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The Old Faith Faileth

Building, building, always building: William Pierce in the Cosmotheist Community workshop, under construction in the late 1980s.

INTRODUCTION by Kevin Alfred Strom: It was twenty years ago this week that I got an ominous telephone call. Dr. William Pierce was dying. He wanted to see me, and would I come down right away to do so? Of course, I did. After I arrived in West Virginia hours later, he turned over some new and important duties to me, and afterward we said goodbye. A few days later — twenty years ago to the day — he died.

Here in the National Alliance, our Chairman has rightly decreed that we don’t celebrate Dr. Pierce’s death: We celebrate his birth, every September 11th. But on the twentieth year since the end of his physical life, I wanted to say a few words.

I joined the Alliance in 1982. So my work with the Alliance has spanned 20 years with Dr. Pierce, and now 20 years without him. The years without him really have not been without him, though. As we keep his works alive by remastering and restoring his recordings, as we republish his works, some of them not having seen the light for decades, and as we fight off compromisers and dummkopfs who would water down his principles and ideas, the vision he created of a White future lives all around us and lives within us too. His spirit animates us — and is animating new generations like never before.

This is something permanent we’re building. Something that will outlive all of us; outlive our great-grandchildren’s great-grandchildren. Something he started.

Today in William Pierce’s honor we are publishing one of his editorials, below, entitled “The Old Faith Faileth,” which has never before appeared on National Vanguard. There will be other pieces to follow later.

Thank you, Dr. Pierce. — KAS

* * *

The Old Faith Faileth
by Dr. William L. Pierce

DURING THE PAST COUPLE of years we’ve had a growing volume of correspondence from the general public: from people who have never had any connection with a race-oriented or Politically Incorrect organization. Most of these people are responding to one of our American Dissident Voices broadcasts or to one of our Internet sites. Their letters, some via e-mail and some via the postal service, cover a wide spectrum of attitudes, from people who have long agreed with us but only recently have been moved to contact us, to people who until recently disagreed strongly with us but are now beginning to have doubts about their former beliefs.

A typical letter in the latter category might begin: “I don’t share your racist beliefs, but I must admit that you’re right about….” Then will follow an account of a traumatic collision with racial reality the correspondent recently has experienced. Or a letter might begin: “I don’t agree with your ideas about a Jewish conspiracy, but I’m glad to see that somebody is speaking out against the Clinton administration’s insane plan to start another unnecessary war in the Middle East….” What one senses behind all the letters of this type is a person who used to be Politically Correct but has been unable to maintain his orthodox faith in the face of an increasingly contradictory reality. Major cracks have developed in his system of beliefs as the world in which he lives becomes nuttier and nuttier – and increasingly hostile. He still wants to have “respectable” or “Correct” beliefs, but they are slipping away from him as the evidence against them mounts. Some of these letters don’t even admit to any agreement with us, but one can sense a barely controlled desperation in their statement of belief, as if they’re begging us to prove them wrong and give them something more reasonable to believe instead.

Letters of the former type, expressing strong, long-term agreement with us, appear to be not so much from people who have just learned of our existence as from people who finally have been able to overcome their fears and are willing to risk exposure by contacting us. Most of these people are professionals who are certain that their lives will be ruined if any of their colleagues find out what they believe. The softness of their lives and the non-stop barrage of hate propaganda from the controlled media have robbed them of their courage and greatly exaggerated their fears – but a subconsciously sensed change in the climate around them nevertheless has moved them to act.

What is this climatic change? Basically it is a tension in the air caused by the growing gap between reality and orthodoxy. At the same time, the orthodox Establishment has lost much of its former status and respectability. The façade of orthodoxy has become more weatherbeaten, while the parade grounds on which the moguls of orthodoxy used to display their might have grown more weeds and developed more potholes. Awe is being overtaken by cynicism. The faithful have become increasingly doubtful, and the unfaithful have become bolder.

This process is helped enormously by people like Bill Clinton. He is the high priest of orthodoxy, a man who has made a career of professing his dedication to Political Correctness while doing more than any other person to discredit it, albeit inadvertently. As I write, his approval rating, announced by his media friends during the second week of the Bill-and-Monica scandal, stands at 72 per cent., an all-time high. What a wonderful argument against mass democracy that is!

I am willing to believe this amazing approval rating: The people who voted for him – the welfare class, the Jews, the feminists, and homosexuals, and the non-Whites – are rallying around their besieged hero, while other voters are expressing their approval of the fact that the US economy is still holding itself up, for the moment, and that’s all they really care about. But the people who approve of Bill Clinton don’t really count, not even the self-supporting, heterosexual White ones.

Furthermore, it’s not really “approval” which counts; it’s respect, awe, and fear, and these latter are way down. When people no longer respect or fear their government, that government’s days are numbered. For most Americans Bill Clinton symbolizes the government; as their contempt for him grows, their respect for the government he heads diminishes. And although fear of disapproval by one’s colleagues is not quite the same as fear of being found out by the government to be Politically Incorrect, the two are related: The more one loses one’s respect for the government – which, after all, is the ultimate arbiter of Political Correctness – the more one is willing to take a chance on being found out by one’s colleagues.

There’s more to the change in climate than Bill Clinton’s unzipped fly, of course. There’s the O.J. Simpson verdict, and there are the cumulative effects of a thousand lesser aberrations over the past few years. There’s the increasingly hard line of the television bosses promoting miscegenation, and there’s the increasing difficulty of remaining unscathed by the proximity of non-Whites in our everyday lives. More and more people are coming to the realization that the country is poised on the brink, while the priests of Political Correctness are chanting: “Jump! Jump! Jump!…”

Anyway, that’s what I see as the reason for the growing number of people reaching out to us. May their numbers continue to increase!

* * *

Source: National Alliance BULLETIN, January 1998

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Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
23 July, 2022 12:34 pm

And thanks to Dr. William Luther Pierce, Kevin Alfred Strom, and William White Williams for making National Vanguard and its sponsor, the National Alliance the only serious and sincere way for Whites to come together. By using this forum also provided by those three great men listed above, you’re among those reaching out to us hopefully to join and help us survive the demise of Western Civilization and construct the beginnings of a new order of Whites.

23 July, 2022 10:21 pm

Dr. William Luther Pierce changed me beyond what I could’ve imagined; from views of natural thinking, religion and the overall whole metaphysics of life, he was the first of the building blocks for me and I can imagine many others. I feel a great pride in spreading his healing messages to many of my friends and colleagues, with some just starting to get it.

Thank you to the folks here for changing lives and leading us closer to a beautiful Aryan future beyond our imagination. Twenty years he may have been gone, but forever he lives in the Aryan spirit.

Blood and Honor! Hail Victory!

Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Reply to  southbayfolk
24 July, 2022 10:18 am

southbayfolk: Dr. William Luther Pierce changed me beyond what I could’ve imagined; from views of natural thinking, religion and the overall whole metaphysics of life…Thank you to the folks here for changing lives and leading us closer to a beautiful Aryan future beyond our imagination

You’re welcome. But what will it take for you to offer more than thanks and actually join with us, a traumatic collision with racial reality”? It is unfortunate, but that sort of wake-up call finally moves folks our way faster than anything else.

NA needs you sooner rather than later. Join Us | National Alliance (