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An Establishment Bootlicker, part 2

Max Boot

by Douglas Mercer

JEWISH “former conservative” Max Boot recently bloviated:

I’ve been feeling very blue this summer. Oh, I don’t mean I’m depressed — I’ve been having a ball. But I’ve been spending time in some of the most liberal enclaves in America: first Martha’s Vineyard (where former President Barack Obama has a house), then Provincetown, Mass., an LGBTQ mecca where pride flags are ubiquitous. I even took my step-kids to a drag show but don’t tell Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis!

What a revolution is here! Sad Max! He’s all down for the fags now, probably is as chagrined as anyone that the “gays” in the big cities had their summers ruined by the monkey pox, and thinks that even if male-on-male anal is the prime spreader of this flit plague, we mustn’t stigmatize the queen and queen-riders. He fled the advance of the Pretend to Make America Great Again train. Now he’s decided it’s better to get in on the sodomy train, you know the one where the queers get on their knees at least once day and point their rear ends at that “gay mecca,” Provincetown.

Meanwhile Boot is having a ball showing his kids some balls. If any honest CPS officers still exist, they might want to look into it.

I have to admit that even this reformed ex-Republican did a slight eyeroll at the car next door to our rented beach house in P-town. It sports bumper stickers proclaiming Biden-Harris, Coexist (with Christian, Jewish, Muslim and peace symbols), Resist and Bye Don under a shock of yellow hair. Naturally, it’s a Subaru station wagon with a bike rack.

Oh, the old sod has himself a little bit of fun with the bugmen; he wants the reader to know that although he’s landed firmly on the “right of side of history,” he hasn’t totally gone around the bend. He’ll call out some excesses of the left like blowing up limousines at an inaugural or torching the homeless in their squatter’s quarters, or letting in a million illegals a month rather than half a million, but the rest of it gets his full endorsement even if he can see the humor in having your eyebrows pierced fifty times when surely a dozen or so would do just fine.

It is easy in such environs to imagine that you’re not in the real America. In fact, a friend who lives, as I do, in New York City — yet another Democratic bastion — made precisely that observation in a half-joking manner. “I’m happy not to be in America,” he told me, meaning, presumably, he was happy to be in a place where drag queens are considered normal and Trumpkins are not.

Trust me, that guy wasn’t half joking, in fact he wasn’t joking at all. And yes, when that guy is waving his johnson there on the corner of Allen Ginsberg Avenue, and the cracked-out zombies are defecating in the gutters, and the local elementary school just changed its name from George Washington to George Floyd, it is rather easy to think you are not in the real America — because you most definitely are not.

But you know what? Provincetown is the real America.

No, it’s not.

So is Martha’s Vineyard.

No, it’s not.

My hard-won assumption is that on Martha’s Vineyard everyone drives around in $120,000 electric clown cars and drinks fine wine, mentally vomits over anyone who is not “refined” enough to accept every bit of deviancy under the Sun in the name of tolerance or excuse nearly every crime in the name of “anti-racism” — and in general looks down their long noses at the hoi polloi who can’t sympathize with someone like Jussie Smollet (he’s “gay” and Black, a real Jew twofer). If you shot them full of sodium pentothal or put a gun to their heads, they would tell you they still believe there were some bleach-carrying bigots in red hats that night of sub-arctic weather.

Whatever else these upper-echelon termite cities are, they certainly are not American.

These communities are undoubtedly on the left and prone to excesses of political correctness that make for easy punch lines. But, in many ways, they might be more representative of 2022 America than the Rust Belt diners where reporters love to take the pulse of Trumplandia.

A paean to The Current Year! To say that the person with the yard sign that says “Hate Has No Home Here” is more typical than the guy whose verbal repertoire consist of a noun, a verb, and “Let’s Go Brandon” is debatable. But to say they are more “American” — and that’s the crux of it — well, those are fighting words. It’s certainly true that the job of a Republican consultant is really rather easy, all you have to do is find a decent-enough looking woman and have her show some cleavage but not too much cleavage — we’re conservative,s after all — put her in a red hat and cowboy boots, have her carry an AK47 in her right hand (alternately she can strap the gun across her back) and a Bible in her left, and make sure her answer to every question is some version of “Let’s Go Brandon,” and you have your next freshman congresswoman. If you put her on a horse and have her wave Old Glory around the rodeo, you might be talking senator.

But for all of the blinkered nature and naïveté of the MAGA folks, to say that the pod-living, bug-eating roach is more American than the church-going and gun-carrying White man is a stretch. The latter is a pale remnant of what once was, perhaps — but the former is a demonic incarnation.

There is an implicit assumption, shared by many Republicans and Democrats, that real Americans are White, rural, conservative, Christian, and poorly educated. (“I love the poorly educated,” Donald Trump said in 2016.) Ultra-MAGA Republicans assume that their policy preferences — anti-immigration, anti-gun control, anti-abortion, anti-“woke” — are the only legitimate views that can be held by real Americans, and that anyone who disagrees is a pointy-headed elitist or globalist who is out of touch with reality.

This is the not-so-subtle sleight of hand here, and exposes the always soft underbelly of a country founded in a climate of “natural rights.” These foreigners are able to come in and stand up (as best they can) on their hind legs and scream about “Americanism” because an “American” — unlike a White man — can be created or invented in an instant. So you get the likes of Boot hijacking a narrative and telling us what “real America” is and what “real Americans” look like, and it’s no surprise that what they look like are citizens of the world globalist order with that Subaru and that bike rack and those purple Coexist stickers. And so you get the likes of Ilhan Omar saying that she is the real American, the one who espouses the “American Creed” as she begins to lecture us on the horrors of Wounded Knee, neglecting to tell us that at the time of Wounded Knee her ancestors were eating bugs in a mud hut and practicing witchcraft.

That is, they are trying to pull a fast one here to catch the unwary.

Accompanying this demographic shift is an economic shift that puts a premium on brains over brawn: In 1970, 31.2 percent of non-farm workers were employed in blue-collar jobs. By 2016, the blue-collar share of the workforce had fallen to just 13.6 percent. There is even a religious shift: atheists and agnostics are the fastest growing religious group in the country, while the percentage of Christians declined by 15 points between 2007 and 2021.

And they are full of glee and gloating over White demographic decline, too; this is akin to that other neocon warmonger Jew, Bill Kristol, bagging on White people, saying we need a better and harder working class of immigrants to replace them, and saying that the White working class is lazy, complacent, and has “lost its edge.” And really, Boot here is a half step away from saying “learn how to code.”

But these trends are hardly favorable for a Trumpified Republican Party whose base increasingly consists of White evangelical Christians who haven’t graduated from college.

Ah, those very same Christians who were instrumental in bringing Boot into the country. Those Christians should be forced to read Boot’s essay. They would learn that the Jew has loyalty to no one save other Jews. Perhaps no more “freeing” of Jewry anywhere, eh?

A more diverse, better-educated country is more liberal, particularly on cultural issues. In other words, more like P-town and the Vineyard. Just look at the massive shift on same-sex marriage. Even Obama came out against marriage equality in 2008 when it had the support of only 40 percent of Americans. Now same-sex marriage is supported by 71 percent of the public — and even by 55 percent of Republicans.

Here the conservative/liberal chameleon makes the case for faggotry.

The whole country might not be nearly as progressive as Provincetown or Martha’s Vineyard, but those blue havens are closer to an increasingly liberal mainstream than the MAGA redoubts where pickup trucks sport Let’s Go Brandon bumper stickers. There is a good reason so many MAGA Republicans are embracing semi-fascism. Their views are too unpopular to command majority support anymore. They certainly don’t speak for the real America — to the extent that such a thing even exists.

And there of course it finally is, calling into question whether a real America even exists, whether it ever existed, whether it was just an ex post facto conjuring trick of clever White supremacists. If America is only an idea, it really is just a figment of the imagination and can be dispelled or totally altered if it pleases the new owners, or if they want to say that the real America is the “aspirational” one, the “utopian” one, when we have finally become that “perfect union.” But of course the real America existed, it existed long before the Jews stepped on this continent in their millions, before the Somalis and the Ghantas and the Guatemalans and the the Salvadorans — yes, the real America existed before anyone ever tried to free Soviet Jewry. The real America existed out there on the Cumberland Gap and wherever White men were moving ahead to spread their race here, the real America existed wherever the Indian Wars were won, and the real America existed wherever the West was won, wherever a new White community sprang up where before there had been none.

It certainly did exist. But they want the memory of it to become but a reviled rumor, and then they want it to be forgotten; the “new Americans” want to think they’ll become the real America. They want this to be a place where Gunnar Myrdal’s dream of a multiracial utopia comes true. But their new “America” will never be more than an ersatz construction, will never be more than a chaotic mixed-race conglomeration of peoples; and it will certainly collapse of its own weight.

As for the Communist enclaves of Provincetown and Martha’s Vineyard, they will never be anything more than a band of supercilious social rodents who have contempt for White people and all we built over the generations. That the likes of Max Boot has thrown in his dirty lot with them should tell anyone who cares to listen everything you need to know about a “conservative Jew.” A “conservative Jew” is like a “German Jew”; the latter is not a German and the former is not conservative.

They’re Jews.

This should give anyone who reveres the real America a cause to pause and realize, finally, that “freeing Jews” anywhere is fatal; best to give them the boot. Because a future with the likes of Max Boot in your face forever is no future at all.

The problem with the vaunted 109 is that so many of the countries on that list are repeats, thus they are repeat offenders. But when the wonderful and final 110th comes along, well, semi-fascism will be the least of it. It’s what the Max Boots of the world fear most, but by then their cries will be bootless.


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29 September, 2022 3:43 pm

Good article. Jussie Smollett is gay, black, AND jewish — his jew grandmother testified for him as a character witness, and gave some bullshit speech about the Holocaust.