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Strength or Weakness?

Washington, DC power photo that went viral: Four-star admiral Richard “Rachel” Levine, left, with Biden Administration nuclear official Sam Brinton, celebrating Bastille Day in France, July 2022.

by Andrew Hamilton

THIS PHOTO OF A couple of ultra-privileged, high-level American government officials is symbolically significant.

But what does it signify?

Does it suggest weakness or strength?

In my view it suggests strength. Not as we usually think of it, of course, but strength nonetheless. I could be wrong, but that’s what the probabilities suggest.

Admiral Levine — “Yes, Ma’am!

On the left is Richard “Rachel” L. Levine, a Jewish four-star admiral in the United States Public Health Service Commissioned Corps, and assistant secretary for health in the Biden Administration. Wikipedia refuses to tell readers his male birth name, and acts as if he’s a woman, albeit “transgender.” He attended Hebrew school as a boy.

Prior to his current assignment in Washington, Levine was Secretary of the Pennsylvania Department of Health, in which capacity he was the state’s health czar during the draconian COVID-19 clampdown, which he oversaw with glee.

According to a Pennsylvania Republican State Senator, Levine forced nursing homes “to readmit COVID-19 patients” from hospitals, thus jeopardizing the lives of elderly residents. Simultaneously, he moved his own Jewish mother out of her care facility.

As a transgender “female” Levine was appointed to high state office by Governor Tom Wolf (D.), most of whose German American ancestors have been in Pennsylvania since the 1700s.

Levine married a White (it appears) woman by whom he had two children. The couple divorced after Levine’s “transition,” though his wife also backs sexual perversion.

The admiral “transitioned” in 2011. It appears there’s small print associated with “transitioning.” It does not require mutilation of your body with opposite-sex hormones or surgical removal of your sex organs.

How many “trans” Jews who sashay around in drag are either homosexual, bisexual, or even heterosexual, but not biologically altered? I didn’t investigate the exact nature of Levine’s change because it would demand a lot of extra work, and the information would probably be untrustworthy.

Whites and other Gentiles who “transition” are likely dumber about this than Jews, and more inclined to go whole hog, destroying their or their children’s bodies, health, mental stability, and even lives in the process.

Levine before and after.

Sam Brinton: Lipstick, Heels, and a Pup Fetish

The White man on the right (in the photo at the top of this article) is Sam Brinton, a lesser light within the federal government than Levine, though obviously a clever and calculating social climber. He’s married to another homosexual.

Brinton was the one who posted the photo to his Instagram account in July 2022. Instagram is a “social media” photo and video sharing app owned by anti-White multibillionaire Jew Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook.

Fittingly, the picture of the two Establishment exemplars, which quickly went viral, was taken at the Bastille Day celebration in France, the onset of the French Revolution that initiated everything bad we see around us today. The photo caused such a stir that Brinton quickly made his Instagram account private, though not before screenshots appeared all over the Internet.

Brinton was appointed in January 2022 by the Jewish Biden Administration to his current position as Deputy Assistant Secretary of Spent Fuel and Waste Disposition in the Office of Nuclear Energy. The latter is an agency of the US Department of Energy promoting the use of nuclear power to generate energy. (Wait, isn’t nuclear power evil?)

The media calls Brinton a nuclear engineer, but it is hard to tell from descriptions of his degrees (Bachelor of Science in nuclear engineering and vocal music, Kansas State University, 2011 and Master of Science in nuclear science and engineering [technology and policy] from MIT), exactly how much hard science he studied, and how much focused on policy matters. Part of the answer lies in whatever MIT’s “Technology and Policy (TPP)” program is.

One of my undergraduate electives was Astrophysics. It was interesting, I learned things, and the professor was good, but the name suggests a more complex, rigorous, and demanding course than it really was.

Brinton spent a lot of time at MIT engaging in homosexual activity, and much of his formal career afterward appears to have involved working as a paid employee for America’s vast homosexual network.

He said, “My time at MIT was spent coming out and coming into my own.” The nuclear engineering students there “told me the only reason I was admitted into the Institute was because of my ‘diversity’ fellowship.”

So it is all a bit vague.

In case you’re interested, Brinton uses the pronouns they and them. It makes for confusing reading, but that’s how all articles refer to him. The media really are controlled.

To hear Brinton and the media tell it, our hero’s life is a sad but noble tale of courage and perseverance triumphing over oppression.

In a suburb of Des Moines, Iowa, Brinton’s evil Southern Baptist parents disapproved of his budding homosexuality, and persuaded him to undergo “conversion therapy,” hoping against hope to keep their son on the straight and narrow.

Brinton later testified before the United Nations Convention against Torture about this supposedly traumatic experience. For four years until 2021 he worked with the Trevor Project and its 50 Bills 50 States campaign. Heavily bankrolled by the usual shadowy forces, one of its aims is to outlaw conversion therapy so that government and homosexuals can groom and physically mutilate Gentile children without facing even token opposition.

It’s worth scanning the “conservative” Daily Mail’s (UK) celebratory biographical sketch about Brinton, which contains many pictures of the man from his schooldays to the present, as well as of his parents. (Additional helpful Daily Mail information here.)

The Finders

One can infer from the article that Brinton was first exposed to homosexuality in high school, perhaps partly due to purposeful government indoctrination, but probably at that time primarily through mass media, including the Internet.

Formalized grooming not yet being as entrenched in schools as it is today, he was temporarily deterred by his parents, who actually cared enough to intervene on their son’s behalf.

If you glance through the photographs in National Vanguard’s 2019 article about Politically Correct spree killer Connor Betts, you’ll see images of what should have been a biologically normal White family. Betts’ parents, unlike Brinton’s, did not exercise proper parental responsibility, as the photos show; both their son and daughter exhibited sex role confusion. The two youngsters are now dead.

Nevertheless, Brinton became enmeshed in a well-oiled machine after he left home to attend Kansas State University. There he was exposed to and fully embraced the homosexual lifestyle.

College is where I first encountered homosexuality as well. In retrospect, it is easy to see the highly sophisticated recruitment apparatus in which the university played a major if hidden role. But I was too ignorant and naïve to perceive it at the time.

An acquaintance from high school sports attended the same university. I ran into him there. He was very likable, and there was nothing effeminate (or, for that matter, exaggeratedly macho) about him, before or after he entered college.

A few years later he died from AIDS. It’s quite possible that, like Brinton, he was drawn into the lifestyle by the deceptively arm’s-length recruitment apparatus that functioned both on- and off-campus.

Today Jewry and government operate a massive indoctrination system not just at the universities — which alone had a shattering impact on society — but in secondary and elementary schools as well, which relentlessly inculcate destructive beliefs and behavior in even the smallest Gentile schoolchildren. Indeed, the anti-children’s crusade is far more open and aggressive than anything I was exposed to in college. They are even outlawing parental opposition to their scheme. The deleterious effects will quickly manifest themselves, indeed are already doing so.

Given the centrality of sex, reproduction, and the family to White survival, it is imperative to grasp how fast things are moving. The changes are every bit as swift and deadly as replacement migration.

Keep in mind that Wikipedia, which only accepts secondary sources as proof, considers the Daily Mail so conservative that it bans the use of that Establishment publication as source material for its articles. That’s why the Mail’s gushing coverage of Brinton isn’t even mentioned or linked to in Brinton’s Wikipedia bio.

Brinton with Jane Fonda at Hollywood’s 2018 Academy Awards ceremony, where he walked the red carpet in high heels and a red dress representing the homosexual Trevor Project, which targets youth.

The Mail’s article is much more informative than Wikipedia’s, although, being less than totally honest, it conspicuously omits any mention of Brinton’s homosexual “pup play” fetish and drag queen activities, which he practiced in public.

The former was discussed in Washington D.C.’s homosexual Metro Weekly magazine in 2016. Brinton is the man identified only as “Sam,” shown in this image without a shirt, and more straightforwardly in “Biden appoints gender-fluid drag queen ‘pup’ fetishist for high-level role at Energy Department,” Just the News (February 18, 2022).

Jewry and government “find” and capture White children and youth. Whenever I read or hear about their activities, whether it be Drag Queen Story Hour or anything else, I always think, “The Finders.”

It is significant that Brinton was raised in a better-than-normal family, given that his parents actually put up a fight for their son, which is extremely rare.

No question, Communist-style mass propaganda that cannot be questioned or contradicted, combined with violent social oppression, is necessary to carry out these crimes. Freedom of speech and association would blow the bad guys and their corrupt, hateful, murderous regime right out of the water.

They know it, and so do I.

The Transgender Bullet Train

The latest surreal phenomenon, exemplified by Admiral “Rachel” Levine, was concocted and shoved down our throats with astonishing speed.

Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia Standard 2005 not only contains no entry for “transgender” (or any variant thereof), but no mention of the word within any article inside the encyclopedia.

Encarta (now defunct) was an encyclopedia on compact disc (CD) that merged and updated the combined contents of Funk & Wagnalls Encyclopedia, Collier’s Encyclopedia, and New Merit Scholar’s Encyclopedia, all of which ceased print publication soon after Encarta’s launch.

The term appears only briefly in a couple of Judith A. Reisman’s later books — and she definitely would have caught it if it had been a bigger phenomenon.

In Sexual Sabotage (WND Books, 2010) she said in a footnote that the Kinsey Institute (a major Left-wing academic institute at Indiana University specializing in mainstreaming every kind of perversion imaginable) in 2003 “‘researched’ and taught on alleged ‘Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered Youth’ as though these were genetically based ‘orientations’ as opposed to youngsters experiencing serious experiential, familial, and other trauma.”

In the fourth edition of Kinsey: Crimes and Consequences (Institute for Media Education, 2012) she observed, “Schools teach children that they may be homosexual — and they are just as likely bisexual. As a result, teachers and students nationwide are organizing ‘Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgendered’ youth groups in schools.”

This suggests that the widespread top-down imposition and institutionalization of transgenderism began about a decade ago.

Reisman was a Jew who went off-reservation when it came to normalizing perversion. Her little daughter had been sexually molested, badly traumatized, and died young, which is what triggered Reisman’s uncharacteristic (for a Jew) opposition. Her writings are very informative.

A Weakness?

Conservative reactions to the Levine-Brinton photo were tame, consisting of a few sarcastic remarks and observations voiced by isolated individuals on Jewry’s “social media,” not by Republican politicians or commentators bought and paid for by Jewish megadonors like Wall Street vulture Paul Singer, a lavish funder of Republican Party homophilia, which today is as pervasive and de rigeur among “conservatives” as it is among Democrats. New Yorker Donald Trump is a perfect example.

A lone Russian UN diplomat voiced the natural reaction: that the photo is indicative of America’s decline.

However, the underlying assumption that Jews and their bizarre fellow travelers care about the United States, its people, or government is wrong.

Jews and the Left are constructing a new international order in which the US will be as irrelevant and subordinate as Britain has been since WWII and Russia post-Communism. The locus of the new order will likely be Red China. It is necessary to dismantle US hegemony to accomplish this transition.

What Levine-Brinton symbolizes is bad for Whites, bad for the America that used to be, but not bad for Jews and the obedient philo-Semites who fostered it.

The conquering Jew keeps moving from strength to strength, with no sign yet of slowing down. A global dictatorship ruled by Jews is the ultimate objective. It is more than doubtful that this contemptible, pathetic husk, the United States, will be its headquarters.

A Caveat

The major caveat to this hypothesis — and it is a big one — pertains to the precise role played by multicolored Gentiles, including East Asians and swiftly dwindling Whites, who are part of the globalist project.

Jews cannot run even a small country, much less the entire world, on their own. History provides no example of their ever having done so. That is their nature, and they cannot escape it.

Jews need cooperative philo-Semites, not only to survive, but to enable them to control, boss, dominate, exploit, incarcerate, and murder non-Jews.

Historically, they have always identified and successfully cultivated capable Gentiles for this task, despite being extremely wasteful of their lives — as bad as Robert E. Lee was with his troops.

But Jews are now so powerful, so unchecked, so wild, so demanding, that they might effectively be running the entire show without meaningful external input, guidance, or restraint of any kind. Gentiles, even the most highly privileged ones who serve them, are more servile and corrupt than ever.

Because Jews lack the ability to sustain a society, they might crash the entire totalitarian system they have created, causing the onset of a new Dark Age quite different from the one they envision.

Media celebrities are role models that Whites and other Gentiles imitate. 58-yr-old movie star Brad Pitt, primarily of English descent, wore a brown linen skirt to the Berlin premier of his film Bullet Train on July 19, 2022. In the 1990s he posed in a variety of stylish women’s dresses for the Jewish magazine Rolling Stone. He has three biological and three adopted (Cambodian, Vietnamese, and Ethiopian) children. Such behavior enhances a celebrity’s career and social status.

* * *

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25 July, 2022 11:12 am

Repulsive beyond description. Even the Weimar Republic never had such disgusting freaks in its government.

Reply to  Joshua
25 July, 2022 6:09 pm

we’re a laughing stock now…

Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Reply to  Howard
26 July, 2022 12:33 pm

“We.” Howard? Speak for yourself.

Greg Johnson, “Our Writer of the Year: Andrew Hamilton” | Counter-Currents

There is an excellent archive of your essays in that article from a decade ago naming you “Our Writer of the Year”

But I notice only three of your articles have appeared at C-C this year: Andrew Hamilton | Counter-Currents

Will Greg Johnson publish this one about Admiral Levine, queers, and other sexual freaks that you have documented here so well? I tend to doubt it with his seemingly favorable stance on homosexuality. References to homosexual propaganda at Counter-Currents – Skandinavisk Frihet

Regardless, we at National Vanguard are appreciative of everything you write and are proud to republish it all.

25 July, 2022 11:33 am

I can only point to and laugh uproariously at the photo of Levine and Brinton.

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Deb
25 July, 2022 3:18 pm

As parodies of men, they certainly are laughable–if they held no positions of authority over us. This Jew and fellow degenerate White do man the country’s institutions, and that’s dangerous to us as they often use their positions to do harm to us. We in the National Alliance are building our own institutions, slowly but surely, so that they are manned by men and women who are racially healthy and can impart their services with fidelity and the long-term goals of our race at heart. Our need for those racially healthy people is great at this time, too few want to do the right thing by our race and hold back. I ask that you and others reading National Vanguard to read then join us in Our Cause.

Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton
26 July, 2022 1:02 pm

“The locus of the new order will likely be Red China.” In 1984, there is a perpetual war between Oceania, Eurasia and Eastasia, the superstates that emerged from the global atomic war. The Theory and Practice of Oligarchical Collectivism, by Emmanuel Goldstein, explains that each state is so strong that it cannot be fully defeated, even with the combined forces of two superstates, despite changing alliances. The three powers are in a constant state of flux. The fluid state of the three major powers has one power dominating, while another begins a rise to ascendancy to eventually challenge the dominating power, while the remaining power rebuilds after suffering defeat. The roles and alliances of the three powers are constantly changing. The continual state of flux is manipulted to motivate the… Read more »

26 July, 2022 5:56 pm

“No,” say the Jews, “it is not enough to have copied an Ame-
rican military eagle and to revise this, an apology is needed!”

The Jews have infested the entire West
with their psychotic hysteria & paranoia.