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Beyond Hate

Matt Koehl

Nowhere has the National Socialist position been more distorted and misconstrued than in the field of race relations. Not only has this poisoned the well of public discourse and prevented meaningful dialogue and understanding, but by creating a climate of falsehood and deceit, it has encouraged a parody of genuine National Socialism — with those who hate Aryankind then employing the antics of ersatz “Nazis” to reinforce the most negative of stereotypes. To set the record straight, we present the following commentary, which first appeared in the NS BULLETIN, Number 339, Fourth Quarter 1999 / JdF-110.

by Matt Koehl

AS NATIONAL SOCIALISTS and followers of Adolf Hitler, we are regularly accused of “hate” by our adversaries. Our sin seems to be that we love our race and want to see it preserved.

It is rather ironic that those who would like to see the White race disappear are the first to accuse us of the very sickness that corrodes their own souls. In a clinical manifestation of projection psychology, they attribute to others that which they themselves embody.

The judgment of the Almighty will, of course, one day fall upon this vile and baneful breed, and the land will be purged of its wickedness. Until such time, how are we to respond to the pathological hatred of such ilk? Should we imitate its behavior and in so doing reinforce the most hateful and noxious stereotypes about “Nazis”?

If so, then one can only ask how this will bring us closer to the better world we seek. Will it win the hearts and minds of those we need to achieve victory? Or will it further alienate them from us? The answer is quite obvious.

Hate may serve the cathartic purpose of allowing one to blow off steam from time to time. It may enable someone without hope to feel a little better, making his miserable life a bit more bearable; but it is a poor substitute for faith and love. It is a crutch of the weak and hopeless, of those without confidence in the new world that is coming. And it accomplishes nothing.

If one’s hatred of others is greater than one’s love of one’s own, then we have a problem. Then, for all the bombast and bluster, all the fuming and fury, we are left with nothing but a psychopathic condition. In no event do we have an asset in the struggle for the creation of a better world.

Hate is not the hallmark of a master race. Rather, it is a handmaiden of anxiety, fear, resentment and — inferiority. Not only does it blur the vision and upset the inner balance, but it testifies to a lack of faith and confidence in our coming victory.

* * *

BUT WHY should we really whine and complain in the first place? Why should we blame Jews, Blacks, or anyone else for the shortcomings, failures and decadence of our own race? To the extent that others are merely doing what comes naturally, why should we be surprised or point a finger of accusation? The real question is: Why aren’t Whites themselves behaving as Nature intended?

Why do they complain about Jewish control of the media, for instance, and then waste precious hours transfixed before the tube, as it subtly scrambles their brains and dulls their senses? Why do they complain about Blacks, and then ape “cool” inner-city styles and fashions and idolize negroidal entertainers and sports “heroes?” And why do they complain that politicians dwelling in the houses of ill repute at both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue are crooks, and then shuffle off to the polling stalls at regular intervals to select the “lesser of two evils,” thus sustaining the whole corrupt, anti-White system?

The fact is that but for their own sins of omission, Whites would not be in their present predicament. If they were to assume responsibility and take charge of their own destiny — instead of leaving it to others by default — there would no longer be anything to complain about. But that takes effort, involvement, initiative and sacrifice — as well as perhaps a tad of courage. Much easier to bemoan one’s fate and blame those others.

So why is there any need for hate?

“And nothing on Earth consumes a man more quickly than the passion of resentment,” Nietzsche once wrote (Ecce Homo, I:6). What message was the philosopher trying to convey?

When a mosquito bites us, do we brood in sullen resentment? If a cockroach invades our kitchen, do we sulk and go into a state of deep depression? If rats infest our basement, do we wring our hands and waste time telling everyone how bad such rodents are?

Indeed, is it necessary at all that one hate such creatures? All one has to do is simply deal with them. How, then, should we deal with those existential problems confronting our race?

War with those who would undermine and destroy our race is perfectly natural and inevitable. And in such a conflict, righteous rage certainly has its place. But such rage is not to be confused with the self-absorption of mindless hate. For it is a rage borne of burning love for one’s own kind — a focused rage, resolute and relentless, aimed like a laser for the greater glory and triumph of HIS Cause.

* * *

IN MODERN TIME there was a man who came into the world to redeem his people and to show Aryankind a better way. As he began his ministry, he gave the world a sign. And with that sign he announced a most profound love.

Today, the most hated figure in the world is our Leader, Adolf Hitler. Why is he so hated? Why is this man, who came for the restoration of truth and righteousness, so reviled and defamed? Is it because, as our enemies allege, he was so evil and bad?

If we pause for a moment to consider who his enemies are — who our enemies are — the answer becomes readily apparent: Adolf Hitler is hated not because he is so bad, but rather because he is so good! In his presence the evildoers of this world tremble and are made afraid. But he who is so hated by the wicked and profane becomes the most beloved of his disciples. And because they so love him, a New Order shall be given unto them.

No one ever loved his people more profoundly than did Adolf Hitler. He gave us an example, which we are to follow. And so, in embracing this most hated of men, there is no need for us to hate. For it is HE who has taken the hatred of the world upon himself.

Therefore, let us go forth and preach love, love for our Leader and love for his Cause, as well as love for our race — indeed, love for every worthy creature — and let the hatred of our enemies come to us! For in coming to us it shall, like spring rain, water the seed of our Faith, enabling it to sprout and grow, and lead to its fruition.

* * *

Source: New Order

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20 May, 2022 11:48 pm

Do Freemasons sacrifice some of their “own” for their “greater purpose”? Yes they do. Sorry I’m a skeptic of the man with all the freemason handshakes he has been caught on camera doing. Good luck trying to prove Hitler was an outer circle freemason and was just “ignorant” of the inner freemason circle. IMHO Adolf Hitler wor-ship is what is holding the White Nation back. You can admire someone’s deeds, but in the end if that man or woman is caught being a freemason which is a jew organization. Would it not be better to praise Rome’s destruction of jerusalem in around 70? A true Victory for Whites before jewry fully captured Rome. Rome delivered a decisive victory against Jewry so much so the Jews were eating their own children… Read more »

Reply to  cas
23 May, 2022 9:58 pm

Hey cas. In your humble opinion, A.H. spent half of his precious time trying to prevent war with his fellow ethnic Europeans, while spending the other half of his time conspiring the sacrifice of his own people for the “greater purpose?”. …..“Would it not be better to praise Rome’s destruction of Jerusalem in around 70?“ A considerable portion assisting the Roman army were disgruntled Jews themselves. …..”Germany delivered a partial victory.” From a military perspective, little Germany was outnumbered at least 100 to 1. While simultaneously taking on the Soviet Union, and duped European stooges of Great Britain and America. And your conclusions are established from his alleged Freemason handshakes? This is probably the most absurd statement anyone has made on this board about A.H. Ever. Our emperor, would probably… Read more »

Reply to  Anonymous
23 May, 2022 11:30 pm

Ty for your reply. I posted my honest skepticism on the man not his policies as they proved they worked . I have studied the freemason crap for over 20yrs now and was in demolay as a child before I awoke to their BS. One has to look what has happened since no? See the same pattern the jews are doing in Ukraine using Soviet Rus. today as they goaded AH with Danzig? Same goes with what I learned today of the largest wooded landowner in the US a company which was started by a German born American who had no qualms with fighting Germany in JWW2 and then in 1974 (same year Jew Kissenger wrote of using food as a weapon)was the first american company to sell to the… Read more »

21 May, 2022 12:27 am

Matt Koehl is one of my favorite National Socialist activists. His message is so inspiring and worthy of remembering. There was only one man who tried to show us the way and we rejected him. His name was Adolf Hitler! Adolf Hitler is hated not because he is so bad, but rather because he is so good! Loving one’s own kind must be above hating your enemies. We love our race because we are Aryans and we do not identify with our hatred! Racial interests must come before national interests and Matt Koehl was one of the first people who pointed out absurdities of state sponsored nationalism and White Americans killing their own German brothers during WW2. Aryankind must be united on all continents and fight together as racial comrades against our… Read more »

Patrick Pappano
Patrick Pappano
21 May, 2022 6:22 am

A great paper that nails it, in my opinion. No more to be said.

Arch Stanton
Arch Stanton
22 May, 2022 1:16 pm

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! Perfectly stated.

25 May, 2022 9:01 pm

Agressive hate campaign against Hitler and National Socialism, clearly confirms the fact that he was the embodiment of truth that ignited the spark of hope for liberation of German people and white race from the yoke of our enemies. National Socialism wasn’t just an ordinary political movement – it was a spiritual revolution that meant liberation from semitic mind slavery and return to our roots as well as our true soul that has been trapped for centuries in an alien religious system. The idea of National Socialism was the light of a new White Renaissance that was about to demolish enemies’s lies and provide rebirth of our race. That’s the core reason why our enemies hate Hitler and National Socialism so much. Although National Socialists made some mistakes, their struggle… Read more »