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Arrested after mass shooting: White-hating CNN fan Frank James

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 16 April, 2022

by Kevin Alfred Strom

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FRANK JAMES, the Black male who just set off a smoke bomb and started shooting people in a New York City subway train this week, looks very, very pleased with himself in the widely-published photograph of his arrest this week. It’s just by chance that he only injured, but did not kill anyone. (Blacks are notoriously poor shots, as National Vanguard contributor David Sims has pointed out.) James hated White people, something he shared with Darrell Brooks — remember him?, the Black male who ran down and killed White people, including grandmothers and children in a Christmas parade in Waukesha, Wisconsin four months ago — and who totally disappeared from the media radar just a week or two after his murderous rampage.

The Jews at CNN and the other Jewish-owned or dominated “mainstream” media were hoping, as always, when the first reports came in of both of these crimes, that the attackers were “White racists,” because that fits their narrative of “Whites bad and racist; non-Whites saintly victims” that they are pushing for the sole purpose of weakening Whites and making us powerless to resist the Jewish-Communist tyranny that is being imposed on us. Imagine their disappointment when the exact opposite was true, and both Brooks and James turned out to be White-hating Blacks. I’m sure they’re often disappointed in exactly this way, because violent interracial crime is overwhelmingly non-White on White, not the other way around as they like to present it.

But these media Jews are clever, and they’re still hanging on to a lot of power and influence among the couch potatoes too lazy to find alternative media outlets like National Vanguard and American Dissident Voices. So, as they always do, they used emphasis to spin the stories as well as they could under difficult circumstances. They combed through Brooks’ endless anti-White social media posts and found a comment wherein the ignorant Negro supposedly praised Hitler. Brooks, who surely knows no more about Hitler than he knows about nuclear physics, was just using the media’s cartoon version of Hitler to make a point about the ludicrous “Blacks are the real Hebrews” insanity. His opinion of a fictionalized Hitler’s relevance to an obscure sect clearly has zero bearing on what he did that fateful day — while the fact that he hates White people has everything to do with what he did.

Let me quote Darrell Brooks himself. I’ll leave all of his illiteracies intact. He called himself “the city’s best underground artist” and a “rapper,” and published “song lyrics” that included the following:

Sliding through the city with no safety on….

f*** the pigs and f*** Donald Trump….

They gonna need a cleaner for the s*** we did, all my killers Gacey where them bodies hid….

On social media Brooks said:

So when we start bakk knokkin white people TF out ion wanna hear it…the old white ppl 2, KNOKK DEM TF OUT!! PERIOD

That rage led him to drive his truck zig-zag through the parade, trying to kill as many people — as many White people — as possible.

One of the people killed was parade survivor Sharon Millard’s fellow “Dancing Granny,” 79-year-old Virginia “Ginny” Sorenson, who was tossed up in the air like a rag doll by Brooks’ SUV, police say.

“No one ever saw him coming. He was going so fast. All I knew is I saw Ginny fly up in the air and land in front of me. I saw her curled up and blood was coming out of her like a river. I was standing in blood.”

Interestingly, Cindi Duchow, a Republican state representative, slipped up (possibly carried away by the emotion of the moment) after the media started sweeping Brooks’ anti-White hatred under the rug, and violated her party’s shameful gag order on all things racial. She said:

We’ve got six people dead and teenagers so badly injured they will have to learn to walk again — at Christmas. Because this was a black guy who did it, the media doesn’t want to cover it. They were all over the Rittenhouse case because that kid was white. Race doesn’t matter to us here….

I guess she tried to make up for her slip by adding that pathetic last sentence. Cindi, race damn well better start mattering to you, or soon every neighborhood in America is going to look like that blood-spattered street in Waukesha, and you’ll be imprisoned for saying word one about it.

But when she said, “Because this was a black guy who did it, the media doesn’t want to cover it. They were all over the Rittenhouse case because that kid was white,” it really should start people thinking. One, her statement is obviously true and everybody knows it, even couch potatoes. Two, since the media aren’t run by Blacks, thoughtful people must pause and wonder just why they are so damned anxious to scream blaring headlines of extreme disapproval for months on end when the subject is a White man with a gun defending himself, and are just as anxious to change the subject as quickly as possible when a Black man who kills White children and grandmothers is caught. Will these thoughtful people bother to do half an hour’s research and discover that the media are overwhelmingly dominated by Jews? Some will. And then the greatest, most important fact of 21st century America will dawn on them: Jews hate Whites and are trying to disempower, dispossess, and exterminate us.

CNN and the other Jewish-run media initially called Brooks’ attack a “parade crash” caused by a truck. Since then, they’ve been forced to say a bit more, but only a bit and always with a spin. To read some of these outlets, you’d think Hitler was a prime motivating factor, and not Brooks’ hatred of Whites and support of ” Black Lives Matter.”

Now, four months later, we have Frank James shooting up a New York subway car — another Black male filled with rage against White folks and love for “Black Lives Matter.” Let me quote some of James’ screeds he posted to the Internet:

F— you & your white ass too, you white racist mother f—ker



One posting was a “prayer”:

O black Jesus, please kill all the whiteys

Some social media posts by Frank James

Most interestingly, in the background of many of James’ YouTube videos — now made unavailable by the Jewish-run video sharing service — a television can be seen in the background with — you guessed it — CNN playing continuously on the screen.

The Jewish media, including CNN, have been beating the “you’ve been oppressed by racist Whites” drumbeats for decades now. So has the strong Jewish element in our colleges and universities. So have the Jew-captured teachers’ unions that control what our public school kids are being taught. So have the social media giants that march in lockstep to the Jewish agenda, while simultaneously censoring Whites who object. By controlling the media, they control the politicians and the government. Politicians can be “canceled” too, and often are, and don’t they know it.

So, after decades of being taught to hate Whitey, millions of people now hate Whitey. Some of those haters are your own children turned against you and against their own future. More and more of these young people are committing suicide, and no wonder. Some of the haters among these twisted, self-hating Whites have been organized into a faux-anarchist “antifa” army to do the burning and killing and bombing that the media/government complex — so far — doesn’t dare to do itself. Some of the haters are hair-trigger violence-prone Congoids and Mestizos who now lust for your blood.

So the America of the future is going to have a lot more creatures like Darrell Brooks and Frank James in it — millions more. When media and government policies are what they are, what else could you expect? And it’s not going to get better anytime soon. It’s going to get a lot worse first.

Meanwhile, we in the National Alliance are bringing together people who believe that White children deserve a White future — who believe they should not be taught to hate themselves and their ancestors — who believe that we need our own exclusive living space — who believe that we must have our own government again — who believe that we must have our own media again, owned and run by our own people and dedicated to the best interests of our people — who believe that creatures like Darrell Brooks and Frank James should not be allowed within a thousand miles of us — who believe that the murderous parasites who incite this hate against Whites, like CNN and all their funders and collaborators, should have to face implacable justice for their true hate crimes and war crimes against our beautiful and creative and infinitely precious race.

* * *

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Nat Sosh
Nat Sosh
16 April, 2022 10:54 am

You got me in the feels today KAS.
Excellent article.

i have a 26 year old daughter and two adult siblings who hate themselves and are ashamed of their Race….because they can foster no defenses against the filthy Jew propaganda that washes over them everyday..

i’m sick to death of this faggot country.
A jew-poisoned mess.

Reply to  Nat Sosh
16 April, 2022 10:38 pm

no argument here…

Reply to  Nat Sosh
18 April, 2022 12:11 am

Many of times showing people their hypocrisies wakes them up, well at least white people. Don’t know if that would work for your siblings,but worth a try. Maybe showing them the truth of the “natives” of north america were slaughtering each other by the droves before we arrived. Start focusing on the county level of things. I would suggest pick a White super majority county and move there. Stop focusing on the jew, and focus on solutions in a said county. It would not surprise me that probably over 50% of the queers in this country are that way because of the poisoning of the water via pharmaceuticals and chemicals which mess with the human body’s hormones. The psy-ops do the rest to turn a “question” in a man or… Read more »

16 April, 2022 12:08 pm

As soon as I heard that the shooter was a Congoid, I knew it would be an anti-White attack. I also knew that the Jewish Lugenpresse would cover it up.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
16 April, 2022 12:25 pm

How is this Negro any different from the
simpletons in the now-defunct SCCAC
who believe that THEY are the “true
Hebrews?” Fortunately, one does not
hear much out of them these days.

16 April, 2022 10:37 pm

The Ape has the look of stupefied Boredom…

17 April, 2022 12:45 pm

The “democratic” system, set up to suppress ourselves and to protect our destroyers.

Jeffrey Boyd Garrison
Jeffrey Boyd Garrison
17 April, 2022 5:18 pm

I’m currently still inclined to see this event as a false flag psyop. Has too many of the indicators usual of these sorts of incidents, not to mention the anti-gun push the current administration is trying again to make a push on. If any of the “casualties'” (or their families) start going on nationwide paid speaking engagements in support of gun control, I’ll increase my bet that they were crisis actors and/or the perpetrator was an “operative” of some kind. Consider that this guy also is nearly like a cartoon character in his social media posts, which is also indicative of false flag context setup. One of the things to analyze in this, were the secondary witnesses to the event separated quickly from the primary witnesses (and first responders). As… Read more »

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Jeffrey Boyd Garrison
17 April, 2022 10:39 pm

Theories of a conspiracy will need much more evidence than is being produced in your post, Mr. Garrison. If the issue is important to you, we’d be glad to see what additional facts you can bring to end speculation.

Roberto Blanco
Roberto Blanco
19 April, 2022 7:40 am “Trusted media partners”? One only has to research how many Jewish names are behind the so-called Tor browser. Maxey showed emails between Hunter Biden and former FBI chief Louis Freeh asking him to help corrupt French-Israeli billionaire Beny Steinmetz, who was arrested in Romania and convicted of corruption in Switzerland in 2021. Steinmetz is an associate of the notorious Israeli “dirty campaigning” SPÖ con- sultant Tal Silberstein, who is often said to have played an (un- confirmed) role in the Austrian Ibiza affair. Silberstein was sen- tenced in absentia to 5 years in prison in Romania in 2020. Maxey also tried to reach Delaware Attorney General (((David Weiss))), who is leading the fraud and tax investigation into Hun- ter Biden, and spoke with one… Read more »

21 April, 2022 3:35 pm

Do you already know the “Hidden Elon Musk Of Africa”, visionary Lord
Kelvin II? He undoubtedly has a great future ahead of him in Jewrope or
Jewmurica, like all his many tribal brothers. This merciless fate is what
Jews have planned for all of us. Evil Whitey needs many more such ener-
getic engineers to finance his social system with their hard-earned taxes.

Nom De Geurre
Nom De Geurre
22 April, 2022 9:48 pm

What if darkie and mestizos all got their wish one day and got all of us Whiteys exterminated? They are so caught up in stirring the pot, that they don’t stop to think that would mean no more taxpayer funded goodies that most of them owe to their mere existence. Do you think the (((remainders))) would still provide them with their welfare state perks? Hahaha. No, kill and destroy Whitey is the Jews’ agenda. These blacks and browns play right into their game, not caring that they are merely the jews’ useful idiots. On a personal note, ridicule the jew all we please, but never underestimate them. Earlier this month, my doorbell rang. It was the FBI. I was aghast, wondering what little old me was possibly “wanted “ for.… Read more »

Reply to  Nom De Geurre
22 April, 2022 11:44 pm

“What if darkie and mestizos all got their wish one day and got all of us Whiteys exterminated?”

That won’t be the case in the not so distant future kamerad.

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Nom De Geurre
22 April, 2022 11:53 pm

Others who frequent this forum have also encountered the FBI, Nom De Guerre. They’re looking for something, anything to hang us pro-Whites with, and are good at twisting words out of context or just outright lie about you and what you said. A friendly word of caution: if they knock again, give them the 5 words “I have nothing to say.” Then close the door, (preferably a window as they’ve been known to barge in through an open door and later claim they were invited) as they may wish to search your house.