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Peaceful Neighborhoods Are Racist

Faribault, Minnesota

by Douglas Mercer

IT’S SAID that in 2020 Trump pandered to the Negroes and the Mestizos, but not to Whites. He certainly did the former in the most craven way imaginable, but it’s not altogether true that he didn’t talk to the Whites. He certainly didn’t say “White,” that would be unimaginable, but he did have a flurry of messages meant to directly stimulate White people’s political erogenous zones. After the Boomer Waffen spectacle of the McCloskeys, he came out with some messages about saving neighborhoods, saving the “American Dream.” That is, he did the implicitly White thing; he did the “dog whistles,” as our enemies call them. If you take enemy transmissions seriously, you’d think he was telling Mr. and Mrs. White America, “Don’t worry, you’ll have no Negroes for neighbors; your suburbs will be pristine again.”

Of course all it was all a ruse, a way for the opportunistic twit to get some ideational crack in the veins of his base. Remember, this was the same guy who simulated a court martial by miming holding a rifle and saying “bing bing” — and who ran on a “law and order” platform, but who in 2020 chastised Joe Biden for having voted for that oh-so-“racist” 1994 crime bill.

That is, the phony tough guy.

At least a dozen times since June, he has painted Biden as a threat to the suburban American Dream. He even enlisted HUD Secretary Ben Carson to jointly pen an Aug. 16 op-ed saying Democrats want to reimpose the Obama-Biden dystopian vision of building low-income housing units next to your suburban house.

Just so you know, “low income housing” is policy-speak for the Blacks and the Browns.

This was Just Trump-style show biz, ephemeral and transitory. Why, not too long before, he took the opposite position.

The Trump administration itself embraced a plan to use the federal government to push local governments, including in suburban areas, to overhaul zoning rules that prevent the construction of high-density apartment buildings.

“High density” is likewise policy-speak for non-Whites. Think fifteen Mexicans in an apartment-turned-flop-house designed for four people and you’ll get it.

Trump issued an executive order in June 2019 establishing a White House Council on Eliminating Barriers to Affordable Housing and appointing Carson — the only Black member of his Cabinet — as its chair. He directed the group to address, reduce, and remove the multitude of overly burdensome regulatory barriers that artificially raise the cost of housing development.

Of course, if you just remove the Mestizos and erecti that would instantly lower housing costs. It’s they, along with all of the money they are given, who keep housing costs artificially high. And no cost is greater than Browns and Blacks in your neighborhood — materially, morally, racially.

Obama had his dystopian vision — his “Affirmatively Furthering Fair Housing” push to build cheap apartments in White spaces to bring the dirt-colored rabble in. Neighborhoods are ground zero for the invasion. In his book Slaughter of Cities, E. Michael Jones outlines how, in the 1940s, the federal government intentionally moved Negroes to the north to break up the White enclaves of Irish, Poles, and Italians in the big cities.

Jimmy Carter once said that he saw nothing wrong with White enclaves in our cities retaining their ethnic purity. Safe to say, no one is saying that out loud anymore. Instead they talk about “zoning,” and “density,” and “quality of life.” But everyone knows who they are taking about, and it’s certainly not us.

Back in 1948, the Jews successfully pushed to outlaw restrictive covenants, effectively ending White rule in America. And they are still on the case lo these many years later. If anything is true in the world, it’s that the Jews won’t cease or desist until the last White man has been buried — or until we stop them.

* * *

Faribault, Minnesota has decent demographics, not yet totally lost, but surely on the way:

White: 82%
Black: 7%
Mestizo: 4%
Pacific Islander: 4%
Asian: 2%
plus “other”

On the cusp, but if the law has anything to say about it, you’ll see a precipitous fall. It’s the oldest one in the book: Invade and colonize, and watch the Whites flee — and watch the White birthrates fall.

It’s a process called social sterilization.

Faribault was once known for its woolen mills and it fabulous woolen goods. Now it’s known for Somalis and trash.

A federal district court judge ruled that a 2014 rental ordinance enacted by the city of Faribault was likely motivated by undisputedly race-based complaints and concerns from city residents that discriminated against Black and Latino renters, ruling against the city’s effort to dismiss the case.

What happened was the city quite sensibly told landlords that they can’t rent to criminals. Criminals in this case means the Blacks and the Browns. It’s a coded way of getting the old rule back: Whites only. The corrupted courts were having none of it. They think there is a problem with any space retaining its White racial purity. In fact, a more heinous state of affairs they can scarcely imagine.

No one thinks to ask the million-dollar question: Why are the Blacks and the Browns so heavily criminal? And what should we do in response? That’s just a given and “nothing can be done about it.”

Except not to “discriminate against” them. Except to hand them the keys the city and let them move in next door, fifteen to a house, six cars in the driveway, four of them up on cinder blocks.

* * *

This one has been a long time coming down the evil anti-White pike.

The order allows the matter to go to trial and comes more than two years after a 2018 lawsuit brought by the ACLU and a resettlement nonprofit on behalf of renters who said the ordinance targeted Somali and Latino residents.

Somalis and “Latinos,” apparently, are criminals. That much is clear. And they don’t want the fact that they are criminals to be a reason to keep them out of an apartment complex or to evict them. Better go get the ACL-Jew to lobby for you to live right next door to Sally and Robert, and expand your chances for thievery.

Tunheim’s order found that a reasonable inference can be made that race was a motivating factor, but there also remains a genuine dispute as to whether the city’s policy objectives were legitimate or a way to discriminate against Black and Latino residents.

Who knows if race was really a motivating factor? The lower races and crime are synonymous. Perhaps the men who crafted this law were really just upright law and order types who wanted the rabble out, but who held no conscious racial animus. That distinction is the small change of life by now: The courts will simply rule that you cannot keep the criminals (ie, the Browns and Blacks) out.

If you do the Somalis and the Jew will attack you.

Though, to be honest, you’d have to be blind as bat (or blinkered and brainwashed) not to notice that all those robbers and rapists are Black or Brown.

The ordinance, still in effect, implemented stringent requirements on landlords that included occupancy limits, criminal background checks, and mandatory training that encouraged property owners to screen out people with criminal records.

They don’t like occupancy limits because these worthless criminals breed like feral animals and have animalistic cousins by the dozens.

Tenants found in violation of lease addendums that forbade criminal activities or drug crimes would be evicted.

Outrageous, right? You violate your lease and you get the boot. Our enemies and their servants know that this ordinance will overwhelmingly affect the new invaders from Africa, the Blacks, and the Mestizos — and that is intolerable to them. They want the coloreds to swarm like locusts in our neighborhoods — to prey on Whites in every formerly White space. And any attempt to stop that will be stopped.

Seven individuals and the nonprofit Somali Community Resettlement Services sued Faribault outlining how the ordinance affected Black and Latino families. Affected families said that the ordinance led to eviction proceedings after tenants exceeded occupancy limits or had been accused of criminal activities, even those that did not lead to convictions, making it difficult to find housing in Faribault.

Notice how they so blithely admit that they are criminals, but just gloss over it like it’s no big deal? Sure, we can’t control our behavior, but why should there be any condign punishment for it? Sure, we have no idea what civilization is, and no idea how to take part in it, but that shouldn’t stop us from making the area around your home a pig sty. Rule of law is “White supremacism,” sucka.

“The court finds that the confluence of racialized complaints leading up to the ordinance’s enactment, the city’s knowledge that the ordinance would have negative effects on the Somali community, and the city’s desire to eliminate low-rent housing downtown, created an inference that the city implemented the ordinance because of its potential displacement of Black residents,” the ruling says.

So much for all men being equal! They are equal when they want to be, but when equality hurts them they’ll shun it like the plague that they themselves are. The last thing they want is to be treated like everyone else. If they are treated like everyone else, they will be mired in the dung heap forever because of their own nature; no, they want a leg up, they want the waters parted for them, they want the red, white, and blue carpet laid out for them. They still will be hip deep in their own dung, but at least they can start a new and (initially) smaller heap in a White neighborhood.

Alejandro Ortiz, the lead attorney from the ACLU, said Faribault’s ordinance is one of thousands of crime-free housing ordinances of its kind enacted in cities across the country. He argues that such ordinances have a disproportionate impact on Black and Latino renters who are more likely to have entanglement with the criminal justice system.

Apparently, this is the move of choice all across the land. Frustrated cities know they (unfortunately) can’t just outright say no one wants a Negro for a neighbor (though they indisputably don’t), so very cleverly they seize on the fact of their criminality. Since no one really wants criminals next door, they thought they could get away with that, even in modern America. No one wants his property (or life) taken, after all. But the Ortizes of this world won’t allow even that. He and his Jew overlords want the White suburbs to be a thing of the past — at any cost; there must be no place for Whites to retreat.

After all, peaceful neighborhoods are “racist,” right?

At the time the attorney for the city said: “The city had legitimate, non-discriminatory reasons for enacting a licensing ordinance. The bottom line is all renters are entitled to safe and sanitary places to live.”

Hell no, they’re not! The White man must be doused in feces and filth, must drink from the malarial swamp of Third World darkness. There must be garbage and broken windows and hulks of torched cars and burning tires and discarded junkie White girls bleeding in the alleys. There must be chaos everywhere; there must be litters of dark-skinned ill-behaved offspring; there must be bars on the windows; there must be indecipherable dog languages being spoken; there must be strange smells emanating; there must be voodoo rites being performed; there must be a witches brew of race disaster. You can read all about it in the Protocols.

The court disagreed, saying that racial animus expressed by members of the community who seek to influence decisionmakers with respect to the pertinent action can be evidence of discriminatory purpose when local officials effectuate the discriminatory designs of private individuals.

Apparently the problem was a White man forgot we were living in the Jews’ police state, and had the gall and temerity to say the truth innocently and frankly: No one wants a Negro for a neighbor.

Why on Earth would they?

The ruling referenced remarks made by former Faribault Mayor John Jasinski, now a Minnesota state senator, who once said that the biggest complaint he heard from residents was about Somali residents. White residents frequently complained about Somali residents loitering downtown, where many lived, and expressed fear about their presence, according to the ruling.

Not only can’t you touch a nappy hair on their head, you can’t complain about them. Somalis are the worst of the worst, and they picked on uber-“guilty” Nordic Minnesota as their patsy. They come in with their hatred for America and everything about it, then, empowered by Jews, they lord over it like they own the place. They are shiftless and lazy and Black as sin and engage in disgusting habits. But don’t utter a word about it! Stay mum. Because if you don’t, a court will call you “racist.”

* * *

The ACLU was quick to crow about the abolition of this “clandestine Jim Crow”:

Today (June 15 2022), we settled a lawsuit with the city of Faribault, Minnesota, over its unconstitutional and discriminatory housing rental ordinance. Crime-free housing ordinances are tools of racial segregation, pure and simple.

You bet they are. It’s about keeping it purely White, Hymie.

The city council voted Tuesday night to change its housing program as part of a settlement to resolve a civil rights lawsuit filed by the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) in 2018.

They caved when the Jews came down hard on them. The fact that they were ostensibly and legally discriminating against criminals cut no ice. Everyone on both sides knew who the criminals were. That’s the most laughable aspect of this — how willing our enemies are to admit that the Africans and the Mestizos are heavily criminal compared to Whites, and then use that fact to their advantage.

Sure, we are savages — but savages have rights too! More rights, really; it’s all there on that moldy parchment.

It also agreed to pay $685,000 to several former tenants who claimed the city’s crime-free ordinance discriminated against Black and Somali tenants.

So in addition to changing the law so no White community can protect itself, Whites must pay the criminal non-Whites a cool 700 hundred grand as down payment on the infinite debt they “owe” them.

“This settlement sends a clear message that this discriminatory conduct, which robbed immigrants and Black people of their homes and pushed them out of the city, will no longer be tolerated here or across the nation,” said Teresa Nelson, the legal director for ACLU Minnesota. “No one should lose their home because of where they come from or what they look like.”

Well, technically, they lost their homes because they had fifteen people in a bedroom and were lawbreakers. But apparently they had fifteen people to a room and were lawbreakers because of their race. So it’s really the same thing.

Thelma Jones, a plaintiff in the lawsuit against Faribault, said police ordered her landlord to evict her family in 2016 for violating the crime-free housing ordinance due to ongoing criminal activity.

She be outraged.

“The city of Faribault forced me, my children, and my grandchildren out of our home,” Jones said in a press release from the ACLU. “I hope this settlement prevents discrimination like this from happening to other Black families.”

She leaves out the part about how the police were called to her home more than 80 times in five years.

They really have a lot of nerve, don’t they? No shame burdens them, no decency dwells in them.

In a statement, an attorney for the city of Faribault said the settlement “preserves and vindicates the Ordinance, the purpose of which is to provide decent, safe, sanitary, and crime-free housing to all residents of the City, regardless of their race or nationality.”

Famous last words.

But the city acknowledged that the crime-free housing section of the ordinance would be modified.

What they had to do was gut it. So perhaps committing murder will still get them evicted — but anything less won’t stop them from bringing in the whole headhunter village to play the drums day and night right next to you. They’ll be drunk and disorderly, coming on to your daughter, and other things you probably don’t want to know about. But don’t even think about evicting them. They own the town now.

The ACLU argued that policy allowed police to evict entire families for any act viewed as disorderly.

Ever seen a group of Negroes “having a party” and being themselves?

In recent years, cities across Minnesota have started to roll back or repeal their crime-free ordinances.

Roll back White civilization is more like it. Roll back all the advances that Whites have made, all the cities he has built, all the things that he has loved.

Alejandro Ortiz said that other cities across the country should strike down these unjustified crime-free housing laws and programs and instead focus on promoting housing opportunities and relationships with communities of color.

“These policies disproportionately hurt Black Minnesotans, who are more likely to be targeted by police and develop a criminal record due to systemic racism in the criminal legal system.”

This is their circular “logic.”

“Racism” causes them to be apprehended and “branded” as criminals — and then, as criminals, they get denied housing by “racists.”

They, of course, dindu nuffin.

* * *

And so this is the way it is.

Trump trumpeted that he would save the American Dream, but he wouldn’t have done a thing.

The White man is ever-inventive; restrictive covenants were struck down and ever since we’ve been trying to find “legal ways” to restore them on a de facto basis. This is really heartening, because it means that — whatever people profess — when it comes to what White people possess, their homes, their families, their neighborhoods, their schools, they are as opposed to the non-White invasion as any segregationist; they are as a practical matter as discriminating as any member of the old Citizens Councils.

The bad news is that the Regime, its functionaries, and its pretended “laws” and “rulings,” constantly erode the final remaining bastions of Whiteness. They are siphoning off the energy and the means we need to protect the White race. They’ll petition the courts and they’ll strike down zoning laws favorable to continued White neighborhoods; they’ll nullify lease regulations and landlord/tenant laws and anything else that favors the continuation of White life. They will follow us to the ends of the Earth, to any mountain fastness, to any rural retreat, to any idyllic home. The idea of a white picket fence causes them seethe with hatred and blood lust, and they want to roll over our last remaining oases.

When the final law that protects the White race is struck down, and there is nowhere left to run, will be that momentous day when White flight becomes White fight. There will be no other way.

When the White man stands and conquers.

* * *

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11 July, 2022 12:14 pm

Tunheim’s order found that a reasonable inference can be made that race was a motivating factor,

Notice how no evidence of discrimination was found. Only a “reasonable inference” that the police is meant to discriminate. So evidence is needed to strike down a sensible local ordinance. An activist left wing judge or virtue signaling cuckservative judge can “infer” racist intent and strike it down accordingly.

Frederick Ford.
Frederick Ford.
11 July, 2022 12:44 pm

peaceful neighborhoods are composed of people of low individuality and high group awareness and cohesion something that only a homogenous racial group can achieve but being racially homogenous itself is racist and oh so evil according to our elected leaders promoted by Jews who set the moral standards that we as Americans are supposed to unquestionably follow. violent neighborhoods on the other hand have high individuality and low group solidarity because the people are either predominately individualistic on a mental level, like with Black & Hispanic people, or the lack of a homogenous group identity leads to high individualism because there is nothing unifying said people due to multiculturalism., In fact, being racist just means prioritizing the interests of a racial group over other groups which is bad for Black,… Read more »

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Frederick Ford.
11 July, 2022 2:00 pm

Group solidarity among Congoids is high, yet their neighborhoods are often violent. The South side of Chicago comes to mind here, it’s as dangerous a place as a warzone. Individual and group behavior appears to be more of a function of their racial background than how much individualism or group solidarity anyone has.

15 July, 2022 4:05 pm

I’ve offered anti-segregationist idiots a free week long vacation in my apartment with a guarantee that they will be more racist than me before the week is over. The excuses as to why they can’t or won’t are as stupid as their “everyone is equal” nonsense. “It’s too dangerous there.” Why yes it is, why won’t you admit it’s because of the darkies & heebs who own the building? “I have better things to do than listen to your nazi hate speech!” So you’re afraid that reality might have an effect on your peanut brain? “How dare you? I served in the military with many great coloreds!” Wow. Zog really has you by the balls. “I’d love to experience the diversity but I have health issues.” Yup. I’m allergic to… Read more »

pj dooner
pj dooner
18 July, 2022 5:41 pm

The recent Indiana mall shooting was a strange one, it looks like a jew went berserk and killed three hispanics before he was killed by a legally armed negro..

pj dooner
pj dooner
Reply to  pj dooner
19 July, 2022 7:13 am