Positive Reproduction: Quality vs Quantity

YOU CAN’T HELP how you were born, but you can help what you do with your own life. There are many things in life that are, and always will be, out of your control, but your actions will always belong to you, and you alone.

People can’t help being born sick or weak due to inherited genetic conditions. The shame and blame belongs entirely to the selfish and irresponsible parents for forcing a lifetime of sickness, weakness, and suffering onto innocent and helpless offspring.

However, now that you’re here in this world, if you do suffer from inherited sickness, weakness, and suffering, you can choose to be more honorable than your own parents, and refuse to perpetuate your suffering in the innocent and helpless bodies of as-of-yet unborn generations. You can make the sacrifice which will make the world a healthier, stronger, and more beautiful place, a place with less suffering, by selflessly refraining from having children of your own.

On the inverse side, if you are of exceptional health and strength, it is your absolute duty to have as many children as you safely can. You too have sacrifices to make, sacrifices of time, money, and pursuit of selfish indulgences.

Just because you were born with exceptional genetic quality, that doesn’t automatically make you good and admirable. It certainly doesn’t make you honorable. No, you only earn those titles once you’ve proven it by the sacrifices you’re willing to make.

It is the duty of the healthy and the strong to reproduce their health and strength, so that future generations may suffer less and less, for the only true cure for suffering is strength. And the strongest people are the healthiest.

This is how we make up for all of the past generations up to this point.

Strong people suffer the least. And the strongest people are the healthiest. Therefore, the healthiest and strongest people must find each other and reproduce their health and strength in the bodies of children who will pave the way for all future generations, future generations that will overcome all unnecessary sickness, weakness, and suffering.

Both the sick and the healthy have their own sacrifices to make, sacrifices which earn them the accolades of honor and selflessness. The sick sacrifice their desire to have children, and the healthy sacrifice self-indulgence.

But this doesn’t put the sick and the healthy at odds with one another, no, not in the slightest. Sickly people are not bad people, and they can serve the future of health, strength, and beauty by assisting those families whose obligation it is to have exceptionally large numbers of children. In this way, we still retain our greater racial connection to one another. Both the sick and the healthy serving a future with less and less unnecessary suffering.

* * *

Source: Nature and Race Archive

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Natman Whyt
Natman Whyt
2 April, 2022 7:32 pm

Im good & healthy, and even I was struck by the “refraining from having children” comment

10 April, 2022 4:30 pm

In a constitution for a State (not of a State), racial preservation and racial revitalization may well have to be a constitutional principle.

— Elfriede Lentner,