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Introduction by National Alliance Chairman William White Williams: The National Alliance’s monthly BULLETIN — the longest continuously published periodical in American racial-nationalist history — is our printed periodical, snail-mailed exclusively to members and supporters in good standing. (We do not send it digitally except in extreme circumstances, like we do to Russian member Wolf Stoner, because the US Postal Service returned his mailed BULLETINs to our National Office marked “refused.” They were not being refused by the Russian postal service, but by USPS, who refuses to send them to Russia for whatever reason.) Were we to publish our BULLETIN online, it would be pirated and our members and supporters would lose the benefit of the BULLETIN’s exclusivity.

However, many folks reading our Alliance’s online magazine National Vanguard are curious about what the National Alliance (NA) does besides publish articles here. I had an appointment recently at a Veterans Administration facility and carried in an old BULLETIN as reading material while I waited for my turn. As I read it — the April 2021 issue — I thought that since it is now approximately 16 months old it may be worth sharing on National Vanguard. Recent members can see the progress we’ve made since then — and non-members can have a glimpse of what the National Alliance does that sets us apart from other organizations that also have Web sites, produce podcasts, feature articles, publish books, or even have public demonstrations, but little else. What are other groups building that compares to Alliance-building — any real-world communities; any actual, real-world infrastructure? What, if any, spiritual foundation do other groups offer that compares to our Cosmotheism? Some Christian conservative groups still can’t let go of the tired spiritual baggage of Christianity, worshipping their enemy’s god, Yahweh (Jehovah).

The Alliance doesn’t want to badmouth other organizations — just set our own example, based on the body of work and legacy of William Pierce, founder of Cosmotheism, and of the National Alliance and National Vanguard. As Dr. Pierce said, “We can’t put the White man into the fight until we put the fight into the White man.” Accomplishing that is precisely the NA’s intent!

Are you eligible to join the Alliance? Find out, here:

* * *

National Alliance Bulletin
April 2021


Our Cosmotheist Bible

As this issue of the BULLETIN is mailed, our long-awaited, expanded holy book, Cosmotheism: Religion of the Future, has been sent to the printer and should be available to ship early in June. It is described thusly at our book store:

This new, definitive book provides the reader with the only guide to Cosmotheism published by the Cosmotheist Church itself. In effect, it is the Cosmotheist bible. It contains all of William Pierce’s important Cosmotheist works, including the Cosmotheist Trilogy, his essays from internal National Alliance and Cosmotheist Community publications, and his lectures at the Community’s first gatherings in Arlington, Virginia in the 1970s. It also contains important works on the new religion by Fred Streed and Kevin Alfred Strom.

This volume is a great improvement over the earlier book on Cosmotheism, published by a well-meaning amateur and unfortunately containing significant errors, we were selling previously. Our Cosmotheist book store is taking pre-orders now: $35 for a single paperback copy, with discounts for bulk purchases to get this important book into as many White hands as possible. We are also considering printing a hardback edition with gold embossed lettering on the cover. Dr. Pierce would be very proud of this book, which incorporates the teachings of the religion he founded for our people nearly fifty years ago. Those of us in the National Alliance today carry on the sacred work of Dr. Pierce, his philosophy, his ideology, his world view, that is considered now by tens of thousands of his kinsmen to be their religion. Every Alliance member should own this book.

As Alliance Media Director Kevin Alfred Strom related in our American Dissident Voices broadcast of 17 April:

When Dr. William Pierce was on his deathbed, he told me that the National Alliance was more than just a group with a political philosophy, more than just an educational organization. He said that his goal for the Alliance was to make it, above all, a group of men and women with a sacred mission, a group with a spiritual basis which would be passed on to each generation in turn so that its vision could never die. He told me that his goal was to make the Alliance have the essence and the staying power of a holy order.

New Titles Added to Bookstore

This month, besides Cosmotheism: Religion of the Future, nine more titles have been added to our shop at Alfred Tennyson’s Idylls of the King (Penguin Classics) — composed of a dozen individual yet interlinked story-poems, the Idylls are perhaps the greatest artistic achievement in all of Arthurian literature. Deliberate Deceptions: Facing the Facts About the US-Israeli Relationship — courageous former congressman Paul Findley points out in this now rare 1993 classic how Israeli propaganda has succeeded in presenting the American public with a misleading picture of Middle East events. He presents a list of lies presented by Israel and the Israeli lobby, AIPAC, over the years, and systematically rebuts each one with clear and concise facts in order to set the record straight. Lynching: History and Analysis, A Legal Studies Monograph — Dwight Murphey’s telling the truth about lynching in America got this book banned in Canada as “hate speech.” The Defence of Sevastopol, 1941–1942: The Soviet Perspective by Clayton Donnell — this 2016 illustrated hardback is the interesting story of a tragic battle that lasted five months — a battle that is seared into the memory of the Russian people. The reader will come away with a better understanding of Crimea, past and present. Beowulf: A New Verse Translation — this 2001 bilingual edition of the original heroic Anglo-Saxon poem is by 1995 Nobel Laureate in Literature, Seamus Heaney. The fourth book in the Hornblower series, C.S. Forester’s Hornblower During the Crisis, introduces Hornblower to the makings of a spy for England; Incredible Cowboy Stories: Amazing Tales of Western Danger and Derring-Do, a 2018 illustrated, large type edition, contains a dozen stories as told by western authors including Theodore Roosevelt, Mark Twain, and Zane Grey, edited by Veronica Alvarado. The Penguin Historical Atlas of Ancient Rome by Chris Scarr, 2009 edition fully illustrated in color with 60 maps, traces the history of Rome from 800 BCE forward. Brett Markham’s Mini Farming: Self-Sufficiency on 1/4 Acre is a 2010 large-format hardback, packed with information and tips for the beginning gardener as well as for raising chickens.

Another Cosmotheist Wedding

On Saturday, 24 April, Donald and Barbara MacMullen were joined in marriage in a Cosmotheist ceremony by National Alliance Chairman and Cosmotheist Church Trustee Will Williams. Fifteen Alliance members and relatives of the couple, including little Donny, Jr., were in attendance to witness the nuptials and enjoy the fellowship. This was the third Cosmotheist wedding ceremony that has been performed in the past two years, with the unions of the other two couples having already produced beautiful children that will be raised with strong Cosmotheist values, aided by home schooling.

This poem, “Family Three,” is a tribute to the MacMullen family, who are currently living and working with its author, Ray Wolbert, on the Alliance’s West Virginia campus:

Donny Mac is a true-blue White man inside and out
Schooled in racial pride, of this there is no doubt,
Wise word and pure action cousin to daily Cosmotheist deed
Spurring Whole ignition — Dr. William Pierce’s visionary creed.
Marksman, mechanic, man’s man and role model for his son:
If two words announce Aryan soul, they’re pronounced “Donald MacMullen.”

There’s no other like Barbara Whelan — she’s beautiful and smart
And when it comes to being a mother, she truly plays her part.
She has a heart of gold and treasures family and friends;
Where her sparkling smile begins, that’s where darkness ends.
Lover of animals and plants, full of kindness undisguised,
If one needs to see joy naturally you’ll find it in her eyes.

Donny and Barbara have an amazing child — Wingnut, to those who know,
Who makes you happy to be alive, even though
The weight of the world — constant stress and strive — may depress
Or maybe even lead one to second-guess
Until the sunrise laugh or silent sigh of a shy help-wanted hand
Perishes root-delving thoughts and lets you and I cherish where we stand.


Chairman Williams, never in our racial history has there been a time more important than now to stand up and fight for our beliefs, our heritage, and our race. Since May of 2020 we have seen unprecedented attacks on White people, not only in the US but worldwide. The disingenuous narrative that is currently being spun across all legacy media outlets and social media platforms should give cause to anyone with an ounce of concern for their culture/heritage/beliefs to get active. I understand that being an active participant for the protection of our race is a bit unnerving in today’s so-called “Cancel Culture” and what it could mean to be “doxxed” from the standpoint of one’s personal and professional life. I have had a full range of emotions about this. I have felt anywhere from depressed to completely paralyzed in my ability to get active and make a difference. Since I have been with the National Alliance I am learning how to come to terms with these mostly irrational fears brought about by our enemies through social media, TV news, etc., to keep us impotent. What I have realized is that they are coming for all White people no matter what side of the line they draw that you stand on. We might as well pick our side and make our stand while we’re still able.

With the help of a fellow member (Jim Mathias) I have been learning how to be a better pamphleteer. This is a great way to spread the message of the National Alliance and Cosmotheism. Jim has taught me to make use of plastic bags that newspapers would be placed in during foul weather. Coincidently, the booklet Building A New White World fits perfectly inside these bags. I also include additional Alliance fliers and one of our business cards, then seal the bag with an Alliance sticker. This form of activism allows a member to remain anonymous while being an asset to our Alliance. I have decided to double my monthly membership dues to the NA from $50 to $100 per month, using the stimulus money provided by the US taxpayer to help fund our outreach.

$1,200 is enclosed for one year’s dues in advance and another $150 for the books Best of Attack!, Pocahontas Show Trial, Animal Farm, and Poisonous Mushroom. — B.M., California

Dear National Alliance: I have been reading your work for some time and have spread your message via fliers. I am interested in your organization’s project in East Tennessee. Will Williams in a recent interview was calling for people to locate to the area and help form what Mr. Strom called a “real White community.” I would like to help you guys. I think I would be an asset to the project. What sorts of roles are you looking to fill? I am young and have military experience. I am skilled with computers and technology, and I know how to operate firearms. — M.P., Texas

Dear Chairman Williams, I will be increasing my monthly donation to the National Alliance from $25 per month to $125 beginning in May. This payment will be generated automatically via my credit union bill-pay feature and will continue for as long as it is affordable and that payment method is available from the credit union. Sincerely, — D.Y., Florida

To Cosmotheist Books: Those SOB Jews are really putting the hurt on your commerce by their denial of credit cards. In this Talmudic parasitic system we live under, I pray for the day of the great and terrible purge of all who committed and took part in Jewish communism. $60 enclosed for a copy of Which Way Western Man?. I love truth more than anything on earth. — S.F., Mississippi, via our online bookstore

Dear Will, Greetings Kinsman! I hope this missive finds all well for you. Your certified letter with the four [previously confiscated] BULLETINs came in today. I really appreciate your letter to the Warden who is an African-American named White. Please send me a copy of any response you get. I will let you know if I receive the March issue [that was mailed separately]. I don’t like missing any issues of the BULLETIN as they bring light into a dark place. I only wish I had access to more NA literature. From what I can see the National Alliance is the only organization with a total plan that will see the 14 Words [“We must secure the existence of our people and a future for White children.”] become a reality. My compliments to Wolf Stoner. His words impressed me. He sounds like an excellent addition to the Alliance and the Cosmotheist way of life. We can use more like him.

Speaking of the Cosmotheist way of life — I will be down to four until my statutory release date, or three years if I get the one-year halfway house that I’m entitled to. I’m sure that my parole conditions will require me to stay away from anything that has to do with what they consider a “White supremacist” organization. I’m wondering if perhaps I can earn credentials certifying me as an ordained minister of the Cosmotheist religion; I may then be able to do important work without violating that restriction. What are your thoughts on this? I was offered the Moderna vaccine yesterday. I refused to take it even though I turn 74 this month, meaning I am in the high risk category. I don’t trust the vaccine. My immunity system is strong so I’ll take my chances with the herd immunity. With that, I’m going to say goodbye for now. Give my regards to Kevin and the rest of the NA crew. Take care, Kinsman, and stay safe. 14 Words! — Richard Scutari, California

Chairman Williams responds: Birthday wishes to you Richard. I will always remember about 30 years ago you telling me I must respect my elders. Ha! You are only about one week older and by the time you receive this issue I’ll have caught up with you again. I was glad to contact your Warden to advise him that his Mail Room had illegally confiscated your mail at least four times. I will follow up and try to keep those officials honest, and will continue mailing our BULLETIN to you each month. As Trustee of the Cosmotheist Church I’ll also consider ordaining you so you can follow our separatist — not supremacist — religion. As for those “Chinese virus” vaccines, I’m with you. I do not trust them nor those who have attempted to mandate them. That is my personal choice, not an Alliance policy — members are free to make their own decisions on the questionable vaccine issue.

Sample Book Reviews

Chairman Williams, I wanted to say thank you again for your great new book [Pocahontas Show Trial]. I couldn’t put it down. I read it all last weekend except the appendices. The book should have great effect on West Virginia judicial reform and, hopefully, bring about a great deal of financial compensation to you for the wrongs you have suffered. Excellent, excellent book! — L.F., Virginia

Dear Chairman: I am almost done with Show Trial and would like to share my thoughts on it with you. I had expected a somewhat tedious account full of boring legal jargon. I was pleasantly surprised to be wrong. You make a compelling case, showing the bias and corruption that is rampant in American courts today. In addition, the book clearly illustrates the character and motivations of your accuser. If I didn’t know the author personally, it’s clear from reading the book that he was railroaded in a textbook show trial. I hope all racially conscious White people will read it, take heed, and draw appropriate conclusions. Respectfully, George Wright, Virginia.

Chairman Williams, I have enclosed the requested Membership Survey information sheet, my monthly dues, and a separate $75 check for a copy of The Best of Attack! and National Vanguard. BANV is the most important book I have ever read. It was my education on race, history, Jews, etc. My copy got lost in the 1990s during a move. Thanks for making it available again. — J.G., Florida

Chairman Williams responds: J.G., we tried unsuccessfully for several years to have BANV republished, but finally found a reliable printer this year who will print it in small batches that we can afford as we go. We sold out the first printing quickly and have already printed a second. Thank you L.F., George Wright, and others who have purchased my Pocahontas Show Trial book. Two cases (88 copies) are being spread around Pocahontas County, West Virginia, placed in libraries and in several stores by Alliance members — causing some serious hand-wringing, I’m sure, by those who were rightly criticized in the book. Too bad for them. The West Virginia courts should have followed the advice in the popular saying (adapted by me): “Never falsely convict and imprison anyone who buys ink by the gallon.” I had warned them that I am a publisher, that I have a voice, and that I would take their injustice to the court of public opinion if their courts denied me justice. Apparently the court officers thought I was bluffing. I would like to place copies of Show Trial into some West Virginia law school libraries, for students of the law and future attorneys to read.

Long time Alliance member Mr. Wright doesn’t mind me using his given name. He is named in the book, mentioned in my primary defense witness Fred Streed’s sworn affidavit that established what a hopeless liar my accuser is. For those who already have a copy of the book, Fred’s affidavit is on p. 30 of the Appendices. It is not unusual to have an extensive Appendix for readers to find a document that is referred to in the text, but it is novel to have a Web site for the overflow of documents that would not fit in the book. Most readers are not accustomed to using a Web site as an adjunct to a book, but in the interest of full disclosure I wanted all documents available to the reader should he choose to view them. Those who do not have the book can still go to, click on Appendix of Record on the top bar, and be steered to more than 50 important documents. Doing so might spur an online reader to purchase Show Trial and learn the rest of the story.

Commentary by Chairman William White Williams:
We Will Separate!

In these times when the White majority in America is under constant attack and headed faster than ever to minority status, our people are beginning to see the National Alliance ideal of racial separation as a viable solution. It’s given that the US will balkanize along racial lines. We must work hard to be well-positioned for this breakdown by gaining more members and more funding, and by continuously expanding our media outreach to spread our message of hope.

More and more Whites are sick of non-Whites and everything about them, and no longer view racial separation as an “extreme” solution, but as a logical one. We do not need non-Whites; they need us. Too bad for them; we will form our exclusive communities, and they’ll have to shift for themselves — regardless of whether they, or the State, like that or not. It is Nature’s way, and it is a fundamental principle of our religion.

I want to thank those who completed and returned the Membership Surveys that were enclosed with the March issue of the BULLETIN. These are helpful to me and to the National Office. Those who still haven’t returned these surveys, please do so.

I attended a hearing in Hanover, Virginia, on 5 April to hear several motions argued in the Alliance’s counterclaim against John McLaughlin’s estate’s co-administrators in that action that has been ongoing now for nearly five years. It was a split decision, partially in our favor, partially in favor of the defendants due to a ruling in Illinois courts in their favor. There will be yet another hearing before a trial date is finally set in Virginia to hear our counterclaim. This is typical back and forth legal wrangling, but is not costing the Alliance anything because our attorneys have taken the counterclaim case on a contingency basis.

Progress on The Land

The wet weather finally broke during April so that work could continue on running utility lines nearly a quarter mile up to the site of the William Luther Pierce Memorial Library and Research Center and its adjacent book warehouse. Still, with seasonal April showers, and the general shortage of required construction materials nationwide due to the “plandemic,” progress has been slower than desired. The logistics of such an undertaking are complicated — securing easements, permits, fees and lining up specialty material and labor — and the costs are high. These early stages of site preparation and construction have cost in excess of $30,000, but doing things right prior to the actual construction of our buildings will be worth it in the long run. On the following page you can see photographs showing the progress we made during the first three weeks or so of April.

Much of the National Office’s staff’s concentration the past couple of months, besides construction projects, has been on publishing the three books mentioned earlier in this issue as well as on a new edition of the popular, long out-of-print comic book The Saga of White Will that we hope to have available by June. Sales of our titles like The Turner Diaries, Hunter, Blood Ritual, The Lightning and the Sun, etc., that were banned earlier this year by Amazon, eBay, Barnes and Noble, and other large booksellers, have dropped off drastically except for the relatively few copies sold on our own online book store. We have, however, managed to reach out and sell several cases of our popular titles to other booksellers who are meeting demand and getting them out to the public from their own smaller sites, despite the censors.

Members and supporters should remember that, despite our church being denied the use of usury cards by the banking system, our Cosmotheist book store is fully functional and purchases may be made smoothly and easily using cryptocurrency, or simply by paying the old-fashioned way and sending a check or money order by mail. We give our thanks to staff member Michael S. for all his hard work keeping our store operational and growing every single day. — W.W.W.

* * *

Source: National Alliance

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30 August, 2022 12:08 am

This is an outstanding article and very relevant; a fine addition to NatVan!

Unfortunately, many people in the so-called movement will still find an excuse not to join, even though this article overcomes most of their objections. They are talkers, only. Or they think they are the next Adolf Hitler with grandiose “plans” which somehow never come to fruition.

I hope that the few individuals of quality who have been thinking about joining, but haven’t yet, will see that the National Alliance is truly the movement of the Future.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
30 August, 2022 12:23 pm

This is indeed a triumph of the spirit!
It awakens a time many years ago –
when I stumbled upon William Pierce’s
NA in 1995. Let us all hope that this
time around, we are not plagued by
anymore premature deaths.

30 August, 2022 9:04 pm

Congratulations and good move on your part Mr. Williams!

I’m looking forward to get access to the bulletin as soon as my NA membership registration is complete.
Keep it up all, you provide guidance and solace to many!

2 September, 2022 11:21 am

Either NA have hundreds of members or supporters in Russia, or thank to USPS for returning bulletin sent to Wolf Stoner. Otherwise you could lead russian officials to Stoner’s trace.

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Jan
2 September, 2022 11:06 pm

The National Alliance has ways and means of getting our Bulletin to members in good standing overseas. What we will not do is discuss them in any detail here.

Franz Ulrich Clemente-Krausner
Franz Ulrich Clemente-Krausner
3 September, 2022 11:39 am

Anyone who works the land has good mental health! That has been proven.

Franz Ulrich Clemente-Krausner
Franz Ulrich Clemente-Krausner
Reply to  Franz Ulrich Clemente-Krausner
4 September, 2022 4:50 pm

However . . . and I hesitate to say this . . . but marriage is sacred. Dress like it, young man !!!!!!! You should at least look at natty as Chairman Williams. But I wish you the very best in your marriage.

Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Reply to  Franz Ulrich Clemente-Krausner
5 September, 2022 12:37 pm

Sir, Mr. and Mrs. MacMullens’ vows of marriage were no less sacred than had they exchanged them in a Christian church with all its trappings, while he would be spiffed up in a tuxedo and she in a flowing white gown. Their Church is where they chose to be wed: on the Cosmotheist Community Church campus in WV where they live. It was a solemn ceremony with family and friends in attendance. — Jan: Either NA have hundreds of members or supporters in Russia, or thank to USPS for returning bulletin sent to Wolf Stoner. Otherwise you could lead russian officials to Stoner’s trace. — Are you afraid of the bogeyman, Jan? When our Alliance has hundreds of members and supporters in Russia, believe me: the USPS will think twice… Read more »

Donald MacMullen
Donald MacMullen
Reply to  Franz Ulrich Clemente-Krausner
11 September, 2022 6:18 pm

Thanks for the well wishes Franz.
You should come down to the land and put in a days work. Then you can give me some wardrobe advice