Four High Cultures

The Zeppelin Tribune, Nuremberg, during the Great Days

per Oswald Spengler

THE ARABIAN (or Semitic) culture, denoted as “Magian.” Its symbol is the cave. It is inward-looking. Architecturally, it is represented by the mosque or synagogue.

Interior of the Cave Synagogue in Jerusalem, one of several such cave synagogues around the world

The Classical or “Apollonian” culture. Its symbol is the Greek temple, standing under the bright Mediterranean sun. Its soul is characterized by proportional perfection.

Artist’s conception of a restored Parthenon

The Western or “Faustian” culture. Symbolized by the Gothic cathedral, with its spires stretching upward and its vaulted ceilings. The Western soul is characterized by endless striving, a yearning for infinity.

Part of the interior of York Minster

per Martin Kerr

The coming Aryan super-culture arising after the final demise of the West, denoted as “Promethean.” Its symbol is the Führer speaking to the Faithful in the Zeppelin Field in Nuremberg, representing the organic unity of the Folk. The Promethean soul is characterized by the willingness of the individual to sacrifice himself for the good of the racial community.

As it was only a few years before our birth, and as it shall be again

* * *

Source: New Order

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True Love Wars
True Love Wars
4 April, 2022 10:56 pm

“Have you no pity for us? We are all human beings!”,

the Jews harass us without any shame. They are decomposing our societies and in all seriousness expect “love” in return! Jewish impudence (chuzpah) is boundless.

We have pity on all white people whom you have plundered for decades without opposition. We don’t hate you, but if you’re all about you, then we’re all about us.

Since you are not a race, you are not able to recognize your corruption as such. I think it’s better you get out of here! And this time we mean it!

For centuries you have been given space that was never yours, we take it away from you and give it back to our children, that is, to what you want to destroy!

Rommel 41
Rommel 41
Reply to  True Love Wars
6 April, 2022 7:41 pm

“We don’t hate you, but …” Huh, what ??!! NO, we certainly should, and no doubt speaking for many others as well as myself, Do hate them. Why should we not ?! If we hate what they have done to us historically, and are consistently doing up to the present day with ever increasing chutzpah, then it would be pretty insane and indeed a form of self hatred not to direct that emotion ((their)) way. I mean, if we hate what they are doing, then that inevitably, leads to them, to who it is exactly that is doing us in. So to me, an erstwhile rational guy, I find it hard to engage in any verbal or philosophical yoga that leads to such drivel as: Hate the crime but not… Read more »

5 April, 2022 1:13 am

Thanks for the reminder of the beauty to come!

Or “to come back together” is perhaps better to say.

With open eyes now I still often see bits of this beauty, this culture, this folk,
broken and scattered true, but swirling and touching and accumulating
like leaves silent dancing on the energized tension of a wind blown pond.

We still live.
We are coming back.
Me I sometimes fear, but the Cosmic I in me
Knows – ever upward!

This time forever.