Leo Frank Is Guilty, and More and More People Know It

This April 26, we honor the memory of Mary Phagan (shown here with Mattie Phagan), who was murdered by Leo Frank 109 years ago today.

Introduction by Chris Rossetti

THE 109th ANNIVERSARY of the murder of Mary Phagan by B’nai B’rith official and sweatshop boss Leo Frank shows us the power of new alternative media.

Along with National Vanguard, several independent sites have been meticulously documenting the facts of the case, countering the century-long Jewish campaign to exonerate the Jewish killer of this 13-year-old White girl. Among them we must acknowledge the Black nationalists at the Nation of Islam’s Historical Research Group, whose Leo Frank: The Lynching of a Guilty Man is now the definitive work on the subject. The most prominent truth-tellers on the Leo Frank case on the Internet are The American Mercury (the online magazine which is the direct descendant of H.L. Mencken’s iconclastic print magazine founded in 1924), the Leo Frank Case Archive, the Leo Frank Case Research Library, and Little Mary Phagan, a Web site run by Mary Phagan’s great-niece, Mary Phagan-Kean.

It is from this last mentioned site that we draw the following encouraging report, showing that the Jewish ADL’s anti-truth and anti-free-speech push, and their longstanding effort to claim that Jewish sex killer Frank “was the real victim” in this case, are getting some serious pushback from the public.

You’ll notice that in the debate with the ADL’s Greenblatt on Twitter, the audio books produced by Vanessa Neubauer, featured on both the Mercury and National Vanguard, are prominently mentioned.

Our efforts to forge new media not under Jewish control are making a difference!

* * *

ADL Narrative and Jonathan Greenblatt Questioned AGAIN on Twitter — We are Making an Impact

AGAIN, we are seeing the official narrative on the Leo Frank case being questioned — and directly questioning the pro-Frank forces themselves — Jonathan Greenblatt and the ADL. This is taking place on Twitter where more and more people are speaking the truth on who really murdered Mary Phagan in 1913. Despite the evidence, several groups and especially the ADL, want to clear Frank’s name and declare him innocent. As one commenter says, just search for the article, “100 Reasons Leo Frank is Guilty,” and you’ll get the real story — at least the true facts on the case and you can come to your own conclusion after reading these.

Not only are these Tweets inspiring and tell us that we are making a difference, but the ADL article is even admitting that Mary Phagan was raped and mentioning that his exoneration did not actually prove his innocence — both topics which are hotly contested between pro- and anti-Frank forces. Check it out below!

Original Greenblatt Tweet:

Twitter replies:

Making an Impact: ADL Narrative Highly Questioned on Twitter

We have literally never seen this level of questioning of the official narrative on the Leo Frank case before. This is truly extraordinary. After the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) published one of their typical pieces on Twitter promoting the endlessly repeated idea that Leo Frank was innocent and a victim of “anti-Semitism,” the response of people on Twitter was overwhelmingly against what the ADL was saying.

Out of hundreds of replies, over 95% by our count, were critical of, even mocking, the “received narrative.” Truth-telling websites such as this one, as well as, and are truly making a major difference!

Just in case the Tweets or the thread gets taken down, here are the links to many of the responses:

Screenshot #1

Screenshot #2

Screenshot #3

* * *

Source: Little Mary Phagan and National Vanguard correspondents

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26 April, 2022 10:35 am

Excellent. People are slowly but surely seeing the “chosen people” for the demonic vermin that they are.

Reply to  Joshua
28 April, 2022 1:59 am

Are they? In order for the “JWO” to “succeed” they need to either kick out or other means almost all the jews from America do they not? That is chabad’s stated goals and the “evangelicals” stated goals. Greenblat or whatever that snake’s “real name” is imho is playing his role and most “White nationalists” are playing “their role”. Was it not the German philosopher Hegel who taught on such a means on how “rulers” beguile populations and get them to do their bidding unawares? Most White nationalists at this point fit perfectly in the ani-thesis of the thesis of the broadcast “anti-antisemitic” thesis. It is sad by undeniable. For the “evangelicals” “prophecies” to come to “pass” the jews of this land must be “returned or killed” to “is-ra-el”. For according… Read more »

Reply to  cas
28 April, 2022 2:00 pm

The only solution is a coup d´etat

If not, then you wouldn´t get anywhere.
A President that isn´t a puppet would get assassinated or removed from power.

Who were the last Presidents that weren´t puppets of jews?

28 April, 2022 2:08 pm

Anti-semitism means anti-palestinian

Natman Whyt
Natman Whyt
1 May, 2022 12:47 am

Im surprised the facebook cronies haven’t deleted the Leo Frank case page.
Seems like they’d gone so by now