Four Wars that We Lost, part 2

The Russian Siberian Rifle Regiment engaging the Bolshevik Red Army during the Russian Civil War.

by Wolf Stoner

The Boer War

ALTHOUGH IT WAS A war of far less scale and geopolitical significance than the American Civil War, the Boer War mattered more than it seemed at the time.

It was not the usual colonial war, as it is often portrayed. In all other colonial wars White people fought against non-White tribes, but here, for the first time, a White nation fought against another White nation outside of Europe for the sole purpose of stealing its land and subjugating it. In this process, the aggressor diminished the victim’s overall White racial status in relation to the surrounding non-White population.

The primary driving motive was the industrial expansion of gold mining in the area. British capitalists were the main instigators of the war. They craved mineral riches and Boer farmers stood in their way. So, these capitalists, using British imperialism as their tool, decided to eliminate the Boer republics. In this case, too, the real aggressor was able to shift the blame for starting hostilities onto the victim. Formally, it was the Boers who attacked British towns. But Boers were left with no other choice.

A Boer woman shows signs of resistance as British soldiers burn a Boer farm and take the innocent farmers captive; many were placed in the modern world’s first concentration camps

The war was very bloody. The Boers resisted tenaciously and compelled Britain to employ almost all of its Imperial army. The mightiest empire of all time fought against two tiny farmers’ republics whose only purpose in war was to preserve their way of life, their identity, their land. But that was too much for the proto-globalists of that time. They put money above all other considerations. In the drive to accrue even more riches they were ready to squash any nation, any people; the only identity of which they approved was that of an obedient vassal or wage slave working in their mines. They didn’t want independent-minded farmers ruling their own land.

The Boer War marked the point when Britain irretrievably shifted toward anti-national, anti-European imperialism. Since then, British foreign policy has followed an ever more harmful path for the White race. It can be safely said that since 1899 Britain consistently played a leading role in all anti-White causes. Britain had become an agent of the destruction of the White race.

It is important to note that among Britain’s justifications for the war was “brutal treatment of local populations by Boers,” a laughable charge coming from the greatest imperial oppressor in the world at the time; but this too marks a definite point in British political development. The very fact that this argument was mentioned means that, already, Britain’s ruling class had been infected with ideas of “racial equality” and “White guilt.” The poor Negroes were maltreated by evil Boers! Once expressed, this undertone became ever more present in British and international politics — eventually leading to the popular slogan among Negroes in the region, still heard today: “Kill the Boer.”

So Britain was instrumental in starting the anti-White movement in South Africa. Boers were the most effective guardians of order there, and they would never have allowed any local tribe to challenge European rule. But Britain destroyed this long-established arrangement, replacing it with much less stable and less effective imperial rule. After the Boers were defeated, Negroes became ever more restive. They had seen the humiliation of their main racial enemy and it emboldened them to even more unruliness.

Despite the fact that, for a time, White rule in South Africa (under the British Empire) seemed strong and unchallenged, cracks eventually started to appear. The dangerous trend was established, and it was only a matter of time before it bore its bitter fruits.

After the two 20th century World Wars dramatically undermined the White race and essentially terminated the British Empire, the non-White masses of the world, armed and incited by the Soviet Union and China, started their assault against White rule everywhere. South Africa became one of the foci of this struggle. Now the British were in the same boat with the Boers. But it was too late to repair the damage done in 1899-1902. The Negro had seen that the White man could be defeated, humiliated, driven off his land, and put en masse behind barbed wire. The British had shown them this example, and the Negroes were eager to emulate it, not only with Boers but with all Whites.

The struggle of White people in South Africa and Rhodesia for their right to exist occupies a very special place in history. This struggle is still in progress: The most probable outcome will be a Haitian-style slaughter — because there is not one country in the world that will come to the aid of the White population there. However, there are plenty of governments around the world that would happily provide weapons and encourage Negroes to massacre White people. Whatever the final result will be, we should always remember that the root cause of all White sufferings in southern Africa is the British imperialist drive that destroyed the Boers’ independence.

The Russian Civil War

The First World War was a disaster for Europe. This fact is acknowledged by all historians. And it was not only human losses sustained in this war that counted most, but the global processes triggered by the war. The most dangerous consequence of the Great War was the Bolshevik takeover in Russia. For the first time since the French Revolution, an political group hostile to the entire order of White civilization had successfully taken over an entire country and begun a reign of terror. But it wasn’t a mere repetition of the French Revolution; it was much more sinister.

Those who came to power in Russia were driven by “theories” that included the most insane ideas of the 18th and 19th centuries. They combined Robespierre’s obsession with mass terror with a messianic mania for total “equality.” And the core group comprising the Bolshevik movement consisted of the tightly knit ethnic diaspora of the Jews, who hated Europe with a millennia-long passion, a hatred surpassing that of any other race, tribe, or religious group in the world. So, the new power in Russia was not only the enemy of ethnic Russians, but the enemy of the entire White race. Concealing their true goals, Bolsheviks incited the poorer strata of society to dispossess and murder the wealthier and more successful people, thereby starting the process of ethnic decapitation.

The Russian Civil war wasn’t any mere “internal affair” either, because the Bolsheviks expressly declared their intent to mount a world revolution and to destroy the whole existing order, including all of European civilization. They were dead set on replacing that order with a global slave state ruled by a small group, a new “aristocracy,” under which the vast majority of subjects would be reduced to an animal-like mental state with no mission in life but to do manual labor for the benefit of the new regime.

Such a treacherous project by definition threatened all nations on the planet, but European nations were clearly the first target. That is why many countries supported the anti-Bolshevik forces during the Russian Civil War — but their support was half-hearted and inefficient. It is enough to say that, in 1919, Britain sent to Russian General Denikin only about 40 tanks from its stock of thousands, which had been destined to become scrap metal after 1918 anyway. Most probably the influence of the well-known diaspora was instrumental in preventing more vigorous help from being sent to the Russian anti-Bolshevik armies. Ostensibly, America, France, Britain, and their allies were on the side of the anti-Bolsheviks — but their actions testify otherwise. Even in 1918, the influence of the Jewish diaspora was significant enough to forestall any decisive help.

It is frequently said that the First World War was the pivotal event that began the European demise, but I would put it differently: The First World War was a trigger to the internal war in Russia that established Bolshevik rule, thereby creating the first major center of power in the world that was openly anti-White. If not for that outcome, the First World War should not be reckoned as a root cause of our subsequent and ongoing demise.

The main result of the First World War was the establishment of the first globalist anti-White state in the world. The failure of the Russian anti-Bolshevik forces to dislodge this gang was not only a defeat for ethnic Russians, but for the whole White race.

The Bolshevik leaders were overwhelmingly Jewish. This 1917 photograph of a meeting of Communist leaders in Petrograd (previously St. Petersburg, later Leningrad) is typical, with four of the five top communists seated at the table known to be Jews. They are, from left to right: Moses Uritsky, Petrograd Cheka boss; Lev Trotsky (Bronstein), later Red Army commissar; Yakov Sverdlov, second president of the “Soviet Republic”; and Grigori Zinoviev (Apfelbaum), president of the Petrograd Soviet. The ethnic affiliation of the fifth man at the table is unknown.

Already as early as 1918-19, when fighting raged throughout Russia and Bolshevik rule hung in the balance, Lenin’s gang sent emissaries to other countries to incite similar wars. It is well known that their most important ideological weapon at the time was incitement of social class hatred. But what is less known in the West is the fact that a close second to class hatred was the Bolshevik idea of “the national liberation struggle of oppressed peoples.” By this they meant the incitement of non-Whites to overthrow White rule. Bolsheviks were the progenitors and first practitioners of open war on the White race.

After their victory in the Russian Civil War, the Bolsheviks were able to devote much greater resources to their project of world revolution. Their agenda consisted of two distinct parts: incitement of internal social strife, and incitement of hatred toward White nations among non-White tribes. In the 1920s and 30s Moscow became the center of this new war on the White race; something so unusual and unheard of that initially there was no adequate reaction against it. It was simply beyond the imagination of any normal person that such goals could even exist; that there could be some people, seemingly human, that were planning the destruction of civilization as such (since there would be no civilization left if the factor of White race was excluded).

It is worth noting that many of the popular slogans and ideas used by American Negroes in their “struggle for racial equality” were concocted in the USSR in the 1920s. Already at that time the Bolsheviks intended to use Blacks to undermine America.

Even a popular Jewish ancestry site, “Jew or Not Jew,” acknowledges Lenin’s partial Jewish ancestry.

The American Communist Party was a Bolshevik creation; it was financed and guided from Moscow. It is well known now that the American “civil rights movement” traces its roots to the American Communist Party.

Bolshevik theoreticians always referred to the useful experience of the French Revolution, Haiti’s “successful national liberation revolution” (wherein every White man, woman, and child was murdered), and to the American Civil War. Lenin favorably mentioned Lincoln many times in his writings. His only rebuke to Lincoln was that he wasn’t radical enough. But Lenin was dead set on rectifying this omission, which he did. The terror state that he established solved all its problems by simple physical annihilation of entire populations in the “troublesome” areas.

“The fight against Great Russian chauvinism” was Lenin’s fixed idea. By this he meant the destruction of all those who adhered to their Russian ethnic identity. Even the slightest expression of Russian nationalist sentiments was enough to be sentenced to death by Bolsheviks. Russians were forbidden to have any ethnic identity. The only role that Bolsheviks apportioned to ethnic Russians was to become firewood for the World Revolution, nothing more; and Bolsheviks treated Russians accordingly; no one was spared; everyone was considered to be disposable, including talented scientists. It is little wonder that such a policy led to countless millions of unnecessary deaths, even before World War 2. Russians were treated worse than cattle by the Soviet system. And that was only the beginning: The same was in store for all other White nations. Russia was only a proving ground. The maniacs were inebriated by their initial success in Russia so much that it seemed to them that it would be an easy ride to conquer all other countries.

Trotsky: One look and you know.

To sum up: The outcome of the Russian Civil War was a major loss for the whole White race, not for Russia alone. After a century, it is more evident now than ever. Today, when neo-Bolsheviks, covered by their “liberal” veils, promote the same ideas that Trotsky did, envision the same global slave state, and openly proclaim the abolition of the White race, the role of the “Russian Revolution” becomes clear. It was an exceptional event, as the Bolsheviks themselves claimed it to be — exceptional in its extreme destructiveness to our civilization and our very biological existence. The horrors that we are now witnessing, and the horrors planned for us in the future, in great measure are the legacy of the victory of those who conquered Russia in the Russian Civil War of 1917-20. It was the third fateful war that the White race has lost.

To be continued

* * *

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24 August, 2022 8:52 am

I’ve read that the Boer War was started by Jews (the Rothschilds, I think) over the diamond mines there. A Labour Party politician at the time even said that the British Army had become “janissaries of the Jews”. And you’re right about the lack of any real support to the White Army in the Russian Civil War being down to Jewish influence.

Wolf Stoner
Wolf Stoner
Reply to  Joshua
26 August, 2022 8:01 am

One of the main lessons from this war is that we should never allow big business to have too much influence on state affairs. Money-bags almost always played detrimental role in history. People obsessed with constant acquisition of money gradually loose higher human qualities and transform into rat-like creatures.

Reply to  Wolf Stoner
26 August, 2022 10:58 pm

Absolutely! The Aryan man has been corrupted by the Jewish spirit, particularly through Calvinism/Puritanism, the most evil of all Protestants sects because of its Jewish obsession with material wealth. No wonder the most despicable Aryan nations turned out to be the United States and Great Britain. They were both ruled, since the XVII century, by a plutocracy of greedy merchants and bankers who did not doubt for a second to associate themselves with the Jews to increase their wealth and power. Practically ALL the famous North American multimillionaires of the XIX century, the “robber barons” as they were correctly nicknamed, (J.P.Morgan, Cornelius Vanderbilt, Jay Gould, David Rockefeller, Henry Clay Frick) were hateful men who exploited mercilessly their workers and who had no problems whatsoever to associate themselves with the American-Jewish… Read more »

26 August, 2022 10:34 pm

Regarding the overwhelming Jewish involvement and responsibility in the outbreak of the Boer War, I recommend the book “The Randlords” (1935) by Paul Herman Emden (1882-1953) a Jew born in Germany who later became a British citizen. The book is available for download at