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Dr. William Pierce’s Letter to Caspar Weinberger

Half-Jew Caspar Weinberger (1917-2006) presided over various departments of the Washington regime during his career.

National Alliance
National Office • Washington, DC

December 30, 1974

Mr. Caspar Weinberger, Secretary
Department of Health, Education, and Welfare
330 Independence Av. SW
Washington, DC 20201

Dear Mr. Weinberger:

LAST Saturday evening I saw a television commercial broadcast by NBC which was sponsored by the Department of Health, Education, and Welfare. The commercial was in the form of a monologue by a pretty, blonde girl performing calisthenics, and its propaganda message was, “Wouldn’t it be terrible if America were all White?”

Of all the racially destructive enterprises in which your department of the Federal government has been engaged recently, I don’t believe I have seen anything else which so clearly expresses the true motivations of you and your co-workers. You are to be congratulated for your frankness in this particular instance.

I am a little annoyed, I must admit, when I consider that, as taxpayers, the members and supporters of the National Alliance are obliged to pay part of the bill for you to produce and broadcast such vicious propaganda. It is because of this that I am moved to ask you the following questions:

1) Do you have any pamphlet, policy statement, or other available publication which clearly sets forth the aims and underlying philosophy of your racially oriented television commercials? If so, I will greatly appreciate your sending me a copy.

2) Do you have specific statutory authority to expend money for such propaganda activity? If so, please cite this authority for me.

3) What are your plans for continuing such activity in the future?

4) Have you ever considered what will happen to you when the people of America have finally had enough of your busing and your quotas and your clever propaganda and all your other efforts to destroy the White race and they rise up and put an end to such things? It bears thinking about.


William L. Pierce

cc to Senator Warren G. Magnuson, Chairman
Subcommittee on Labor and Health, Education, and Welfare
and to Committee on Appropriations
US House of Representatives

* * *

Source: National Alliance BULLETIN, December 1974

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2 July, 2022 12:42 am

Dr. Pierce was way ahead of his time! He was a fighter for our people, teacher, philosopher and a truth teller. Even in the 1970s when America was still around 90% White and a better country overall, he recognized the racially destructive policies of the Federal government and most importantly future extinction of our race if we do not do anything! Where would be our race in 20th century without people like Dr. Pierce, Adolf Hitler or Ben Klassen? The greatness of Dr. Pierce will be recognized in the future because of his love for our people and his fight for the White race until his death in 2002! I would like for all White people around the world to recognize the importance and greatness of Napoleon of our time,… Read more »

Reply to  Supermario00
7 July, 2022 1:08 pm

Hello Slavic brother! I totally agree with you. Please visit NA forum – there are a lot of interesting things there.