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Stanford Gets Spooked

by Douglas Mercer

LELAND STANFORD WAS ONE of those old guys with his head screwed on right; they didn’t mollycoddle or play pink tea way back when, you know:

The cause in which we are engaged is one of the greatest in which any can labor. It is the cause of the white man. I am in favor of free white American citizens. I prefer free white citizens to any other race. I prefer the white man to the negro as an inhabitant to our country. I believe its greatest good has been derived by having all of the country settled by free white men.


Asia, with her numberless millions, sends to our shores the dregs of her population. The presence of numbers of that degraded people (the Chinese) would exercise a deleterious effect upon the superior white race. To my mind it is clear that Chinese settlement among us is to be discouraged by every means. Large numbers are already here, and unless we do something early to check their immigration, the question which of the two tides of immigration meeting upon the shores of the Pacific shall be turned back, will be forced upon our consideration when far more difficult than now of disposal. There can be no doubt but that the presence among us of numbers of degraded and distinct people must exercise a deleterious influence upon the superior race, and to a certain extent, repel desirable immigration.

Long time coming, but the Europeans have been turned back now on the Pacific coast. Go to UCI on a Monday morning in September and attend a civil engineering class — and see all the Asian invaders with pocket protectors if you have any doubt. Stanford’s eponymous University has done perverse work in that endeavor. The den of iniquity in Palo Alto has let the coloreds run roughshod over a once-stellar school, and they just found a noose on campus — so they say — and wouldn’t you know, it the fuzzy-wuzzies that go there got spooked.

They’re experiencing trauma, or so they say.

* * *

The psychological profession is a scam, sham, and racket all combined. Every two-bit hustler with a psych PhD is working on a “paradigm” which will win the day and earn him scads of easy cash. A new one (trademarked and marketed, to be sure) comes in and sweeps the field and every foster home, group home, halfway house, or addiction center in the land has the new magic words on their executives’ lips, and the progenitors travel around taking victory laps and giving “serious” lectures on their self-created subject. By the time a new kid on the block eclipses them, they are ready to buy that great big retirement home with their ill-gotten gains.

Currently the bug trend in the field of “the helping professions” is “trauma-informed care.” The basic idea behind this boondoggle is that everyone is traumatized; to live is to live with trauma, as if everyone were walking around like a catatonic zombie barely able to put two coherent words together without crawling into the corner, curled up in a fetal ball and sucking his thumb until the mental monsters go away (for a while.)

According to them, everyone is falling to pieces.

And this trauma-informed care applies especially (they say over and over) to the Blacks and Browns, these “minorities” being particularly susceptible to trauma because of all the White evil stalking the land; for the Negroes and border-hoppers, even to be in a White land is to be subject to White Supremacy, which causes fear, trembling, and tremors — and subjects them to such violent mental distress that they require the loving hands of that most sacred thing: a psychologist. And not just any psychologist, but one versed in the virtues of diversity and the endemic atrocities invariably inflicted by White society on the racially “other.”

So in less time than it takes for us to figure out that the latest media-hyped “hate crime” was a hoax, you can be sure that there will be plenty of Negroes and Mestizos and “gays” and “trans” freaks who “need” to be placed in wheelchairs to prevent them from wetting themselves. Their hands will be held and their eyes will be shut tight until they are alerted that the bad White nightmare has passed (for now).

When this country became the home of so many sniveling cowards, I don’t know.

I’m in the middle of my trauma!

Now everyone has to tip-toe and walk on eggshells around these fake mental patients so as not to “trigger” them. All the “studies” professors give them a month off so they can “process” the horrors and holocausts that they’ve seen at the hand of those always-sinister Whites.

Back a few years ago at Leland Stanford’s school they say someone found a noose. And the basket cases (likely majoring in Queer Studies or Negro Studies) were ready for the straight jacket and the rubber room. The way everyone was shell-shocked you’d have thought that Citizens’ Councils were sprouting up all over the red-bricked campus, that hooded men roamed the outskirts, and that “scientific racists” in pure white lab coats were manning the beakers and the Bunsen burners and preparing the calipers to measure the skull of the one Indian they managed to find who wasn’t too drunk to be admitted.

In 2019, a noose was found hanging on a tree near a residence for summer students. In 2021, two loose ropes that resembled nooses were found dangling from a tree near a walking trail.

I’m in the middle of my trauma!

Is Nathan Bedford Forest about to gallop into town?

Cheron Perkins of New Orleans took a photo of the noose. She said just the sight of it was enough to scare her. My immediate thought was nothing but fear because I’d never seen a noose, Perkins said. I was just distraught. I got on Southwest and started looking for a plane ticket.

Got to hightail it out of the place. Whitey be lurking.

Another nitwit with evidently less fortitude than propensity for committing felonies said:

I was terrified for my life. I called my mom, and she was ready to put me on a plane back home. You don’t know who is hanging around and what their actions might be, and we had the most minorities of all the summer camps.


When program staff called Stanford Public Safety, the response was lacking, they said.

You can bet that that’s the last time that anyone in any type of authority at Stanford will lack alacrity when it comes to responding to the screaming and high-pitched wails whenever a loose string appears on campus.

It just didn’t sit well with me. I felt very uncomfortable about the whole situation. And then once we talked to the police, and they just said, oh well we took it down. No, there needs to be more done than just taking it down.

More needs to be done; there must be a massive response and a general nervous breakdown; the whole Stanford community needs to be up in arms for weeks; classes need to stop; human rights agencies need to be alerted; and mental health professionals need to be shipped in by the score to deal with the inner turmoil of a sorry gang of lunatics.

* * *

And, as if on cue, there’s another noose in the queue at Stanford — and all the bats are loose in the Blacks’ belfries.

Stanford University president Marc Tessier-Lavigne released a statement on May 9 expressing his distress and outrage at the discovery of a noose.

Bubba Wallace found a noose, too — and you will note carefully that no photograph of this alleged noose was produced.

As for this Tessier-Lavigne fellow, what a nasty piece of work and flim-flam man he is:

We have also made progress in diversifying our faculty, students and staff, but more needs to be done, especially in the representation of women and minorities in our faculty, where we are far from where we need to be. And we need to continue focusing on ensuring that everyone who joins our community feels they are part of it, especially those from historically marginalized groups.

Leland Stanford is currently spinning in his grave, knowing that this pretentious faggot is in charge in Palo Alto.

By golly even the Rio Grande swimmers are upset; you’d think it wasn’t a noose but a guy in a Chevy truck with a bullhorn screaming “le migre!”

Back to Mexico for you, senor!

My abuelito is in the middle of a trauma!

An obvious race-preference beneficiary named Garcia cried about the rope tied in a circle (if it even existed and if it wasn’t placed there by a Black):

It is about killing people. It is that simple. Sunday’s noose affairs have shortened the life span of students on campus. They take hold of space in the brain, and they manifest as a tightness in the body. They tire and weigh down on. They impact the quality of education that we can receive. They contribute to attrition on campus. Friendships wilt. Glances are exchanged, and sighs are shared. And for some, irreversible damage has been caused.

I thought the Mestizos were supposed to have a macho culture? This guy is a lisping, preening homosexual.

There is also whiteness, which Garcia claims plays great tricks on everybody. Whiteness prevents people from listening to their intuition and questioning what they know and feel. Regarding the latest noose, Garcia says “We also do not treat these threats accordingly because there are rarely concrete outcomes of accountability when actions like this occur.”

Go back to Mexico.

Stanford has launched a hate crime investigation after a noose was found hanging from a tree at a residence hall.

Putting up a noose in California is, believe it or not, in and of itself a “hate crime.” You can smash and grab to your heart’s content, you can break into cars, and you’ll waltz away scot-free in the once-Golden State — but heaven forbid you should put up a noose or what some 70-IQ erectus thinks is a noose: that’s jail time, fella.

In an email to students and staff, university officials said campus safety authorities immediately removed the noose and retained it as evidence after it was discovered around 7:45 p.m. Sunday outside Branner Hall.

Evidence! It was a close call, but they want to let the students know that the noose has been removed; it is in a safe place, and the noose can no longer hurt you. Of course the traumatic memory of it will need to be dealt with until the final expansion of the Sun, but at least the first step has been taken. They are treating this with the gravity that it deserves.

And get your head back in that noose, White man — this isn’t your country any more.

But, of course, the searing psychic harm and fallout will be well nigh irreparable — they only hope that they can mitigate it ever so slightly. That’s what the medication and the hordes of doctors will be for.

Campus police have interviewed students and maintenance workers to try to find out when the noose had been put on display, and identify a potential suspect or suspects.

They are on the case. They will leave no stone unturned. “Racism” has occurred. And that can’t stand. A guy who couldn’t make the midwit cut at the real police was cutting grass or eating junk food, and now he’s supposed to solve the crime of the century.

“We cannot state strongly enough that a noose is a reprehensible symbol of anti-Black racism and violence that will not be tolerated on our campus,” said the email from vice provosts Susie Brubaker-Cole and Patrick Dunkley. “It is the moral responsibility of those with any knowledge of this incident to come forward so appropriate action can be taken.”

This is the moral issue of our time. And so insidious has the history of White evil been, that all of its victims, and their great-great-great grandchildren, are still staggering and stumbling and have not been able to recover to this very day. Hell, they’ve been running the place for fifty years and they still can’t stop talking about those lunch counters and how the very thought of them weighs down their souls. And trust me: Unless we as Whites get our act together soon, they’ll be making the same excuses a hundred years hence.

“It is especially dispiriting that this incident does not exist in isolation, but is part of a longer series of incidents, here and elsewhere, that continue to seek to intimidate and marginalize members of the Black community and many other communities because of their identity,” Tessler-Lavigne wrote. “My heart aches for the members of our Black community who are experiencing a full range of emotions as a result of the appearance of this noose, including feeling targeted, fearful, or dismayed. I stand with you in rejecting hate and in stating that conduct of this kind has no place at Stanford.”

Herd them all into that famous rubber room and let them all cry their yellow eyes out. The entire Stanford administration and especially the university’s president will be there to greet them and make sure they have everything they need (and much more) for their stay in the bin.

The school’s Department of Public Safety said on its Web site that it believed that ropes were tied to a tree for a performance by a student organization several years ago. The ropes were never removed from the tree, the department said. This evening it was discovered that one of the ropes had been made into a noose.

You mean they’ve let ropes just dangle from a tree in plain sight for years, and no one said anything? A rope and tree together by themselves constitute a hate crime, and so it’s rather suspicious that no one called attention to it. Very suspicious indeed.

This reeks of Bubba Wallace redux.

The incident was quickly condemned by school officials.

No kidding, genius.

They couldn’t fall all over themselves fast enough as they ran for the microphones: The poor babies! The big White meanies! Can we get you anything?

“A noose is a hateful representation of anti-Black racism and violence. It is deeply disturbing that someone would choose to inflict this repugnant symbol on our community,” Stanford President Marc Tessier-Lavigne wrote to the campus community on Monday.

Actually a noose in its heyday was an effective deterrent against rampant Black crime (like feeding a White girl to alligators after repeatedly gang-raping her, or using a propane torch to burn off a White boys face — you know, the kind of crime that’s become far more common since loops of string in a bush became totally verboten). As the proverb says, an ounce of prevention stops a lot of rapes and murders and, even worse, miscegenation.

The university said that it has begun to develop an outreach plan to provide assistance to all who are in need, bearing in mind that this is not the first time this has occurred at Stanford in recent years.

Here it comes, the army of head-shrinkers (no, not that kind, that’s a racist trope!) will descend on the campus like lice on Elie Wisel’s head. Like all good angels, they will salve the souls of those in distress and mental unease — once the contracts are signed, anyway. Yes, you are right to be deeply in fear, they will say, there is at least one Grand Imperial Lizard under every bed. Racist Whites control almost every aspect of our society, but we are here to help drive the demons away.

Hanging a noose is directly correlated with America’s history of racial hatred and murder, representing not only a threat to African American life and safety, but causing further psychological and emotional trauma as well, and noose hanging is still happening now.

They are beside themselves with inconsolable grief — as absolutely every person in the Stanford administration, every professor, every adjunct professor, every graduate student, and every janitor gets on his knees and caters to their smallest whims and gives comfort for their imaginary sufferings. It must be difficult even to breathe in such an environment.

In response to the recent discovery, the institution has begun offering different support programs for Stanford’s Black community and including various specialized initiatives through Counseling and Psychological Services (CAPS), the Black Staff Alliance, and the Office for Religious and Spiritual Life. We know this horrific discovery will shake our community and we have begun to develop an outreach plan to provide assistance to all who are in need. Also underway is the Protected Identity Harm process, a protocol we follow to provide support to students, faculty and staff harmed by an incident like this one.

Oh yes, from the looks of them staggering from the field you’d think they just crawled out the mud at the battle of the Somme. But you know in your heart that the reality is quite different — for every Black who is genuinely upset by this, there are dozens more who just smell blood and are gold-bricking to garner sympathy, attention, and power, while laughing out loud when they think we’re not listening.

Back in the late 1960s, a California judge said if you give Blacks the upper hand at universities they’ll grab all the power. And he has been proved correct — in spades. But I’ll tell you who is traumatized: the Stanford administration. Last time a noose supposedly appeared, they dragged their feet for two seconds too long and were roundly condemned. Now they have been trained like Pavlov’s dog and they hop to it, scared out of their wits (what is left of them, which admittedly is not much). They are the ones who are terrified and frightened lest they be seen as not bowing and scraping low enough before their gibbering, leering Black masters, or being insufficiently docile in the face of their ever-increasing demands.

They’ve been spooked indeed.

But, you know, it isn’t the Blacks who have the brains and the chutzpah, and the financial and media and political connections, to make all this happen. Discover the real culprit and then join those of us who are doing something about it.

* * *

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Art Thief
Art Thief
21 May, 2022 9:29 pm

This style… is this the alter ego of the Modern Heretic?

Douglas Mercer
Douglas Mercer
Reply to  Art Thief
22 May, 2022 5:51 pm

High praise indeed but no these are Mercer originals aided by the great editor Kevin Strom