Beaten by Blurry Ghosts

Martin Geissler

MARTIN GEISSLER IS A special needs student at Kingsbury High School in Memphis, Tennessee. Last week, Martin — who is White — was walking near the school when a group of at least five Black teenagers attacked him, knocking him to the ground and stomping on his head and body while he was down.

Only two media outlets — local ones, of course — have published original articles that return Google results on the incident.

Fox13 in Memphis ran the story without any mention of race.

What’s more, Fox13 ran “exclusive” video of the incident, which I’ll include below, where they blur the entire screen so all that can be made out is the general motions of the beating.

No, the video is not blurred to conceal Martin’s identity — he appears in sharp focus in an interview with Fox13 in the same clip. So no indeed. Even if the perpetrators are juveniles, little, if any, blur would be necessary, as they are mostly facing away from the camera, and any faces appearing could be blurred without blurring the entire screen and defeating the purpose of running the video in the first place.

Fox13 doesn’t even include the audio of the clip, instead simply mentioning that “the person recording states that they are about to fight the boy.”

No faces. No skin. No voices. No mention of race.

This is the magnum opus of media concealing the anti-White violence inspired by their own anti-White propaganda.

The story is usually told by the media’s silence on such events — but this ham-fisted, intelligence-insulting news piece is simply spectacular in its absurdity.

As always, reverse the races. What if the media got their hands on fresh footage of five White teenagers savagely beating a special needs Black kid?

Jackpot! Get the ADL on the phone and get Merrick Garland to the podium ASAP. It’s “White people bad” time, baby!

Instead, all we get is a blurry screen.

In an amazing break from the norm, the one other original report — from Memphis’ KWAM News Talk radio — is headlined: “HATE CRIME? White Student With Special Needs Brutally Beaten by Teens.”

The article immediately addresses the anti-White elephant in the room:

A group of black young people brutally beat a white special-needs student outside a Memphis high school while a crowd of onlookers did nothing to stop the attack…. For some reason the Fox television affiliate did not mention the skin color of the attackers or the victim. They also buried the fact that the young man is a special-needs student.

Kudos to KWAM for addressing reality.

Unfortunately, neither the beating, nor the media’s lack of interest in it, are shocking.

But Fox13 all but recreating the event with the cast of The Brady Bunch is truly something to behold. Never underestimate the depths to which these Jew-led shameless misinformation whores will stoop.

Links: Fox13:

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Source: based on a report by Daniel Concannon

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Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
29 August, 2022 11:38 am

These media whores need to be
put to death. All they care about
is their own goddamn paychecks,
and to hell with everything else!

29 August, 2022 12:57 pm

As a Mother to 2 boys this infuriates me and breaks my heart so much. That poor kid is going to be traumatized. This is just like the story of “White Will”, that the National Alliance published. Those Black’s just run a muck like wild animals.

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
31 August, 2022 7:58 pm

Thank you Rosemary Pennington, Mr. Concannon, and National Vanguard for exposing these media presstitutes and their anti-White hypocrisy. It’s my hope that with the help of our readers that our reach expands beyond the several hundred thousand Whites that comprise our audience into the millions in the near future and that other media can be developed so as to multiply our influence further. To bring in, organize, and utilize the strengths of new members is a path that’s slow, but sure in helping us reach our goals.

I’ll continue to do my part and bring to the National Alliance capable, serious, and sincere new members and supporters here and with outreach efforts locally.

Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton
6 September, 2022 8:59 pm

When mud people aren’t killing us, they are replacing us.

Oh well, say, have you seen the NFL picks for this season?

Thomas Plaster
Thomas Plaster
9 September, 2022 2:14 pm

This a classic (and never-ending) example of negro cowardice. The entertainment media and the news media (not as is here) to a lesser extent constantly portray negroes as big billy-bad-azz mandingo warriors who can meet/defeat all opponents. In real life, blacks are world famous for three things when fighting. One, attacking someone who is somehow weaker; physically and/or weaker. Two, when not able to subdue their target in an honest/fair fight, the negro will suckerpunch in some way the target. Not always from behind, mind you. And last but not least, Three, gang attacking a lone individual. Many such attacks involve two or all three of these behaviors.. Here, it looks as if all three were used by the negroes. The stereotype of negro supremacy, in this article’s regard to… Read more »