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The Ominous 109th Anniversary of Mary Phagan’s Death

Mary Phagan

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 23 April, 2022

by Kevin Alfred Strom

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AFTER THE AMERICAN Civil War, the South was occupied by Federal troops, a military dictatorship was imposed, White people were disenfranchised and stripped of their property, and placed under the thumb of vicious Blacks installed as sham African-style “legislatures” by the dictatorship. Many White people were reduced to extreme poverty; many starved or nearly starved; many died; many White women, with no protection anymore from the state, were raped and abused with impunity by the most vicious among the newly-empowered Blacks.

It took more than ten years for the White people of the American South to get their states back more or less under their control again. They did this by forming race-based secret societies and political alliances, and parallel institutions to the ones used by the dictatorship’s so-called “legitimate government” — including pro-White militias and independent police forces under other names, and informal courts of summary judgement to carry out sentences on Black criminals which the dictatorship refused to punish. Eventually, the men who ran these parallel race-based institutions gained the support of the hearts and minds of the oppressed White citizens, and they out-maneuvered and outlasted the paid agents of the dictatorship in the political sphere, and they took power. After all, they were defending a homeland that had been theirs for two centuries, and defending their women and children from unspeakable abuse and tyranny and evil.

There was a price, of course. And there were compromises. Fatal compromises. One, the whole premise of the White resistance then was to gain the “legitimate rights” of their states as a part of the multiracialist Federal monster, which they professed to be so eager to join as “equal partners.” A questionable goal, indeed. Two, there was no thought of rescinding and rejecting the utterly fraudulent “ratification” of the illegal 14th and 15th Amendments to the US Constitution passed under the African-joke legislatures installed by the dictatorship — the Abolitionist-inspired “amendments” which made Blacks into something they had never legally been before, north or south: citizens, that is. Three, there was a large element among some wealthy and middle-class Whites who insisted on continuing to enrich themselves through the employment of cheap Black labor, thereby tolerating some level of racial pollution of the White gene pool, some level of abuse of White women and children, and necessitating the housing and feeding and subsidized, uncontrolled breeding of millions of Blacks loosed among us. How foolish to think that you could perpetually keep these growing millions “in their place” while at the same time living under a mass democracy dominated by your enemies.

Now the chickens — no, I should say the vultures — are coming home to roost all over the South. Whites are continuing to allow themselves to become gradually outnumbered there, and in many cities they are already outnumbered. Just this morning I watched a report from the state legislature of the very sad State of Georgia. Blacks are everywhere, making the laws. The African-joke legislature has returned. And, just as the ignorant Negroes who were nominally in charge under Reconstruction were really being guided by Northern oligarchs and bureaucrats and “carpetbaggers,” many of them Jews, so today we have the ADL and the rest of the Jewish power structure hovering in the background, guiding and persuading and controlling the truckling White Democrats and Republicans and the half-blind and unbelievably ignorant Blacks who are increasingly making Georgia’s laws and running the state these days.

The ADL has gotten the Blacks quite excited and full of themselves over a new “anti-lynching” law they intend to pass, though they didn’t get it through in its current form. It’s a Georgia echo of the federal “Emmett Till Anti-Lynching Act” just passed by the incredibly corrupt US Congress. You can be sure that the Jewish oligarchs and their mouthpieces like the ADL aren’t really concerned at all about lynchings, and even the monument recently erected (near the place where Leo Frank met his end) decrying “lynch law” only cites the years 1880 to 1946 as the time frame for such lynchings.

The Georgia bill is called the “Georgia Cold Case Project to Address Historic Lynchings and Related Matters.” It’s those “related matters” that really matter to the Jewish power structure, and those “related matters” are why they crafted the bill in the first place. No one thinks that Whites are going to start lynching Blacks anytime soon. But the bill, in whatever form it eventually takes, will certainly be used as a club to make Whites, especially White children, feel guilty for being White. That pleases the ADL and the Jewish power structure, of course.

Let me say a little about lynchings — that is, extralegal death sentences. Lynchings take place when the people are outraged by a crime and when they no longer believe that justice can be achieved through the police and the courts. Then the crowd takes justice into its own hands. Blacks set loose in White society often do things, horrific things, which outrage the public. And, even in the South from 1880 to 1946, the crowd often had little to no faith that justice could be had in the courts, and took matters into their own hands. Was the crowd always right? While they were surely right in many cases, I seriously doubt that they were always right. And when blood — when race — is involved, it is only natural that passions run so high that being technically “right” doesn’t always matter. So it’s understandable that the Blacks felt outrage too. Now we’ve given much of the South to them, and in cooperation with Jews eager to exploit their outrage for their own benefit, they see it as “payback time.” Hence the “Georgia Cold Case Project to Address Historic Lynchings and Related Matters” or whatever name it will bear in the future when it finally passes, when the ape-grunt “yeas” finally exceed the timid milquetoast “nays” of the pathetic Republicans. The lesson of both lynchings, and anti-lynching statutes — the overwhelming lesson — is this: The races cannot live together. Their natures are different. Their values are different. And they are, and should be by the iron laws of Nature, always loyal to their own kind more than they are loyal to abstractions like “law” or “justice.”

But into the multiracial stew of hate and anger and outrage and injustice and “payback time” and yet more outrage come the Jews, a race evolved to thrive in such a stew, having lived for thousands of years by deception and guile as a tiny minority in other people’s societies. What they want from this bill, more than anything else is to re-open the 1913 Leo Frank case — and exonerate a Jewish killer.

The Leo Frank case is not a “cold case,” though the Jews would like to fool us into thinking it is.

Leo Frank was the president of the B’nai B’rith in Atlanta, and a Jewish sweatshop manager and part-owner. The B’nai B’rith is the Jewish organization that founded the ADL. The sweatshop that Frank ran, with over 100 employees, almost all of them White women and young teenage girls working long hours for a dollar or two a week, was the National Pencil Company.

Frank was something like the Harvey Weinstein of his day, a Jew routinely propositioning the White teen girls who worked under him for sex. Some succumbed and some didn’t. When 13-year-old Mary Phagan, come on a holiday to the almost-empty National Pencil Company building on April 26, 1913 for her $1.20 wages, she found herself alone and cornered on the second floor of the closed factory by a lustful Frank — and she fought back. She was knocked unconscious by Frank, who then raped her, strangled her to death with a cord, and then covered the cord marks with some lace ripped from her underwear so that the Black factory sweeper he got to help him move the body wouldn’t know she’d been strangled.

Frank’s story to the sweeper was that he had killed her accidentally in a scuffle. Frank’s story to the police was that his Black night watchman, Newt Lee, had faked time clock punches, implying he’d killed Mary. Frank’s team even fabricated and planted evidence — a bloody shirt — to “prove” that Lee was guilty. When that was proven to be a fraud, Frank’s defense team changed their story and claimed that the Black sweeper, Jim Conley, had killed Mary. They planted fake evidence — this time a bloody club and piece of a pay stub — to “prove” that claim, but it too was proven to be fraudulent. The jury, hearing from Conley how Frank used his help to move the body, and seeing quite clearly that all this fakery from Frank — along with a lot more fakery I don’t have time to detail today — was not the act of an innocent man, duly convicted him of Mary Phagan’s murder. Later, when a Jew-corrupted governor commuted Frank’s death sentence, a posse of leading Georgia citizens removed Frank from prison and carried out the sentence of the court by hanging Frank from a tree near Mary Phagan’s home in Marietta.

What happened after Frank’s conviction was historic, and it began in 1913, two years before Frank was executed — the first large, nationwide flexing of the muscles of the nascent Jewish power structure in America. A huge multimillion-dollar Jewish campaign to vilify the South and make Americans believe that Leo Frank was an innocent victim of “anti-Semitism” ensued, employing advertising agents, public relations experts, suborners of perjury, and massive efforts by newspaper owners and publishers, both Jews and non-Jews whose salaries depended on the good will of Jewish department store advertisers.

Think about what these Jews were doing. They were doing what they are so very good at: inverting reality for their own selfish benefit. They were telling millions of gullible Americans that the Jew who raped and strangled a 13-year-old White girl was “the real victim.” They were telling us that the strangler and rapist of an innocent child was the one for whom we should feel sorry. And they were telling us that we were perverse, that we were “morally wrong” for convicting him, that we had perverted justice, that we had some deep and profound sickness inside our “racist” White selves and that our treatment of Frank proved it.

And they’re still doing it — and obviously, their inversion of reality and their hatred of us goes far beyond the Frank case now. They’re determined to wipe our race from the face of the Earth, and delight in using sexual perversion as a weapon to do just that.

But they still haven’t let go of the Frank case — even after 109 years, they are still determined to somehow reverse his conviction for murdering Mary Phagan. The “Georgia Cold Case Project to Address Historic Lynchings and Related Matters” bill is just one such measure. A year or so ago, I reported to you on Georgia’s so-called “Conviction Integrity Unit” which they recently established to use to reverse convictions made in the “bad” old days when Whites ran the justice system, and — most importantly to Jews, of course — to reverse the jury’s guilty verdict in the Leo Frank case.

They’ve got the erectus-filled and traitor-filled legislatures. They’ve got the mainstream media, though we do have our struggling alternative media like American Dissident Voices. They’ve got their bills and their acts and they never give up even when they’re voted down. They have an incredible — and incredibly evil — power structure. We have you. What are you going to do to help?

Today, let us remember this week 109 years ago when truly innocent Mary Phagan lost her life to a perverted, unjustly wealthy and powerful Jew, Leo Frank. And let us rededicate ourselves to the cause of the National Alliance — to liberating our people from the even more unjustly wealthy and powerful Jews of today who exploit and rule over us, and who cause by their multiracialist agenda and regime the literal physical deaths — and, through the promotion of childlessness and sexual mutilation and perversion and racial mixing, the reproductive deaths — of millions upon millions upon millions of the innocent Mary Phagans of today.

* * *

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Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton
23 April, 2022 4:35 pm

I wonder who exactly lynched Frank? I’ve read a good deal about the case, including Volume 3 of the Nation of Islam’s Secret Relationship series, which is entirely focused on it. I spent about a half hour searching online, but the Jewish-controlled search engines are garbage now and did not supply the answer, which should be readily available. Wikipedia is still useful for one thing: to quickly learn the System’s party line on any issue or individual. That publication (which blames a Black man for Mary Phagan’s rape and murder) claims that a group calling itself the “Knights of Mary Phagan” lynched Frank, and provides a handful of names, including that of a former Georgia governor, saying the “ringleaders” involved were identified only in 2000, “when a local librarian posted… Read more »

Reply to  Andrew Hamilton
23 April, 2022 11:56 pm

Couldn’t local Whites be mad at a Jewish rapist and predator who killed little Mary Phagan? The whole reason ADL was created in the first place was because Jews needed to protect their own Leo Frank and alleged “anti semitism” that was occurring there. Local Whites started to see and notice the Jewish influence and that is why they shouted “Hang the Jew”. But i would like to further add a point that somehow “lynching” was “immoral”. The Jewish media pushes certain myths like “Holocaust” myth, and the certainly lynching myths are equally as powerful as Holocaust hoax. As far as i am aware lynching was done because back in the day Whites were thinking racially and it was basically a self defense against Black rape and murder against White… Read more »

Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton
Reply to  Supermario00
24 April, 2022 1:02 pm

I do put things into historical context, and virtually everything I write “shatters the myths of the lying Jewish media.” That isn’t hard to do. They’re not just liars, they’re BIG liars. However, my primary goal is the truth. It’s necessary to unravel how we ended up in the dire, indeed insane, situation we’re currently in. Generally speaking, I’m not a fan of lynching. The Frank case is an exception because the media/political system was so utterly corrupt that justice could not be done in any other way. Before law extended into the Territories, lynching was necessary at times. But the latter were almost all White-on-White killings. Some Blacks doubtless deserved to be lynched as well. I wrote a long article about the 1933 lynching of two White men in… Read more »

pj dooner
pj dooner
Reply to  Andrew Hamilton
24 April, 2022 8:04 pm

There was almost a lynching in Pennsylvania in 1960-of a white man who raped and murdered a 16 year old white girl. I heard stories about the five thousand white men that went the jail where he was being held but couldn’t get to him-there used to be an article about that on the net but I can’t find it now-the. jews must of scrubbed it. In April 1962, 42-year old Elmo Smith became the last person involuntarily executed in Pennsylvania.

Reply to  Andrew Hamilton
25 April, 2022 8:17 am

Thanks Mr. Hamilton for clarification. It is important to look at neutral sources or those sources which are not influences by the Jews and their politically correct narrative. “They occurred predominantly after Whites had reestablished their racial hegemony, from the late 19th through the early 20th century.” You seem to omit some important details that will not be covered in any book out there. According to Wikipedia Southern’s Negro population was between 25-30%. In Misssissippi until 30s Negroes were majority there. Whites were leaving as a minority in the South and many rapes, murders against White women occurred. There were no lynchings in the North because there was no Negro problem or violent crime problem. This shows why racial segregation is a folly and why we need racial separation. No… Read more »

Nom De Geurre
Nom De Geurre
23 April, 2022 5:43 pm

Thank you, Mr. Strom, for teaching us what really happened in the south after they lost the civil war. Obviously, the schools never mentioned any of the things at the beginning of this podcast. Nope, it was just the whole false narrative of the poor black slaves and our evil White ancestors, instilling the seeds of the horrible affliction known as White guilt. These are all very educational for me, because although the jews beat that holocaust dead horse into eternity, I didn’t until now, know about that turd Leo Frank. So knowing that they continue to winge about the holohoax like it was yesterday (let alone 100% true), why put it past their conniving tribe to unearth the Leo Frank case, and to rehash stuff like lynching, which hasn’t… Read more »

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  Nom De Geurre
24 April, 2022 9:49 am

Contrast this over the mutilated body of
Channon Christian, where the local Whites –
for the most part – wailed and moaned over
this “tragedy.” If there was any a case that
deserved lynching of this gang of feral
Negros, this would be it. A “tragedy” would
be a fire, earthquake, or hurricane. A mass
murder by feral Negros is not a “tragedy.”
A mass murder by feral Negros would be a
mass murder.

Former Liberal
Former Liberal
Reply to  Walt Hampton
25 April, 2022 7:36 am

Thanks for bringing up the Knoxville Horror, as Amren and Tennesseans call it. Those useless Negro scum should have been executed for what they did to that poor young couple. Of course our controlled mainstream media buried the story. The only things feral Negroes understand is brutal, quick and retaliatory force.

Walt Hampton
Walt Hampton
Reply to  Former Liberal
27 April, 2022 8:20 pm

…and I will never forgive the
Christian goys who said in so
many words…never mind the
murders…they had “Christ” in
their names! Those who attended
the 2007 rally in Knoxville know
who I am talking about.