Insurrection, Resurrection

Tejero in the Cortes, 1981.

THIS YEAR MARKED the 41st anniversary of a real attempted “insurrection against democracy” — or, more accurately, attempted resurrection of a nation: On 23 February 1981, Lt. Col. Antonio Tejero of Spain’s Guardia Civil made a last stand against the presumed benefits of ‘democratic’ party politics when he stormed Madrid’s parliament – the Cortes – as part of an attempted military coup by forces loyal to the memory of Spain’s anti-Communist leader Gen. Francisco Franco, who had died more than five years earlier.

When Heritage and Destiny‘s assistant editor first visited Madrid for nationalist events in the 1990s, Tejero was still in prison – in fact our delegation (from the Tyndall-era BNP) attended a ‘Tejero Libertad’ rally in central Madrid, which drew a vast crowd.

Today many of us would take a more nuanced view of the Franco years – for a critical analysis of some aspects see Peter Rushton’s H&D article ‘The Cavalry of St George’ – but there can be little doubt that Tejero (who will be 90 in a few weeks time) has seen many of his warnings justified in the past four decades – about democratic corruption and the socially corrosive effects of liberalism.

Even the mainstream media can no longer avoid the epidemic of violent crime on Madrid’s streets, carried out by increasingly notorious immigrant gangs, many of whom originate from the Dominican Republic.

Unlike London, Madrid’s local government is controlled by nominal ‘conservatives’ of the Partido Popular, but the PP’s regional leader recently indicated the bankruptcy of her entire ideological tradition when she protested that the gangs should not be described as alien: “These ‘Latin’ gangs are second-generation immigrants, as Spanish.. as you or I.”

A dog born in a stable does not become a horse – even if its parents were also born in a stable!

Bastión Frontal leader Isabel Peralta told demonstrators that they should object to the criminals being labelled ‘Latin gangs’. These gangsters are not the descendants of Julius Caesar or Trajan! Bastión Frontal and their fellow Spaniards are the true descendants of the Roman heroes of antiquity, the true claimants to the Latin heritage at the heart of European civilisation.

Isabel Peralta of Bastión Frontal

Left wing activists and journalists are increasingly frightened by the growth of Bastión Frontal, which has just expanded into new branches including the Navarre region.

So much so that the media are playing their usual game of searching for isolated incidents of non-political misconduct by anyone linked to the group, and desperately trying to smear the entire organisation. The typical tactics of opponents who know that they can no longer rely on political argument. If the benefits of ‘diversity’ and ‘democracy’ were so obvious, the media and the left would be able to base their arguments on those benefits – but instead they have to search for discreditable conduct by occasional individuals on our own side.

Bastión Frontal is from a different ideological tradition to many Franco supporters – they look for inspiration not to the late Caudillo but to the socially-conscious Falangism of José Antonio Primo de Rivera and Ramiro Ledesma Ramos.

Isabel Peralta – the brightest star of a new generation of European nationalists – will soon be writing for H&D to explain the differences between this tradition and that of the reactionary, UKIP-style right that is temporarily attracting votes of many Spaniards disgusted by the two-party system.

* * *

Source: Heritage and Destiny magazine

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26 May, 2022 5:31 pm

“Isabel Peralta – the brightest star of a new generation of European nationalists –”
and a brave one …

28 May, 2022 2:08 pm

The greatness and bravery of spanish nationalists, especially their leader, general Francisco Franco, is confirmed by the fact that these men prevented judeobolshevist revolution in Spain, thereby saving Western Europe from the catastrophe. In 1936., judeocommunists in Moscow attempted through their racial brothers – descendants of Marranos (Jews converted to Christianity), to overthrow the government in Spain and proclaim communist dictatorship. Without general Franco’s preemtive action, the fire of communist revolution would have swallowed Spain and later, whole Western Europe. Marranos Jews were, and still are, Spain’s cancerous tissue. Although spanish rulers Isabela and Ferdinand of Aragon expelled majority of Jews from Spain in 1492., they made a huge mistake by giving them a chance to convert to Christianity. Unfortunately, Isabela and Ferdinand considered Jews only as a different religious… Read more »

Reply to  Revisionist
4 June, 2022 7:39 am

JEWS are not a race since they are intermixed with all nations, even in
china, india, africa . and modern DNA inquiry has proved it. they are very skilled for camouflage + mimikry in name + apearence and are
more + more even of germanic nordic features but they are M A F I A !
mainly a spiritual mafia of closed brotherhood waging war to AMALEK
(we the goyim : cattle) . a jew can mostly only be discovered by his
cultures destroying spirit + actions under the goyim he lives ( best in
politics where he always is a political vermin to the goyims interests) .

Reply to  antivax
6 June, 2022 7:38 pm

Yes Jew is a race.

6 June, 2022 7:36 pm

All media is owned and controlled by Jews

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  WhtNProud
7 June, 2022 5:30 am

If Whites want to change that, it’s important we get off our thumbs and support media that’s ours. National Vanguard is owned by the National Alliance and we’re not controlled by Jews. Isn’t a powerful voice for our race a huge part of what we need to defend ourselves and advance our purpose in the universe? This can happen only by adding our individual strengths to the greater whole.

Reply to  Jim - National Alliance Staff
24 June, 2022 11:07 am

because there are 5 million freemasons worldwide under
dispose of the jews there is no military uprising against
them because politicans, generals,officergrades, police
is infiltrated by satanical freemasons . there is no rebellion
like this brave spanish lt.col.Tejero