the forces of disorder and decadence “won” — but these “victories” only accelerated their own demise.

It is the same with any mass illness; the successful plague brings its own destruction, too. The alleged total victory of falsehood over truth in World War 2 eventually brought about the demise of the Allies’ propaganda lies, which we can now observe. (The most evident sign of this process of increasing public awareness of these lies is the appearance of new books dealing with this subject in a more truthful fashion. One is Sean McMeekin’s book, Stalin’s War, published in 2021. Although the author continues the same official line in relation to Hitler and Germany, he presents a more truthful picture of Roosevelt, Churchill, and their relations with Stalin. The main value of McMeekin’s book is that it presents Stalin’s Soviet Union in its true light, debunking World War 2 propaganda myths about Soviet Russia being “suddenly attacked” by a “perfidious aggressor.” Mark Weber gave an excellent presentation of this book in his two-hour program with Frodi Midjord in November 2021. The book is worthwhile reading; it includes plenty of facts and numerical data about how the US supplied Stalin’s empire and how the Roosevelt administration conducted a treacherous war-mongering policy long before officially entering the war.)

Whatever the efforts and bluster of the globalist system, it is doomed. It has destroyed with its big lies the very soil on which it could sustain itself; that is so often the way of the parasite. The end of the Grand Parasite comes. There are no more places for it to plunder and hide away. The Parasite has exposed itself in full measure. All of its past successes were conditioned on secrecy, on lurking behind the backs of other world players. But when this Parasite took global power, it lost its ability to shift responsibility. It will try its old tricks, certainly, but they will no longer work. The mask has been torn off.

The main tragedy of White race is that it allowed itself to be duped and infected by an alien creed. Once made, this mistake brought about the eventual destruction of White civilization. But this failure could mark a new start of something much greater. As Nietzsche wrote, “man is a rope stretched between the animal and the Superman… man is something that should be surpassed.” Man isn’t a finished work but a work in progress. Any stage is a transitional one, leading to something better and greater. Any experience is useful, if the right lessons are learned. In many cases, defeats bring more useful lessons than do victories. These four wars that the White race lost provide us with the most important lessons we can learn, lessons that will help facilitate our future rise.


* * *

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2 September, 2022 4:02 am

While I am certainly not of activist material, I found that spreading the message (it’s the least I can do to help) of wonderful organizations like you guys and the ideals is certainly starting to dig into the minds of Whites with less of a conditioned response and more of curiosity, whether negative or positive – this is most certainly for us remaining Whites surviving in California, we are desperately seeking answers as the browns massively outnumber us and their natural behaviors are glorified. The common message I am getting goes to the like of “What is all of this we fought for to become this nation we are today?”, the questioning of all these so-called “strides” of the past is evident even if most of the responses are half-ass,… Read more »

LH Collins
LH Collins
2 September, 2022 10:23 am

Christianity has only ever plagued our existence. It has only compelled unnatural love for all who are lowly, stupid, hostile and perverted. Informing us “blessed are the “meek”, because their god loves us for it (when we’re weak, frightened and cowardly) are people who should be watched like a hawk because they are perverting our Aryan spirit to beware of grifters and charlatans. Jesus Christ was ever depicted as an obviously sly, weakling, trickster. Christ had all the haughty arrogance of the Jews, but would forever forever remind his (“flock” is right) to give “no thought for the morrow”. To hell with Jesus “of Nazareth”! When I see “Christ-like” persons in my presence, I’m sure to slap them on the cheek, as he told others to accept such disrespect.

3 September, 2022 9:49 am

Good evening, Wolf.
I’ve been thinking over your tenets, and want to highlight that we were able to defeat wild Hunns in the battle of Catalaunian fields, stop muslim invasion under Poitiers and Vienn even under Christianity. Our ancestors defeated proto-bolshevik eurasian mongols in 1380 (Serbs defeated Turkish hordes in 1389) and completely expelled them in 1480 (I wish it would be the year 1488 :D). Americans got rid of proto-ZOG, proto-globalist Rotshield British Empire. I am not here to protect Christianity, I just wanted to say, that our ancestors were great warriors inspite of it.
Let me know what you think.

4 September, 2022 10:09 am

With some luck those lacking any racial morality/fortitude will die off thanks to their compliance over the past two years.

I’ve seen a number of articles about vaccine injury lawsuits popping up, those filing them likely won’t survive to see it through or want to given their self-imposed suffering.

That’s what happens when one swallows the poison of jew lies in any dosage, suffering & death.

4 September, 2022 4:16 pm

Mr. Stoner, You are a very potent writer. It seems a lot of our reading material comes from a similar location (IHR). I agree with you that Mark Weber is a very worthy historian but I don’t care for his dismissive stance on Holocaust Revisionism ( Is the holohoax the main tool the Jews use to manipulate and control Whites by creating White Guilt instead of Christianity given we are in more secular times as Science and Technology “progress”? If the answer is yes to that question than why would we be dismissive of the great 20th century hoax? I know this is beside the main point of your excellent series but I would like to hear your opinion on this since you seem to have so much respect for… Read more »

Wolf Stoner
Wolf Stoner
Reply to  Fenriz88
8 September, 2022 1:14 pm

I have read the linked article. Yes, Mark Weber’s remark against pushing too hard in denying Jewish persecution in WW2, could seem as questionable. But only if we would judge him as a politician. But he is not one. He is a historian, therefore, tries to be as objective as possible. And it is good. We need truth first of all, not blind allegiance to any set of dogmas. And Mark Weber through many years was very consistent in adhering to the principle of historical truth. I have listened all his lectures and podcasts and read some of his articles. He is as good as it is possible to be for a modern historian. At least there is no one better in this field. He is a perfect man for… Read more »

Prinz von T.
Prinz von T.
Reply to  Wolf Stoner
9 September, 2022 3:57 am

I agree that Holocaust revisionists tend to overestimate it. On the other hand, Mark Weber’s objectivity is questionable.

Reply to  Wolf Stoner
9 September, 2022 9:58 am

The controversy around Mark Weber goes beyond the article that I posted in a reply to your article. But I think it doesn’t really matter. Basically the controversy around Weber extends to how he runs IHR and personality conflicts between him and other revisionist. Frankly I don’t care about that soap opera BS and I just want to learn as much as possible about history. If Mark Weber speaks the truth about 99% of history but tip toes around the holocaust then perhaps I shouldn’t care. I won’t point out any more of what Mr. Weber said about the holocaust in interviews because you made your point regarding Weber and the scale of important problems for our race. You wrote, “The third problem is the dysgenic effects of the technological… Read more »

Wolf Stoner
Wolf Stoner
Reply to  Fenriz88
13 September, 2022 3:26 pm

Have no time to write much. Look at this channel; I think that this Finnish man is on the right path:

Reply to  Wolf Stoner
10 September, 2022 5:44 am

Definitely the most exceptional people of the world (people who possess the so called Faustian Spirit) are/were members of the Aryan race, virtually this modern with all this technology we have today wouldn’t exist without them. But these people always has been an extremely small minority among Aryans, most Aryans are ordinary people, most Whites are not much more brilliant nor less corrupt than the average nonWhite. This is the main reason why Aryans are in the brink of extinction not “The orange juice” and the religious, political and economic doctrines born from them. Most Aryans are so naive and stupid that don’t even know that their countries hate them. Is difficult to know how many Whites are aware that this is happening, since talk about these topics, can make… Read more »

Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Reply to  Sven
12 September, 2022 9:53 am

Sven:Dr Pierce said this over twenty years ago the only thing that can save Whites from extinction is Accelerationism… As long as money is enough to evade reality [a]ware Whites with means who love their kin will do nothing. There is no peaceful solution, only a very painful solution. This is my not so humble opinion.

It is refreshing to see you tell it like reality is, Sven, while so many others visit VN fo merely be entertained, or whatever.

Hopefully, you will join with Wolf and the few other racially responsible of our people who know full well that Dr. Pierce was right, who do not “evade reality,” and who are doing something about it. Join Us | National Alliance (

Wolf Stoner
Wolf Stoner
Reply to  Sven
14 September, 2022 7:13 am

Agree with almost everything you say. The only point that I disagree with is your assertion that only a small part of Whites are bright and intelligent. It would be good if it was so. Actually, all people of predominantly White racial background have substantial advantage in problem-solving abilities and other mind qualities determining abstract thought processes. The problem is that only a small part of Whites consciously understand this great advantage and accept the fact of this insurmountable difference between Whites and non-whites. But we should not lament this fact. I am of the opinion that all those who don’t want to use their special place given to them by Nature should be left alone; should be allowed to be exterminated. Why should we care for them? We should… Read more »