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Understanding the Real Struggle

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SOME WHITES who seem to be pro-White do not fully understand that our real struggle is all about genes, and, specifically, White genes vs non-White genes.

This lack of understanding is sometimes shown by how easy it is for some to get distracted and fall for the lies about our struggle really being about ideology and not about White genes.

By putting ideology before White genes, they open the door to some non-Whites who seemingly agree with them. Accepting any non-Whites into one’s supposedly pro-White circles brings in non-White genes and these non-White genes are discordant and intrinsically opposed to White genes in the eternal and necessary Gene Wars — whether the humans with these genes know it or not.

It’s not a matter of ideology when we face the reality of the eternal Gene Wars, it is a matter of Nature — and, as some of us say, it is how God-as-He-Truly-Is has ordered things.

Some of these pro-Whites call themselves “race realists.” By this they mean that they take an “even-handed” approach to race, but believe the races are different and have different abilities and talents, etc. Okay, so far that sounds reasonable — even though they are still called “racists,” etc. by those who hate Whites — but some take this too far, and show weakness by gushing over non-Whites who may take some similar positions as the ones these putative pro-Whites take.

If you visit the sites where some of these “fair-minded” pro-Whites dwell, you’ll see that they are increasingly featuring columns and comments from all manner of non-Whites; they have Jews, Asians, Blacks, Browns, Native Americans all commenting and muddying the waters about what is really important: White genes, the White genome, the White race, Whiteness itself.

And, instead of putting Whiteness before all else, they substitute endless and aimless talk and comments about understanding that “race is real” and that the races are different. That’s true as far as it goes, but you’ll notice that they’ve shifted from being exclusively White to using vague terms about the races in general — and they ignore the pivotal fact that we are in an evolutionary struggle (that’s what the eternal Gene Wars are all about).

And then you’ll see comments from some presumed Whites saying how they really like this or that Black or Asian or whatever because, golly, that non-White is also a “race realist.” This is a slippery slope leading to mingling and mating with non-Whites because those with such sentiments have put genes in a secondary position to mere ideology. The next downward step is to date and mate with non-Whites and produce children who have been born by hijacking White sperm or White eggs to make non-Whites.

And, of course, there are some Whites who gush in this way because they are trying to hide behind non-Whites by claiming, “See, I’m not a ‘racist’ because I like this (fill in the blank with Black, Latino, Asian, Native American) who agrees with my position.” In their own minds they are quivering and saying “So please don’t call me a ‘racist,’ sob, sob, sob.”

There are also those who are intentionally muddying the waters and trying to shift the discussion to be about ideology and nothing else — and trying to specifically make it not about genes or race except in the vague and PC sense of holding that race is real and the races are different. In such circles and their publications, you will find little or no talk about racial separation, which is essential for Whites to have and maintain — and which is commanded of us by the Higher Power (read God-as-He-Truly-Is).

Those Whites who truly understand the nature of our struggle have an exclusively White gene-based ideology that is one with religion, politics, social views, and the way they live — the way they see the world around them and what they do. Everything is based on the reality of White genes and no other genes. Ideology flows from their core belief in White genes over all else. Their ideology is one with their White gene-patterns and can’t be separated from them.

There are also some groups of Whites who promote the pre-Christian religions of our White European ancestors — but many of those promoting these religions are not explicitly White and actually promote race-mixing by admitting non-Whites into their groups with open arms. This is a major error in thinking and harms Whites.

The will of God-as-He-Truly-Is, is for us to remain White and separate for all time from all other races. This is not something we vote on or reach a consensus on. This is from God-as-He-Truly-Is. He says stay White in all ways. Stay separate. Do not mix or mate with any non-Whites. That is His law, His command, His demand for us.

It is our actions, the way we live, what we actually do that is important as we go through life, not so much our words.

We want to live in a completely White nation and to worship according to our conscience. This is revealed to us so that we shall at some time establish such a pure White nation dedicated to God-as-He-Truly-Is. And that completely White nation will stand for all time and never change to be mixed race — and will be the safe refuge and home for Whites as we continue to evolve and multiply our new White kind and as we spread across all lands and become the only kind in those lands.

* * *

©2022 H. Millard

Ourselves Alone & Homeless Jack’s Religion: Messages of Ennui and Meaning in Post-American America by H. Millard — In this book, H. Millard, the hard-to-pigeonhole author of The Outsider and Roaming the Wastelands, has put together some of his category-bending commentaries on post-American America. They deal with politics, philosophy, free speech, genocide, religion and other topics in Millard’s edgy style — and lead up to “Homeless Jack’s Religion,” in which Homeless Jack lays out revelations he found in a dumpster on skid row. ISBN-10: 0-595-32646-3

Roaming the Wastelands by H. Millard — The groundbreaking novel of post-American America and of a life-affirming philosophy that is beyond left and right. From Chapter 1: “There are some among us who can’t help but listen to a different drummer. The drumming they hear is from their DNA. Some try to block it out, but it is heard in the blood which has no ears that can be covered to stop the sound that is not a sound. It is a call of the wild from centuries past to the wild in some humans. Those who try to deny the drummer are doomed to unhappy lives, for they are denying what they were born to be.” ISBN-10: 0-595-22811-9

The Outsider by H. Millard — Non-conformist and alienated, Buck wanders alone through a post-American America seeking meaning and the authentic. H. Millard’s iconoclastic, sacred-cow-toppling essays and fiction have appeared in everything from the high-IQ society Mensa’s publications to newspapers and magazines. Follow the linked title or get it by telephone: 1-877-823-9235. ISBN-10: 0-595-19424-9

* * *

Mr. Millard’s religious writings provide wisdom and food for thought for all of us. But the new religion that underlies everything we do at National Vanguard and the National Alliance is Cosmotheism. We invite you to study our truth, help us, and join with us — as we build a real-world community of White men and women in the beautiful mountains of eastern Tennessee. We are building an educational organization, a publishing business, and a racialist library and research center. We have been solemnizing marriages and those marriages have been fruitful with White children.

“Deep inside all of us, in our race-soul, there is a source of divine wisdom, of ages-old wisdom, of wisdom as old as the Universe. That is the wisdom, the truth, of Cosmotheism. It is a truth of which most of us have been largely unconscious all our lives, but which now we have the opportunity to understand clearly and precisely.”

Thus William Pierce bids men and women of European race to understand ourselves and our purpose.

Dr. William Luther Pierce’s Cosmotheism is not a revealed religion, but is instead what he called a natural religion: It rejects all of the claimed supernatural “revelations” which find their way onto shining golden plates or ancient scrolls, instead having its basis in the realities of Nature that our eyes — and the investigations of science — have confirmed. In the drama of the evolution of life from non-living matter, and of higher and more conscious beings from lower forms of life, William Pierce sees a path of purpose and destiny for us.

This new, definitive book provides the reader with the only guide to Cosmotheism published by the Cosmotheist Church itself. In effect, it is the Cosmotheist bible. It contains all of William Pierce’s important Cosmotheist works, including the Cosmotheist Trilogy, his essays from internal National Alliance and Cosmotheist Community publications, and his lectures at the Community’s first gatherings in Arlington, Virginia in the 1970s. It also contains important works on the new religion by Fred Streed and Kevin Alfred Strom.

* * *

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Br. Art
Br. Art
4 February, 2022 3:32 pm

Great Essay. Rahowa!

4 February, 2022 4:40 pm

Agree !

5 February, 2022 1:36 pm

Interesting article, but what do you mean by “we spread across all lands and become the only kind in those lands?
Do you mean conquering non-whites’ lands?

5 February, 2022 1:49 pm

Also, I think you’re exagerating. Race realism can lead Europeans to want ethnostates to preserve their race but they’re not the only ones to believe in it. Even if they don’t call it like that, some non-whites (ususally Asians) can admit race différences are real (like in China) and thus staying among their own, limiting interracial marriages, or discouraging it. Of course, there are hypocrites who whine about non-whites but create them (John Derbyshire) but a non-white or two (who stay in their own countries and don’t develop physical relations with Whies) believing races are real and practicing racial distancing is not going to destroy white nationalism or change it for the worst. A non-white who believes in race realism is actually less of a threat than non-whites who want… Read more »

Ted Ford
Ted Ford
6 February, 2022 6:01 am

This simple and clear article put in a true light many things I found off-putting in other organizations.

It is not enough to sense that something is wrong. It is vital to understand why it is wrong, and whether the wrongness is tolerable or fatal.

If an organization demands a higher loyalty that over-rides protection of the White gene code, this is a fatal flaw. It is a mistake to accept the down-rating of White genetic survival, even if that down-rating is implicit or hidden.

Even if we do find mistakes and internal inconsistencies in the ideas that we are offered in the place of an adamant focus on White genes and White group survival, that is not the point.

8 February, 2022 4:12 am

Either the white race is an evolutionary advance on mankind, is the most benevolent, creative and beauteous race in history or it isn’t-if you don’t think so, you’re a Communist, Conservative or Liberal or some other variant of Freemasonic pervert who thinks thoughts are weightier than blood and is easy to bribe or blackmail in other words, white trash, like all of todays celebrities of politics or entertainment. Either we are going to be loyal to our blood wherever they are of whatever tongue or we are not, like the scum I could list you all know….we have a score to settle against the current vermin who are the direct ancestors of trash like Cromwell, Churchill and Roosevelt, on behalf of all their past and current victims and it’s quite… Read more »

Aldous Huxley
Aldous Huxley
9 February, 2022 11:06 am

I am not interested in starting a pro-white group, although I have the capability to do so and do it well. Recently, Burt Colucci, the “commander” of the National Socialist Movement (based in Florida) got arrested in Orlando with two other numskulls of his group. Colucci was charged with a felony. This is on top of the other felony he was charged with on the other side of the continent, in Arizona. Point? That Neo-Nazi numskulls have permanently ruined the “brand” of any and all Neo-Nazi efforts in the US. In short, Nazism as a method to achieve our goals has failed. And that’s one of my objections to the National Alliance – it’s promotion of Hitler and Nazism. It’s a failed strategy. And, no, the “Oh, but we can… Read more »

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Aldous Huxley
9 February, 2022 1:53 pm

And there you have it, folks, from one who could form his own group and be successful at it, yet doesn’t. With Whites like these around, who needs enemies–they come and tell us how great they are and why we’re failing! Somewhere, a Jew is cackling with delight as some useful idi…er, shabbos goy does his job for him. I’m sure we’ll hear from him or his kind again soon, they’ve got nothing better to do.
One of Mr. Strom’s and Mr. Williams’ low-level underlings.

William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Reply to  Jim - National Alliance Staff
9 February, 2022 8:54 pm

Thanks, Jim. How in the world did you let Aldous weigh in with his anti-NA, anti-Cosmotheism, anti NS, pro-Constitutionalist view? Do you believe in free speech, or something? I don’t believe Aldous has thought his envisioned pro-White group all the way through. From what he wrote, I wouldn’t follow him to a worm wrestle. — Mr. Millard: By putting ideology before White genes, they open the door to some non-Whites who seemingly agree with them. Accepting any non-Whites into one’s supposedly pro-White circles brings in non-White genes… — I can’t imagine what pro-White groups Mr. Millard is referring to that allow non-Whites into their circles, but they need to be exposed. Some Odinists, but who else? Maybe he’ll tell us? Jews and other non-Whites are explicitly ineligible for membership in… Read more »

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
9 February, 2022 11:08 pm

Will, you said “How in the world did you let Aldous weigh in with his anti-NA, anti-Cosmotheism, anti NS, pro-Constitutionalist view?” Aldous was let in to make a fool of himself deliberately. On occasion the kook fringe shows up at our doors as they do elsewhere, I see a good in reminding our good readers and Alliance members that they exist.

9 February, 2022 4:11 pm

It’s called White Separation, which explains why the Southern country had “Whites Only” signs all over the place in the 1960s. The Federals came on down and unleashed every hideous race mixing program that the quick imagination of hate and revenge could suggest. Federal tyranny has no tolerance for White identity. When the Federals invade your state over race, you’re doing a good job. Racism is not rocket science.