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California “Anti-Racism”

A White man with two Pygmies: Since all races are equal, and therefore indistinguishable, we should explain to you that the White man is in the center of the photograph.

by Douglas Mercer

NATIONAL ALLIANCE Chairman Will Williams likes to tell the anecdote from back in 1966 when he was in a high school class and charged with doing a report on an alien race. Will picked the Pygmy, and when he got up in front of his class he said:

“The Pygmy.”

Here he held out his hand about hip high.

“The Pygmy is a little nigger about this tall.”

(a suitable silence)

“The Pygmy.”

And then he sat down. That was the entire report.

Will tells us he did all this stone-faced, and soon waves of laughter swept across the room including from the White teacher.

That was a better time.

* * *

Word is in from Gavin Newsom that Mr. Williams’ report on the Pygmy will not be accepted as fulfilling the new “ethnic studies” requirement; in fact they are looking for ways to seize his bank accounts, make life completely impossible for him, have the FBI raid his home and confiscate the rare and precious draft manuscripts of Williams Pierce’s Hunter (which they will consign to flames, chanting anathemas), before shipping him to Siberia.

It’s already a rule that White teenagers in California public schools must have “Black pride” and “Brown pride” shoved down their innocent throats, but now they plan to ramp it up even more. Soon no one in California will be able to wander the streets unless they can (if asked) recite a long laundry list of Black “heroes” from Nat Turner to Al Sharpton, and then fork over a hundred bucks on the spot so some Negro can go buy some booze without having to knock off the liquor store.

Thirty years ago this stuff was consigned to the ghettos of even academia, but now even the graybeards ponder lunacy. “Liberation theology” was a fringe movement about anti-colonialism, Black and Brown power, “White privilege,” the horrors of White empire and White supremacy; but despite being marginalized they kept pushing; with the advent of George Floyd, the dam broke and now an around-the-bend Communist anti-White ideology is well-rooted Establishment doctrine.

They take their “anti-racism” seriously in California. Crime sprees by feral Negroes they turn a blind eye to; but crushing the tiniest spark of White racial consciousness — that is high on their list

The University of California (UC) system is set to implement new guidelines that will force all potential applicants to first take an ethnic studies or anti-racist course in high school prior to applying.

Everyone will have to learn by rote the litany of White evil: smallpox blankets, slavery, the Trail of Tears, Wounded Knee, lynchings, immigration restriction, redlining, Emmett Till, Edmund Pettus Bridge, restrictive covenants, lunch counters where Whites could eat in peace.

This will be the new perverted catechism, and the drone teachers will rap any recalcitrant White students over the knuckles should they fail to show proper deference to their new masters.

“A Pygmy is a nigger about yea high” is not going to cut it in these classrooms. Sacrilegious humor like that has no place in the California’s “rainbow” future. A Pygmy is (don’t you know?) a full-fledged member of the human race with equal rights and equal abilities.

To say anything else is heresy. If your eyes tell you different, damn your eyes.

The UC Academic Senate met on March 30th to consider new course content guidelines relating to ethnic studies classes that any future students would first have to take in high school. The guidelines dictate that students first learn about the impact of systems of power and oppression, including empire, white supremacy, anti-blackness, xenophobia, and patriarchy prior to submitting an application to any of the ten UC campuses throughout the state.

The poor remaining White kids in California will be run through the “anti-racist” meat grinder, no stone will be left unturned in attempting to convince them that they and their ancestors are pure irredeemable and unalloyed evil, that everything that was done on their behalf was wrong, and that every tattered remnant of the county created by their forbears needs to be dismantled piece by piece and consigned to the flames with wailing and lamenting anathemas.

It was in the 1970s that ethnic studies came to the fore. We have “African-American studies” which is the study and celebration of Black culture; we have “Chicano studies,” which is the study and celebration of Mestizo culture; we have “gender studies,” which is the study and celebration of the sexually confused; we have “queer studies,” which is the study and celebration of perverts — and now we hear that they give PhDs in “Whiteness studies” too, and you think, Good, finally the study and celebration of White culture; but no, “Whiteness studies” is the study and execration of the evils of the White race.

But despite this lunacy, a Pygmy is a little nigger yea high, and no matter what they ever say or do, it will always be so.

Just as you can’t get blood from a turnip, you can’t get a human being from a Pygmy.

In addition to making land acknowledgments, high school ethnic studies classes should honor anti-colonial and liberatory movements that struggle for social justice and critique histories of imperialism, dehumanization, and genocide to expose how they are connected to present-day ideologies, systems, and dominant cultures that perpetuate racial violence, white supremacy, and other forms of oppressions.

This is Howard Zinnism run amok; back in the 1980s you started seeing waves of “history” that was billed as “people’s history” or “social history” — this took its cue from that lunatic Leo Tolstoy’s idea that the “great men” of history were irrelevant, that it was the great social mass that moved things. Contrary to this is the truth: that it is always small cadres of well-formed and tight-knit and intentional elites who drive the world, that the mass of men are sheep who bleat a meaningless, manipulated “yes” or “no” from time to time and then get sheared. The new social history was billed as non-ideological but it was ideological to the core; what it was really was saying was that it was the “oppressed” or “wretched of the Earth” — not the White “oppressors” — who should garner the historians’ attention and certainly the readers’ attention. And then Jew Howard Zinn came out with his mega-tonnage blockbuster of anti-White hate, a book which soon became a staple in the American classroom, a book which taught us that America was evil and that the marginal groups were really the heroes of history. Now this view is dominant.

It took them about 30 years to go from freak-hood to the heights of “authority.”

Proving once again that it is always small cadres of tightly organized elites that move the historical needle.

What happened was this: All the Zinn zombies and acolytes went into the colleges and into the professorships, flooded the “diversity” offices and then all the other offices. They were the “Young Turks” with an edge, and soon it came to be known that “they had momentum on their side.” And the more “moderate” of their elders hired them; when the time came for the changing of the guard, the new guard was ready — and now they sit in the corner office and call the shots.

It’s why all Hell is breaking loose with no end in sight.

And so you get balderdash and blather such as this emanating from positions of authority, from the corridors of power:

The UC system already mandates a requirement that current undergraduate college students take at least one diversity course as a General Education (GE) requirement prior to graduating and receiving a diploma. The state’s other major public university system, California State University (CSU), recently implemented a similar GE requirement for its over 30 campuses after Newsom signed a bill ordering as such in 2020.

And whereas before it was only public school students who were required to imbibe this nonsense, now private school students are swept up in the Jewish net, and are subject to the mania:

The UC Academic Senate previously adopted a measure in November of 2020 mandating one semester of ethnic studies as a requirement for public high school students set to graduate in 2030. The new proposal would force private and charter schools to adopt the same requirement for any students seeking acceptance to the UC system, which is considered the most prestigious level of education in the state.

The noose tightens. There can be no opting out when it comes to total mind control of the population.

Despite the overwhelmingly far-left lean of the UC system, an open letter was signed by over 1,200 UC students, alumni, and faculty opposing the new changes, declaring that a radical activist wing is seeking to unleash hatred and bigotry, especially anti-Semitism, into California’s public, charter, and private schools.

“Especially anti-Semitism” is really rich, and shows what cowards these people are. The entire thrust of this new requirement is to demonize and degrade White people, their history, and their heritage. It’s true there is the odd criticism of Israel here and there, but to focus on that is looking at one small tree and ignoring the entire forest. But bewailing “anti-Semitism” is their comfort food.

Decrying “anti-Semitism” is considered virtuous by those who set the lemmings’ standards, but condemning anti-Whiteness is a sin worthy of death.

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D.) vetoed a State Assembly Bill in 2020 that would have implemented an earlier draft of the model ethnic studies curriculum — which drew ire from conservatives for including chants to Aztec gods and excluding Jews from discussions about oppressed religious and ethnic minorities.

No sane White man wants Aztec chants; but equally we don’t want Jewish sycophants.

Rossman-Benjamin, the director of AMCHA Initiative — a group that tracks anti-Semitism on college campuses — said she believes the University of California’s proposed guidelines force high schools to adopt a radical and anti-Semitic form of ethnic studies. Lessons on anti-colonialism, Rossman-Benjamin said, often lambast Israel and Jewish communities.

When the Jews get conflated with the hated Whites, clearly for Jews that’s a bridge too far.

But it’s also a distraction. This initiative pushes an anti-White ideology, plain and simple.

The proposed guidelines discussed during last week’s meeting would force high schools — including charter or private schools with students seeking entry to the University of California system — to center anti-racism and anti-racist solidarity in their ethnic studies courses.

“Anti-racist” really means anti-White, plain and simple.

And it’s a Jewish creation from the beginning.

But the fever spreads. Now the great White men are gone; White history must be forever cast into outer darkness. We all have to pretend that Pygmy is worth as much as a White man — nay, more than a White man. Why, he’s “equal to all in the eyes of God.” He’s not “the other”; he’s not a race alien; he’s not a misshapen sub-human; he’s not a Dawrinian cul-de-sac; he’s not another species — he’s the great object of history, who would have made great history had not the White man ruined everything.

By their lights, the Pygmy is their idol.

But’s it all just crackpot theories, bearing no more resemblance to reality that a Jewish fantasy projected on a screen.

“The Pygmy is a little nigger about this tall.”

Let us observe a suitable silence.

“The Pygmy.”

A group of high school students back in 1966 took all that as matter of course. And nothing since that time has proven them one iota wrong.

But in California they will teach you otherwise.

Within the living memory of many still among us, there were White giants roaming the Earth.

But the products of these schools — the products of this state — the products of this state of affairs — will be intellectual, cultural, civilizational, and moral Pygmies.

* * *

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28 April, 2022 4:07 pm

The subtleties of anti-White “anti-racism” has gotten more and more in your face in the past few years here in California, to a point where it feels more like psychological torture that cannot be escaped when needing to be in public. Even worse is how artificially empowered the colored filth is here, knowing they have the backing of the Jew-dominated Sacramento ruling class to intimidate us remaining Californian whites and knowing instinctively that potential arguments with them in their known primitive selves spells trouble for potential ‘hate’ crimes and other known consequences. Not even one can fully trust much of the White male populace here.

Trust me, this anti-Whiteness plan is already spread in most facets of California. Surely hope this is slowly waking people up.

Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Reply to  southbayfolk
30 April, 2022 10:17 am

southbayfolk: [H]ere in California… it feels more like psychological torture that cannot be escaped. Surely hope this is slowly waking people up.

Quit hoping for what others will do and escape your psychological torture in Atzlan now, Southbay. There is a better life awaiting you.

Nom De Guerre
Nom De Guerre
Reply to  southbayfolk
6 August, 2022 11:56 am

When I was getting ready to finally leave the now-tarnished “golden state “, I went to the small local bank to close my account. So of course, a few white staffers asked me why, and I replied that I was moving out of California and they don’t have branches out of that state. They looked envious and told me that I was lucky to get to move away. When I moved over there over 21 years ago, California still seemed like the place to be. So there seemed to be some justification for the high cost of living there. But the wokeness and anti White sentiment crept in so gradually, like boiling frog syndrome, that once I finally did escape commiefornia, I felt like I had been made a fool… Read more »

Rommel 41
Rommel 41
28 April, 2022 6:05 pm

Ethnic studies huh ?? Hmmm… lemme see if I can design the course about inventions.
Black people = carjackings, Mexican people = tacos, White people = Everything else !!
Class dismissed :) Sometimes I really do wish I could attend some of these college
or even high school classes with my young body but my current mature ‘woke’ mind.
My questions and comments to the teacher and class would be so much hilarity.
I could entertain many while deliberately triggering meltdowns of the faithful.
Ahhh .. to be young again :)

Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
28 April, 2022 8:31 pm

Excellent photograph. Yep, about hip high.

Can’t squeeze blood from a turnip, nor a human being from a Pygmy. Fact!

Nat Sosh
Nat Sosh
29 April, 2022 10:29 am

What i can’t understand is why any WHITE man who has even a semblence of a choice ,would choose to continue to live in California?

I understand poverty, and being stuck somewhere. I am. Otherwise , let that cesspoolic human sewer system of a State implode in upon its own mud and tar and filthy Jewish degenerecy.

This Newsom maggot needs to be dealt with at some point in our WHITE future.
This jew-worshipping insect does not get to call himself a WHITE man any longer….something he’s probably loathe to do anyway. Straight up sodomystic faggot.

Ed "Truck" Ross
Ed "Truck" Ross
29 April, 2022 7:27 pm

I have people in Cali. Including my 1/4 jewish nephew and his shrew of a wife. Both liberals. They have 2 daughters (who unfortunately look jewish) and don’t show the slightest inclination to leave the state. I figure with the intensive brainwashing/propaganda the girls are going to be subjected to in the schools there in southern Cal., at least one of them is going to end up dating or married to a non-white. I’m resigned to it, and don’t even care. Having parents who are liberal airheads, one having jewish blood, has consequences. I have two nephews in Arizona, and both are with beaner chicks. One lady was a divorcee with a kid by another dude, nephew married her, but now she’s too old to have a kid with my… Read more »

Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Reply to  Ed "Truck" Ross
30 April, 2022 10:03 am

Ed “Truck” Ross:... I’m resigned to it, and don’t even care.

Divorce the whole sorry family, Truck, and join the Alliance. Having the new family that feels as you do is the best way to find peace of mind and purpose in your life.

3 May, 2022 6:42 pm

I grew up in California, and can guarantee that even back in 1966, a schoolkid doing what Will claims to have done is *highly* unlikely.

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Denny
4 May, 2022 12:23 am

“Unlikely” in Sunny, Fun, Fruity 60’s California perhaps. Will is from a North Carolina we no longer see. Where I’m at, in Iowa, the reaction to Will’s presentation may have elicited the same reaction in the 1970s. Many times I’ve heard the phrase “California the Granola State, land of Nuts, Fruits (meaning faggots), and Flakes” passed around openly. We weren’t afraid to speak our minds here, a habit I’ve kept.

Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Reply to  Jim - National Alliance Staff
5 August, 2022 5:29 pm

Jim: We weren’t afraid to speak our minds here, a habit I’ve kept... — Me too. What’s to fear? Here in East Tennessee, among my own people I speak my mind every day, as do they. Yesterday we had elections here for primary candidates, so I went to our precinct polling place and lingered a while among our candidates before going in to vote. They are required to stay 100 feet or so away from the building, but set up in lawn chairs in the shade, can still pump flesh, hand out their cards and and solicit votes from folks like me who wander over and ask, “Who are we voting for today?” A candidate for County Mayor, married to my neighbor friend’s daughter, introduced himself to me and grabbed… Read more »

15 May, 2022 9:08 pm

If children of ethnic European descent are educated in schools that are supported and funded by ethnic European communities, which in turn prepare them for the perverted social obstacles of higher education, I suppose that for the time being, CRT, BLM, or Anti-racism nonsense really doesn’t matter that much.
We must first secure and solidify a land of our own and start building our educational institutions.