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An Establishment Bootlicker, part 1

Max Boot

by Douglas Mercer

PENNSYLVANIA CANDIDATE FOR GOVERNOR Josh Shapiro is (in case the name didn’t tip you off) a really big Jew. Indeed, had he been taken on the eighth day to the Temple to be circumcised by his uncle the Hight Priest, he couldn’t be more of a Jew. Shapiro attended high school at Akiba Hebrew Academy, now the Jack M. Barrack Hebrew Academy in Merion, Pennsylvania. Which is about as Jewish as you can get.

“kiba’s founders created the school with the view that all Jewish children – affiliated and non-affiliated – should come together under one roof to study their common Jewish heritage while simultaneously learning to respect all positions. This objective was not intended to blur differences. Rather, it was intended to strengthen the Jewish identification of every student without compelling acceptance of one particular interpretation of what is the Jewish way of life.

Big fat Jew warmonger Eli Like graduated from this Kike Academy — just to give you an idea of the human waste it produces.

It’s all very hoity-toity and theoretical and dastardly “high-minded,” but it boils down to this: A Jew’s a Jew no matter what.

Josh Shapiro

That’s the bedrock of their dogma. You can have the curls and the black hat and black coat, or be an urban secular insect — and you still remain a Jew.

As the Jewish Chronicle reports, the inspiration for Shapiro’s political career came from the “plight” of Soviet Jews. He was just out of nappies, and he heard that Jews were suffering. Imagine that! Jews suffering! Some White people down the road could have been in a terrible fix and he wouldn’t have lifted his Jewish finger to help them. The little Jew didn’t know what to do with himself, so he began a letter-writing campaign. Wherever they are, no matter how little, Jews are always stirring things up to benefit their Tribe.

So a very young Shapiro started a worldwide letter-writing program, known as “Children for Avi,” on behalf of Russian Jewish “refuseniks.” That is, the little snipe was one of those who go around thinking about being a Jew all the time, which is practically all of them.

We’ve all seen these yay-high obnoxious little snots in their extra-tiny hats.

Free Soviet Jewry?

Free the White race from Jewish tyranny is more like it.

So that’s what got Shapiro “inspired” for politics. Now mind you this “American” politician was not inspired by seeing the Liberty Bell, by those shots heard round the world, by the conquest of the continent, by the crossing of the Delaware, by the high drama of the Cumberland Gap, by Davy Crockett or Apollo 11. No! That’s not his history — and in fact he finds that history somewhere on the spectrum from extraordinarily distasteful to full-on “evil.” What on Earth would he and his ilk have to do with American history to be inspired by it? Nothing, that’s what. But some “poor” Jews (who “somehow” made the world news on every network) on the other side of the planet, Jews who (by the way) were “victims” of a tyrannical state that they created and imposed on White people who they murdered by the millions, that gets this pint-sized pisher up in arms. A Jew in knee pants to the rescue!

These Jews they really stick together, don’t’ they? They teach their young to hate their White hosts and to have super-honed-in antennae to pick up the least little thing that happens to Jews, wherever it happens.

What a Tribe!

Shapiro said he became involved in the movement to free Soviet Jews starting at age 6, through his synagogue, Beth Sholom Congregation in Elkins Park, and the Forman Hebrew Day School. He recalled writing letters to a refusenik named Avi Goldstein, who lived in Tbilisi, and said he enlisted others from the US, Canada, and England in a pen-pal program he called Children for Avi.

What a saccharine tale; poor Jews the victims of their own perfidy in Russia and then they go boo-hoo-hooing to the world and the world starts on a titanic crying jag. Then the little Hebrews start writing those letters, hundreds of letters from little Jews, the next generation of subverters, such plucky little larvae — and what do you know? Soon big Jews like Frank Lautenberg are pulling on the heartstrings of everyone, and on the strings of power, for his co-religionists — and soon more Jews come rushing in to “bless” America.

Will we ever learn?

The goal is to get them out — but we keep bringing more and more in.

I’d say careful what you wish for, but we never wished for it. If a young White kid today were to start a letter-writing campaign on behalf of the Afrikaners who are being slaughtered every day in southern Africa, Merrick Garland would sic his goons on the young lad faster than a Jew scooping up that nickel.

“These are memories that probably have led me into this life of service,” Shapiro said.

Not memories of the White conquest of the New World. No — only memories of Jew “suffering.”

And what did we get in the bargain?

A really rancid crop.

Julia Ioffe

First off we got Julia Ioffe, everyone’s least-favorite whining Jew who took every opportunity in 2016 to revile White people for even thinking about asserting themselves. It was “racist,” you know. And “anti-Semitic.” And against diversity, inclusion, and equity. And deeply distributing to the ruling class of which she is a mouthpiece.

Ioffe was born to a Jewish family in the Soviet Union, and left for the United States in 1990, when she was only seven years old.

For her attempts to stifle White people as they made even the slightest gesture indicating that they might like to overthrow, or at least start to ignore, a hundred years of drill-like Jewish propaganda, she was met (justly) with the full weight of free speech messaging.

The rise of the anti-Semitic alt right this year sent chills through the Jewish world and beyond. And no one was more affected or more spirited in her response than Julia Ioffe. Ioffe received anonymous phone calls playing Hitler speeches. Images of her face superimposed onto an Auschwitz mug shot in a concentration camp uniform with a yellow star were tweeted at her.

It was good times.

Bianna Golodryga

Next in the queue is the CNN “global affairs” analyst Bianna Golodryga.

Golodryga was born to a working-class family of Bessarabian Jews, Moldavian Soviet Socialist Republic. In 1980, when she was 18 months old, her family left the Soviet Union as political refugees, and came to America.

She spouts the Jew line assiduously on Jewish television and married into the regime (her husband is Jew Peter Orsag, late of Obama infamy).

Ioffe and Golodryga, a couple of real peaches, boy.

What were we thinking?

And then the biggest lemon of all.

Max Boot. Even the name alone inspires unrelieved contempt.

* * *

Not only were Jews no bigger than a grasshopper plumping for Jews to come here, but back in the 1970s it was quite the fad for evangelical Christian congregations to put big “Free Soviet Jewry” signs in front of their churches.

What a lot of suicidal fools. One might as well have been campaigning to let wolves into the henhouse or pythons into the nursery.

One of the beneficiaries of this outpouring of horribly misguided theological affection was Max Boot. Boot was born in Moscow. His parents and grandmother, all Jews from Russia, fled the Soviet Union in 1976 as refugees and moved to Los Angeles, where he was raised and eventually gained naturalized US citizenship.

Lo these many years later, does Boot feel a twinge of gratitude toward his benefactors? Hell no, he doesn’t! He reviles them as “know-nothings” and “xenophobes” and “homophobes” and “racists,” and gloats over their eclipse:

Yet it is White, Christian, rural, conservative voters who are now in the minority. Indeed, much of the reason that MAGA Republicans sound so hysterical so much of the time is that they know that the tides of economic and demographic change are leaving them behind. The White share of the population has declined from 80 percent in 1980 to just 60.1 percent in 2019. By the 2040s, America is projected to become majority minority.

Sound like the Great Replacement to me. But it was said by a Jew, so they’ll be no knock at the door. However, much snickering will ensue.

* * *

Max Boot. That’s the booby prize, for sure. That’s like reaching down into the bottom of the Crackerjack box and having your finger cut off by a straight razor. This “Jewish fellow” is really scum, and perhaps not of this Earth. You don’t wipe this scum off your shoe; you throw your shoe away or, preferably, burn it after holding a proper exorcism.

Back in the era before Trump, Boot was a big “conservative,” meaning that he was a big neocon Jew who used the Republican party in furtherance of an international criminal conspiracy run by Jews. The goal was to get every down-on-his-luck White kid who needed the money (due to Jews wrecking the economy for the White working class) to join the military and be used as cannon fodder in Jewish wars. That is, he used the GOP and America as a blunt instruments to keep the world safe for Jews and Israel.

“Once we have deposed Saddam, we can impose an American-led, international regency in Baghdad, to go along with the one in Kabul,” Boot proclaimed in 2001.

Boot also wrote an infamous essay (in the Washington Post, where he toadies for the ruling class) in which he abjured everything he ever believed, or said he believed. He had always presented himself as a hard-nosed customer, against race grievances, against feminism, against Political Correctness; then one day the Republican party went off the Jewish leash for a moment (an infinitesimal way off) and that was enough for him to throw in the towel. He’d have nothing to do with “Hitlerites,” incipient or otherwise. He had found his inner Jew (it was very close to the surface all along, of course) and he realized that he could not hold any positions that Donald Trump held. And he noticed that a lot of “yahoos” held positions he’d held too.

caricature of Max Boot by @jlockboyce

So he abandoned them. He became a soft-hearted “liberal” and learned to love the “trans” and the “gays” and the strident “feminists,” and immigrants of all stripes and hues — and of course all those Negroes who couldn’t breathe. Before, he’d been callous and hard-hearted and ignored them. But now he “says their names.”

It was all a big con. He put the “con” in “conservative.”

“Upon closer examination, it’s obvious that the whole history of modern conservatism is permeated with racism, extremism, conspiracy-mongering, ignorance, isolationism, and know-nothingism.”

If only.

In Boot’s first book, Out of Order, he argued that the Supreme Court erred when it ruled in Brown v. Board of Education that school segregation violated the Constitution.

“I am not proud of Out of Order,” he now says.

You see, he could smell the White people in his party so he bolted. It’s one thing to rile America up to fight endless and pointless wars, but the advent of Hitlerism is another thing entirely. Boot wanted no part of a party of White people.

* * *

Mark Tushnet

Back in 2016, Jew Harvard Law Professor Mark Tushnet was feeling his oats; and since we were on the cusp of a Hillary Clinton “victory” he recommended that the Democrats begin to treat White Americans like “defeated Nazis.” It was another Morgenthau plan in the offing, a purging of White racial pride. Of course they had to wait four years, but that speech Resident Biden gave in front of that blood red background shows that their sick dream lives on.

Max Boot is fully on board with this agenda. He’s now with the late and unlamented Ted Kennedy in thinking a White America is a place where it’s always January 1933 and Julius Streicher is coming back into vogue. If only!

And he wants White Americans to be dealt with accordingly. Like the rest of the Jew rodents and their “liberal” allies, he doesn’t want America to “come to terms” with its past — he wants that past destroyed.

You see Max Boot (a Jew born in Moscow) has the blues; he has the blues because White people still exist and have yet to go quietly into that good night. But he takes cheer that Manhattan and Martha’s Vineyard and the Left Coast exist, places he calls the real America, places where normal Whites have zero power and are a shrinking and hunted minority.

That’s right, a Jew born in Moscow whose family has been here for just a cup of coffee is going to lecture us on what “real America” is.

The gall of him.

He wouldn’t recognize real America if it kicked him out, which it should.

He recently penned an op-ed for one of the Regime’s go-to house organs (the Washington Post) in which he explained that White people are on the way out, but it’s no great loss — and we represent a dying and defunct notion of America anyway; and the future lies with pod-living bug-eating bug-men, and the tony and high-class denizens of our modern-day Gomorrahs.

If you look back, you’ll see them wallowing in pillars of feces.

To be continued

* * *

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
13 September, 2022 11:26 am

Once again – as always – the
fundamental underlining problem
is not so much the Jew as it is
the Christian. Do away with the
Christian, and the Jew will go
slithering off into the night.

14 September, 2022 6:18 am

How long do you think the communist illusionists can keep this going? Until they kill all white people?

Reply to  infinitum87
6 October, 2022 5:21 am

Yes. All the Whites will be mongrelized or depopulated based on current trends. Jews will rely on other non-Whites for nuclear power plant engineering, flying airliners, constructing buildings, growing healthy food for all, running the military and law enforcement, rooting out corruption etc., under new standards that define success as meeting Diversity, Equity and Inclusion corporate goals (to be ESG compliant), over utility. And if any jew is not happy with that new paradigm they can experience an ostracizing like they never dreamed! FYI: Diversity will no longer include Whites, about which no non-Whites will object.

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Anonymoose
6 October, 2022 12:15 pm

I don’t object to being excluded from “Diversity.” We in the National Alliance are all separatists ourselves, and seek to take away our presence from non-Whites totally. It’s why we’re about forming our own communities. This, in turn, prevents mongrelization and promotes our re-population that you’ve already mentioned. Attracting and bringing in those qualified and serious Whites who want to do the same is a goal of ours.

Are you Alliance material? Test for yourself here: to see if our values, goals, qualifications, and so on match yours.

4 October, 2022 11:28 am

FYI : Truss declares herself a ‘huge Zionist’Video shows the new British PM pledging continued support for the Jewish state while meeting a pro-Israeli parliamentary group
comment image