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Gibbering Hate; Finely Set in Caslon Type

The shambling thing called Antony Blinken

by Douglas Mercer

AMERICA HAS PUT A Jew in charge of its foreign policy, so it’s not surprising that he’s issuing an apology on our behalf. (Jews practically never apologize for anything they did themselves.)

In fact, he’s doing a lot more than that — he’s inviting the entire world to come to our land and pick it apart bit by bit, and tell us all how “evil” we are — and how much more work “we have to do” to live up to the “lofty words” of the “American Creed.” He’s inviting in the world to abuse us for the dirty deeds he says we’ve done, when the real stench and filth comes from his kind. It really is astonishing that someone who (ostensibly of course) is supposed to protect our country would open it wide to all sorts of attack; would welcome this denigration and degradation, would celebrate the fact that we are humiliating ourselves in front of the world and abasing ourselves in an obscene orgy of self-flagellation.

But then that’s what happens when you put a Jew in charge of your foreign policy.

What else would you expect?

Earlier this week, Antony Blinken announced that the Biden administration had invited the U.N. Special Rapporteur on contemporary forms of racism and the U.N. Special Rapporteur on minority issues to make an official visit to the United States.

You heard that correctly. They are going to let Black and Brown ghouls from all over the world come in and tell us all about how bad the Blacks and the Browns have it in America, when in fact they never had it so good. They certainly could never have had it so good under their own steam. And because these two-bit hacks come fom the UN they will travel here under the tony name of “rapporteur.” Not a mere reporter, mind you — that would be too common for these gangland thugs — but a rapporteur; and, mind you, a “special” rapporteur! They will go to the wide-open border and see some of the more egregiously criminal or diseased Mestizos not being let in — and will cry “racism”; they will go to the deepest, darkest ghettos and see the filth and violence to which the Blacks subject themselves — and cry “racism”; they will notice a few righteous shootings of savages by White cops — and cry “racism.” They will go to a White town that wants to keep criminals (ie, Blacks and Browns) out of apartment complexes, go to White towns that don’t want flop houses built for underage illegals from Mexico, go to White towns that are way too White (a crime per se) — and they will cry “racism.”

And when they are done, they will issue a report saying that America is a land of endemic “racism.”

When in fact, sadly, we White Americans as a whole haven’t even been racially conscious, much less racist, for a long, long time. If we were, you better believe these Negroes, et al., wouldn’t be let in (let alone invited in) to accuse us in front of the world.

They’d be sent packing to their paradises of Blackness or wherever, there to suffer the torments of the damned by not having Whites to leech off.

No country with even a modicum of dignity would have one of its ministers of state do what Blinken is doing.

What kind of country not only heaps opprobrium on itself, but brings in others to add to the chorus? It’s one of those questions which answers itself.

The secretary of State also said the administration plans to issue a formal, standing invitation to all U.N. experts who deal with thematic human rights issues. While his announcement didn’t specifically say so, the implication was that the U.N. envoys would be free to investigate rights abuses in the U.S.

Oh, you can bet your last dimes that’s what they will do, your last dollars having gone to pay for these parasites to be lodged at luxury hotels.

They will go on “fact finding” tours all around the country; find a Mexican grape picker who was once asked to go back where he came from — and they’ll issue a report. They’ll find a Black male who was acting suspiciously, and a White woman who quite sensibly called the cops on him — and they’ll issue a report. They’ll find an African who feels oppressed by being here and they’ll issue a report; and they’ll find some Indians who claim their EBT cards didn’t have enough money on them and they’ll issue a report.

And you can bet when those reports hit the desk of his corner upper floor office at Foggy Bottom, Antony Blinken will take them very seriously indeed, and he will champion them, and ratify them, and broadcast them around the globe.

You see: He’s not an American; he’s a Jew. And therefore he has it in for us.

This is one of the things you get when you put a Jew in charge of your foreign policy.

“In promoting human rights and democracy abroad, U.S. diplomats should make clear that we ask no more of other countries than we ask of ourselves,” Blinken states. “That means we acknowledge our imperfections. We don’t sweep them under the rug. We confront them openly and transparently.”

His purpose here is extending the Jewish hegemony that operates under the names “democracy” and “human rights” throughout the world. It’s the Jew version of imperialism — like when they got the Trump administration to force the repeal of all laws against “gay sex” in Botswana, or when they fly the queer flag at the US embassy in Moscow, or the Black Lives Matter flag at the US embassy in Seoul, or put dancing pervert groomers on stage in Ukraine.

They won’t be happy until chap-adorned faggots get to twerk in front of five-year-olds in the last traditional societies on Earth; not until all bow and revere, or say they revere, the most vile of deviants; not until the Jew and the Black and the Brown are raised over the remaining Whites forever and possess all his property, all his women, all his children.

That’s the Biden Administration’s “human rights agenda.”

More like: That’s Tony Blinken’s and his fellow Jews’ “human rights agenda.”

And now he’s bringing in human trash to help him achieve it.

America has a long and sordid history of destroying its founding people, the White race, due in part to wanting to be perceived as “moral” by the rest of the world. (At least, this was one of the reasons the Jews’ rammed into our minds in order to justify giving our country away and betraying all future generations of our Folk.) In order to “win the hearts and minds” of the Blacks and Browns of the “Global South” during the Cold War, the US was pushed to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Immigration and Nationality Act of 1965.

This was the Anti-American Revolution — or, more properly, the Anti-White Revolution

The fuzzie-wuzzies invited by the Jew will try to demonize and stigmatize us. And when they are done scribbling, it will all end up finely set in Caslon type on double-weight State Department bond with letterhead and watermark and seal, and will be the subject of important conferences at the UN and at multimillion-dollar “human rights” confabs the world over. And when it is, you can be sure that rat Blinken will be there to chime in with tales of woe about how America once didn’t let in enough Hebrews, say around 1945 or so. Never again, he’ll remind us, and he’ll have a sad and somber look on his face.

But inside he’ll be laughing at the gullible goyim and how they put a Jew in charge of their foreign policy and expected anything other than their total extermination.

* * *

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Patrick Pappano
Patrick Pappano
22 July, 2022 9:51 am

The selling of “Democracy,” rule by the people, then sets the stage for the people to stamp out, or have stamped out, anything that doesn’t fit the narrative, like say having de facto white communities, black communities, Latino communities, etc. These communities once did exist, they were called German, Italian, Greek, Polish, and black and Latino. All perfectly normal. Then forced integration which seemed like a good thing since it elevated the coloreds, and who doesn’t want elevation, destroyed this natural segregation? Lost in all of this is the necessity and at the same time, impossibility of a leader arising who can consolidate people into common interests and goals, impossible because the people are divided and won’t vote for it. Voting itself is an act of tearing apart.

25 July, 2022 11:48 am

I don’t know who’s uglier. At first it was always Merrick Garland. I’d never seen anyone so frickin’ ugly, but then I looked at Blinken, God what an ugly MoFo, such a miserable joyless countenance. But what about that Tranny Levine, Jesus H Christ, He/She reminds of Henrietta in the fruit cellar in THE EVIL DEAD, but then there’s that ogre Janet Yellen, that nose and mouth and the shocking white hair, Christ ! But Nadler is a misanthropic work of art, his pants buckled up around his sternum, Holy shit, his lifeless condemnation of everything constitutional, and then there’s that eternal “Master of Evil,” Chuckie Schumer, those disgruntled and evil eyes peering from behind his granny glasses, or what about Watermelon Head with the pencil neck there, Schifty Schiff… Read more »

Old Aardvark
Old Aardvark
1 August, 2022 2:33 am

Depressing stuff, but to be expected from a Jewish secretary of state.

Here is something that will put a smile on your face: