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English Soccer and What Others Cannot See

by Douglas Mercer

WHEN, BACK IN 1968, Enoch Powell said that in the not-too-distant future the Blacks in England would have the whip hand, the most typical response (other than hysterical meltdowns) was that he was being “alarmist.” Turns out he may have understated the case.

There won’t always be an England. That much is certain. At least not a White England, which is the only England worthy of the name.

Out of a squad of 23 players on England’s soccer team there are three minority ethnics in the England women’s team: Jess Carter, Nikita Parris, and Demi Stokes.

For the “visible minorities,” that certainly will not do.

It seems that, currently, England’s women’s soccer team is largely White — and that’s got certain parties hopping mad.

A BBC Sports presenter introduced a segment which expressed concern about the English female football team comprising of players who are all white.

England too White? Is that even possible?

Oh, it is — or so they say.

But all starting 11 players and the 5 substitutes that came on to the pitch were all white, lamented the presenter. And that does point towards a lack of diversity in the women’s game.

Back during the Olympics, when the all-White, all-normal Swedish team beat the kneeling-for-Negroes purple-haired freaks of the US team, all normal White Americans cheered. Indeed, all normal White men and women the world over cheered.

It was one for our side, after all.

But how long will this last? How long can there be an English sporting team that is predominantly White?

There is a group called Nutmeg in England. It describes itself as “a football community for women and non-binary people of color.” They give away tickets to anyone except White males.

One thing for sure is that the so-called visible minorities relate to one other and are united in their hatred for Whites. Indeed, the way they talk about who they can and cannot “relate” to is an assimilationist’s worst nightmare.

A “nutmeg” in soccer is when you pass the ball between an opponent’s legs and retrieve the ball on the other side. A nutmeg is said to be singularly humiliating to the side it is done against.

Is White England about to get nutmegged by the Blacks?

The nutmeg in soccer is capable of injecting fresh energy into the tired legs of teammates and can help inspire a team to victory if used at the right time.

We think we know why they called their group Nutmeg. We think we know who has the whip hand.

* * *

Nothing sets off the “visible minorities” in England like something which is too White, at least when their Jewish managers call their attention to it. These dark-skinned coolies came to England about five minutes ago, have only been there for a black cup of coffee, but the fact that they are Blacker than your hat doesn’t make them think they don’t own the place. Indeed, they do think they own the place — and the way the Jews and the “liberal” Whites cater to them, they have every reason to suppose they do own the place.

By rights, they should have sent the Windrush packing like that Jewish “ghost ship” was back in the late 1930s. But by 1948 it was too late for that. By then, White England had lost its nerve. Legend has it that in the 1950s at a Tory Party meeting Winston Churchill suggested that the party slogan in the upcoming round of elections should be Keep England White.

Keep England White; it certainly has a ring to it. Almost as good as Nobody wants a Negro for a Neighbor. But by then it was much too late for that.

The irony is that they complain that they are not accepted, but their constant refrain is that they “can’t relate” to a White person — a White person’s presence is “oppressive”; “too many White people” is “discrimination against young people of color” because they “don’t see themselves” in positions of power. Well, they don’t see themselves in us — and we for sure don’t see ourselves in them.

And thus the whole (ostensible) premise is false: that they want “equality.” Of course not. They don’t want equality; they want power. They don’t want to see “England” on the field; they don’t want to see Whites on the field: They want to see themselves. And they want the young dark invaders to see other dark invaders on the field, and so on ad infinitum. So that’s the very first illusion that White people need to dispense with.

An invader complained about the nearly all-White English women’s soccer team:

“I watch and support England but for me, the French team; I love it, it’s beautiful. That’s what football should look like. Why are France able to get it right but we’re struggling when we’re such a diverse country? I’m supporting England but who can I say I relate to or look like? That can be off-putting.”

This obnoxious prima donna of darkness loves that “French” team because they have loads of Negroes and for that reason only. She’s “English” only in the most technical sense possible, that is she holds an English passport. But that’s where her Englishness ends. If the English women’s soccer team were full of Negroes then she’d love it; but if it’s just White lasses, it’s not appealing to her and she can’t relate to it.

Why would she? She’s a dark-skinned coolie with no connection to England other than she happens to find herself standing on its soil, she happens to get all the benefits coming from that, and then there’s that passport. She’s English in name only, and barely even that.

Hannah Baptiste, a former England Under-16 youth international who now plays senior football for Guyana, is not the only one to feel disconnected when watching the England women’s team at Euro 2022.

Here’s another one of those “visible minorities” bitching that England has yet to totally succumb to the world of color. They talk about “White privilege” but the entitled mentality of these aliens is truly astounding. Apparently White people haven’t shunted themselves aside totally and completely yet, and that constitutes (you guessed it) “oppression.” Anything short of immediate unconditional surrender is deemed to be little different than colonialism.

Decolonize the soccer squad! Get those White beauties off the field, purge the valiant Valkyries, and replace them with some near-simian Congoids. They have a dream!

“It’s a bit disheartening. Visibility is important,” says Aminata Lewis from Newham. “That’s why I look up to other teams like France and Paris Saint-Germain because they have that diversity. If you see someone that looks like you, you believe that you can do it yourself.”

“Visibility” is shorthand for the non-Whites, as if White people are invisible or see-through. So much for “one race, the human race”! The sooner every White person on Earth jettisons that concept, the better off we’ll all be. Never be a sucker when your enemies are being piranhas.

Ismail, the first captain of the Somalia women’s national team, also feels torn when watching a team who, in the past, provided black role models in Rachel Yankey, Anita Asante and Eni Aluko. “It is difficult to feel fully immersed in a team that you feel doesn’t represent you.”

To say that these non-Whites are ungrateful is to say the least of it. In essence, England saved these Third Worlders from what amounts to a fate worse than death — and how do they repay the “kindness?” Why, with a stab in the back, and with angry demand upon angry demand. With demands that Whites move to the side and bow and scrape in front of them like servile lackeys.

The percentage of players of color has halved since its highest figure in 2007 when Hope Powell was managing England. Stokes and Parris are the longest-serving non-white players who have featured for England in the last three major tournaments. It is a stark contrast to the men’s team, who last year, for the third consecutive competition, had a squad that was more than 40 per cent non-white.

The men, being higher profile and thus “more visible,” are perforce forced to have more “visible minorities.” And the thing about the men’s team is that calling it “English” strains credulity; it looks more like a random pick up game in the backwaters of Zimbabwe. Apparently when they say “Englishman” they don’t really mean Englishman, but Nigerian criminal or some equivalent. And how the average White Briton feels about being represented by Africans was evident a few years back — if you recall the by-now famous incident when three Black heavily-promoted players from “England” missed the penalty kicks and John Bull let them know what they thought by giving them what for.

These three gifted young Black men were among those who stepped up during a moment of huge pressure — England’s first major final in 55 years — only to have their social media accounts flooded with racist abuse after the team’s defeat to Italy at London’s Wembley Stadium.

The three Negroes whiffed. Came up bupkes. It turns out that when the heat was on they couldn’t hit the broad side of a barn.

Of course this outpouring of righteous feeling was swiftly condemned by all the usual suspects among the wicked Ruling Elite.

The city’s Metropolitan Police have opened an investigation into the abuse, which was condemned by England’s Football Association, Prince William, and Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who said the team deserve to be lauded as heroes, not racially abused.

But what do they expect when you have Negroes represent a White country? Oh, you mean they can’t relate? They don’t “see themselves” in them? Heaven forbid!

When a Black, mixed heritage or Asian girl switches on the TV to watch England at this summer’s European Championship, she may not see anyone relatable.

What about when a White viewer or a White fan sees only Blacker-than-tar tribesmen with which they can’t identify? Does that matter? Does that count?

Hell no, it doesn’t matter, screams the Establishment in chorus!

“I hoped it would be really affirming for her to see women’s football being played in the stadium as she wasn’t aware it existed. But this girl didn’t see anyone who looked like her on the pitch and few in the stands. It sent the opposite message and she commented on the fact that the players she saw were not the same as her.”

When the Blacks bellyache about this, all the concern in the world is extended to them. It’s like that time back in the 1940s when the Jews dug up some Black “sociologist” who “found” that some young Blacks supposedly only had access to White dolls, and that fact “irreparably harmed” their little Negro egos. Based on that thin gruel, the United States Supreme Court forced Whites to accept Blacks in American classrooms at bayonet point, with the help of the United States Army. The elites have been taught to think that, in historically White countries, harming the fragile soul of a Negro is the crime of all crimes, and everything has to be upturned to avoid it. If a young tar monster should happen to go to a sporting event and not see bucketsful of tar monsters on the field, it is tantamount to one of those “crimes against humanity” you hear so much about these days. Reparations are in order, as are more non-Whites in uniform — and more in your neighborhood as well.

“When I got to England, I was mixing with players from London, the Midlands, the north,” says the former Brighton & Hove defender. “I met a lot more people that looked like me. It was a real change and inspiring. It made you feel that little bit more comfortable in your environment.”

How much there is in that “when I got to England.” How did she get to England? Who let her in? Even Jew Carl Bernstein made a good point once: He said that the right does not object to “immigration” per se — they object to “mass immigration.” Of course what we object to is non-White immigration; but his point was that an immigrant here or there can likely be withstood, but when they come en masse it becomes an uncontrollable and fatal phenomenon. When they come in numbers, they set up their Little Mogadishus or their Little Saigons — and the thing you notice first is that they are not so little. They are like an indigestible lump in the stomach; no one needs learn the local language, no one needs learn the local customs, or show any respect — because they have their own homeland inside our White homeland. They have their own churches, their own places of worship, their own stores; they live in hives together, often eight to a flophouse; each invasion force carves out their own dark niche which acts like a womb from which they need not emerge unless it is to scream “racism.” In a way it’s better, because assimilation is a disaster — but who wants to have an entire imported foreign country in the middle of one’s own? Other than the ruling elite, that is? No one, that’s who.

Whelan feels a lack of multicultural representation at the elite level is more evident than ever before, with the issue not limited to the national team. Out of 300 footballers in the Women’s Super League (WSL), less than 10 per cent are Black, Asian or mixed heritage player.

England is too White, don’t you know? They won’t be happy until White genocide is complete. (Actually, they won’t be happy then, either. They just think they will.)

Goalkeeper Shanell Salgado, born and raised in Germany to parents from Sri Lanka and Portugal, is one of three Asian players in the Women’s Championship. Last season, when Lewes played Liverpool, she went over to sign some autographs and caught the attention of an Asian family. The mum had a little girl with her and she said, “Look, look, Oh, Mum, she looks like me,” says Salgado.

This is the evil spawn of the miscegenation sponsored and endorsed by the Jews who misrule us.

Growing up, 22-year-old Ismail — who is working with LinkedIn, the Euro 2022 tournament sponsor, to spotlight visible role models that inspire future generations — found it difficult to find a clear footballing role model. “My identity is split: I’m a Muslim, a black woman and also Somali.”

Well look at that — the Somali has now got a lucrative gig in the corporate world; that won’t stop her from whining and complaining of “White racism,” though — in fact it will facilitate and enable the whining on a cosmic scale, corporate overlords being very keen on eradicating the White man, so they can level everything down to valueless, homogenized consumerism unattached to race, nation, hearth, or home. They don’t value Somalis at all — except as a temporary weapon to be used against Whites.

Talented girls at grassroots level from minority-ethnic backgrounds are out there. In June, Romance FC hosted a five-a-side tournament for women, trans and non-binary grassroots teams in support of Comfort Angels, which is a women’s refugee and asylum-seeking football team in Liverpool. There was a mixture of ethnicities in all participating teams, including the only full Asian team.

What a racial witches’ brew that must have been; a mongrelized cohort of race bastards and indeterminate gender freaks in the former White working-class town of Liverpool. It’s not a question of what the world is coming to, but what is coming to our world — millions upon millions who know nothing except hatred of us, that’s what.

“You could argue that it’s becoming a white middle-class sport,” says Ismail.

The horror! The horror!

Baptiste, now an educational assistant at Football Beyond Borders, felt isolated, hyper visible and like nobody understood her during her playing career in England. Despite being born in Britain, she feels more comfortable playing for Guyana, where her grandparents are from. “I feel most at home when I’m playing football with them because the girls and coaching staff look like me,” she says. “They understand and support me. I just don’t get that here. It’s a very big contrast.”

The fuzzy-wuzzy has one thing right: Race is everything.

Another Negro cashing in in the White man’s land, making a killing milking our “generosity” and bashing White people. It’s a very lucrative career path. They take the wealth we created; they live in the land that used to be our home; and they take every opportunity to say that we are not doing nearly enough for them. We will not have done enough until we have totally dispossessed ourselves and given them the keys to our former kingdom. (Actually, even then they’ll find a way to blame us for “not doing enough” as we cease to exist, and the land becomes a ravaged, blood-soaked wilderness.)

“With a lack of diversity on the pitch, will this summer European Championship inspire those from minority-ethnic backgrounds? If you were a young girl from an Asian, Black or mixed heritage background and went through the England women’s Instagram page, would you relate to the players that you saw?”

Of course not. How could they relate to the kind of grace and beauty that White women possess?

It must make them feel small and insignificant and less worthy; and they will blame those feelings on us.

It really is a rather sordid racket that they have going; to have to live among their betters, while playing on White heartstrings to garner a sympathy that they would never feel for another race.

When Enoch Powell said that the Blacks would one day have the whip hand in England, a country that had been White from time immemorial, it might have seemed far-fetched to many. Back then Whites seemed to be in control. But the gift of prophecy is to see the inner truth of things, to see the threads of the future that others cannot perceive.

It was the epochal (negatively epochal) Race Relations Act of 1965 which broke the dam. Those with the gift suddenly saw a thousand signs of utter collapse: a certain apologetic tone, a “bending over backwards” for the lower races, a feeling of willful abdication. It was this that enabled Powell to see clearly through the glass of darkness.

The threads are gathered: a Muslim London Mayor; a “Slavery Museum” in Liverpool; a “Black Power” fist in the official fireworks over London on New Years’ Day; the rank odor of gibbering invader “ministers” literally ruling over our Folk.

And now the wailing about, and unanimous Establishment condemnation of, English women playing soccer for England.

They have the whip hand now — quite literally, as a matter of fact.

Now go down to the Thames and tell me you don’t see it flowing with blood.

* * *

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Reichsfürst von T.
Reichsfürst von T.
25 July, 2022 10:39 am

But don’t white women have more important duties than running on the grass?

Reply to  Reichsfürst von T.
25 July, 2022 2:34 pm

As the above post says, sure. I don’t really think that women’s soccer should have become a sport, it was a men’s sport until very recently. However, we have a team of British women, generally not looking like dykes, unlike the U.S. equiv., seems not bad. The Brit men’s team has been engage d in lunacy against Hungary, the Hungarians lampoon them for kneeling pre-match, then indulge in a little banana throwing at the players who aren’t English. Hungary wins, 1-0. So FIFA bans fans at Hungary matches, but Hungary finds a loophole, and has a large group of junior teens under adult supervision to watch the next match, they also loudly deride the kneeling stuff. Probably more. Hungary 4. England 0. I don’t like soccer in general, but I… Read more »

25 July, 2022 11:25 am

I’ve never had time for football, especially not women’s football which has started to be promoted by Jewish feminism in recent years, but it’s no surprise that the Jew-owned Lugenpresse is complaining.

irish savant
irish savant
25 July, 2022 12:51 pm

In my blog that got nuked by Joogle I did a post about the missed penalties the writer refers to. Suffice to say I gave what I regard to be compelling evidence that the black players had been selected to take the match-winning penalties (Italy were behind when they came on). Had they done so it would have been touted as a great patriotic deliverance by the ‘New English’. Bear in mind that a number of White players with prolific records as penalty-takers were overlooked to the amazement of most people.

Douglas Mercer
Douglas Mercer
Reply to  irish savant
25 July, 2022 10:38 pm

That’s very interesting, I was not aware that those black penalty kickers were Affirmative Action Jacksons with the hope of scoring a diversity public relations coup. Quite typical, and they wonder why the fans were so flaming mad

irish savant
irish savant
Reply to  Douglas Mercer
26 July, 2022 12:39 pm

Yes. In fact my comment was badly written. In the original post I pointed out that England had a number of successful penalty-takers who were (and still are, presumably!) White. These were substituted towards the end of extra time when a penalty shoot-out looked certain. They were replaced by the AA players who were then given the opportunity to deliver the coup-de-grace to the Italians who had already missed one. Had the AA players scored, statistically a very high likelihood, England would have won and the ‘New English’ feted as national heroes. Maybe I’m overly suspicious as to the reason but ordinary fans also found the Manager’s choice inexplicable.

bryan o'driscoll
bryan o'driscoll
25 July, 2022 10:18 pm

Unfortunately, I think the situation could be even worse than you imagine. I’ve been told by my brother that 11 of this women’s team are lesbians. Not only are they wasting their lives with some ridiculous sport but most of them will probably never marry and have children anyway.

pj dooner
pj dooner
Reply to  bryan o'driscoll
31 July, 2022 8:30 am

Just as I was admiring the beautiful whiteness of those women in the photo…

Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
25 July, 2022 11:19 pm

Another home run, Mr. Mercer. I’ve never cared for soccer, male or female, or for their fans, the hooligans, for that matter. Watching sports teams has become a big distraction for our people from what is important, especially at the college and professional level where teams are so racially integrated. Why watch niggers play ball? Setting aside the visible minorities, I have a feeling that none of these professional women soccer players, visibly White or not, would be eligible for National Alliance membership. What of the lesbians and “non-binary” freaks and the other few heterosexual women on the professional teams that are accepting of them as their “teammates”? An Alliance woman would not go along to get along. She would be focused on Community-building and raising her White kids with… Read more »

Simon Hebrides
Simon Hebrides
Reply to  Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
26 July, 2022 7:28 pm

Ha! I knew that {the remainder of libellous material deleted– Jim, National Alliance Staff}

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Simon Hebrides
26 July, 2022 9:04 pm

You’re not Alliance material, Mr. Hebrides and other aliases you’re using, and no longer welcome here or at the National Alliance’s other platforms. I’m tired of wasting my time moderating the vomit of your sick mind here. Get out!

pj dooner
pj dooner
Reply to  Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
31 July, 2022 8:25 am

Carli Lloyd is probably the greatest woman’s soccer player over the last 20 years, she is white and married to a white guy, she was was the only USWNT player not to kneel during the Olympics and she hated the dyke culture of the US team lead by the lesbian Megan Rapinoe. One of her friends is the mixed-race woman’s goalie Hope Solo but other than that I think she might be a bit of a white nationalist.

26 July, 2022 2:29 pm

Serbia’s national teams in all sports are all White and Serbian. Majority of former communist countries like Serbia, Poland, Czech Republic are very White in its character. But they are starting to flood those countries with migrants and invaders too. I would say that if you want to play a sport, then pick a sport that’s very White and Aryan in its character.

Old Aardvark
Old Aardvark
Reply to  Supermario00
4 August, 2022 11:29 pm

Professional tennis is still about an 85 percent white sport, especially the men’s game. Among the racial minorities Asians outnumber blacks. It is dominated by white Europeans. Women’s tennis is dominated by Russians and Eastern Europeans. I enjoy watching professional tennis because even if there are a few blacks playing in a tournament, you don’t have to watch them play. Watch the matches with the white players. I suspect Novak Djokovic would be Alliance material. He is an ardent Serbian nationalist. As the #1 ranked player in the world he refused to take the Covid shot, even though he was banned from playing the Australian Open,where he was the defending champion, for refusing to get the shot. Similarly he has been banned from playing tournaments in the US and the… Read more »

Reply to  Old Aardvark
5 August, 2022 1:21 am

Maybe if somebody has some connections over there they should try to recruit him.

Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Reply to  Old Aardvark
5 August, 2022 4:22 am

Old Aardvark: I suspect Novak Djokovic would be Alliance material… 

Wouldn’t that be something if he joined and let his fans know he’s “one of us?” It would mean the end of his career, but that is what principled people do.

An article about his principled anti-jab stance can be found, buried here: (132) Bob Dylan: Blacks & Jews can sense KKK and Nazi blood – Page 2 – White Biocentrism

comment image

LH Collins
LH Collins
28 July, 2022 5:19 pm

“You could argue that it’s become a White, middle class sport.” say’s Ismail.

You COULD say, Ismail, that every professional sport ever played in our country, was a White Man’s sport. Ergo, you have no place in OUR country. Know that I will NOT waste a single iota on needy n1993rs and their demands on my pity-points. Hell, you won’t even be permitted those if it was in my hands. You’d be fined a £1000 sum for trespassing on our White public’s property!

Dave Nichols
Dave Nichols
30 July, 2022 11:20 pm

Space programs need more Black engineers too….

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Dave Nichols
30 July, 2022 11:51 pm

Ask, and ye shall receive:

3 August, 2022 8:11 am

Then should we also focus on the English government, who has allowed and encouraged all of this to happen in the first place?

Sure, Jews are a problem, but the main problem since the beginning was other whites in positions of power.

Neither Jews nor other non whites would have gained their power, have not been supported by white leaders and politicians. They, those at the government, are the true problem here.

Nothing else will be solvable until we addressed that issue first. Just my opinion, and I am open to be proven wrong.

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Jamie
3 August, 2022 10:54 am

The National Alliance’s short term focus is to bring intelligent and disciplined Whites into our fold to build our own power structures. A more powerful media can only be built to focus on our strengths and exposing the Jewed System’s weaknesses and crimes with the help of these Whites. Join us and help build it.

Reply to  Jamie
3 August, 2022 11:41 am

There are many “true problems,” Jamie. But, yes, your point is well-taken. As Jim said, we’re trying to build a power structure which can survive and thrive as the future grows worse for our people. We see a lot of individuals who get on here and comment, but they don’t actually do anything to be part of the solution. If we could bring in more members, generate more revenue, and expand our infrastructure more rapidly, we could create a snowball effect which might really take the world by storm. We’ve got a really nice website here, as you can see. Imagine what we could do if we doubled or tripled our number of members and supporters! Join us, Jamie. Stand with us as we fight not only for ourselves, but… Read more »