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Republicans Embrace Race Chaos

Is there anything more pathetically moronic than a White Republican?

by Douglas Mercer

WE NEVER SHOULD HAVE let a single non-White into this country. We should have pledged our lives and fortunes and sacred honor to that noble cause. Here’s why:

Last week, Rep. Maria Salazar (R-FL) and six House Republicans introduced The Dignity Act to provide green cards to the nation’s 11 to 22 million illegal aliens while expanding visa programs to more readily outsource American jobs.

Amnesty in spades. And where is the dignity in that?

Of course the likely figure is thirty million or more. If they ever do get their amnesty and their “dignity,” everyone will soon find out the real number.

Some minds will boggle.

Some hands will be rubbed.

* * *

For the GOP, GDP is GOD. White people don’t come a close second.

White interests? To hell with that, they say. The GOP hates its voters. You see, the Republicans in office have made it to the big dance and if they don’t quite get invited to all the swell parties they can dream, can’t they? The other day Ted Cruz said Biden promising to pick a Black woman for the Supreme Court was an insult to Black women — Black women not figuring prominently among the set of morons known as “Cruz voters.” But nodding to the Blacks is their comfort zone; sympathizing with Whites is beyond the pale.

The GOP elite is made up of businessman, ex-military, or lifer politicians. And to them their White cousins out in the hinterlands might as well be little green men from Mars — and at least the little green men aren’t “racist.” They don’t like them, they don’t countenance them, but they do need their votes. That doesn’t mean that they will cater to them — no; or, if they do, only a little around the edges. They’ll promise a good game, but in the end deliver the same old wars for the Jews, or the same old tax cuts for the rich, or the same old refugees from those same old wars. They think their voters are hayseeds, rubes, and White trash. The passions of those White voters make them uncomfortable.

Trump ran on a straight up ticket of Buchananism, anti-immigration, anti-“free trade,” anti-elites, anti-war, anti-crime, etc. And he put forth a true picture of American Carnage. The fact that he called Mexicans rapists only sweetened the deal, and millions of White Americans slowly clapped and said “keep going, sir.” And, if you didn’t notice, he was deliriously successful. But, strange to say, not one Republican politician has picked up this ideological cudgel — not even Trump. Hell, he got on the debate stage with Joe Biden and accused him of being “racist” for supporting the 1994 Crime Bill — which caused millions of American to say: “what the actual…?” The timidity, and the jettisoning of the obviously successful formula of 2016, is because these ciphers live in mortal fear of being called “racist,” so they flee from what their voters actually want like vampires flee the light.

As for Trump, Ivanka cried and he could not withstand the waterworks. Then the eternal filthy Jew in the person of Jared Kushner told Trump in the name of international Jewry that he must cease and desist from even thinking about White people.

As for the rest of the GOP, they are gutless grifters and deracinated dolts who just want to get re-elected and live their days out feasting on the carcass of what’s left of America. To Hell with White posterity, don’t you know.

Soon they will have no place left to hide.

You think Kevin McCarthy really wants to get all tangled up in something that, to him, is as meaningless as another stolen election? Or that he likes having to defend red-blooded patriots storming the citadel of a decadent and decayed democracy?

Hell no, he doesn’t. But his job, and the people who put him there, demand that he hold his nose and throw the stormers a bone from time to time. Then he hides out with his gas mask on and hopes the “racist” storm will blow over.

Even the ones like Boebert and Green and Gaetz, who say they have the fight in them, turn out to be rancid Jew-loving sycophants.

Because, without exception, the GOP hates us.

We should return the favor.

* * *

In 2012, after top-hatted outsourcer and international financial mercenary Mitt Romney took a bath and had his head handed to him, the Pooh Bahs of Conservative, Inc. knocked their foolish pates together and commissioned that by now world-famous “autopsy” in which was diagnosed the then-present ills of the Grand Old Party. Being benighted idiots, they tore a page from the future playbook of Lindsey Graham who eulogized the dead-as-dirt warmonger John McCain by saying “John taught us how to lose.” That he did — and he obviously had some apt pupils in the art of ignominious defeat.

The promulgators of the “autopsy” trash were not far-seeing. They had their “anti-racist” blinders on; they did not recommend the common-sense idea that the GOP should hunt where the ducks are — that they should strive exclusively to tap into the wide and deep pool of White voters by giving them what they want and need; that they should double and triple and quadruple down on the White man and tell the multiracialist naysayers to go hang; that they should dance forever with who always brung them. Oh no, that was never in the cards for these cretins. What they recommended instead was that they amp up the “minority outreach” and make the tent big — proving once again the truth of the old joke about what do you call the only Black man at a Republican conference: Mr. Chairman. Due to this set of prescriptions, little Marco Rubio, who had recently been on the cover of Time magazine and hailed as the next “Republican savior,” decided to toss his lot in with the now infamous Gang of Eight who wanted to further dilute the White gene pool in this country. But he soon found out that red-blooded White people wanted no part of his coffee-colored future, and in the primaries the pint-sized Cuban fizzled out like a Tijuana grifter’s wet firecracker. Trump, on the other hand, sat around his office in Trump Tower listening to right wing radio and was surprised to find that White people were angered by their demographic replacement via mass migration — so he decided to alert the world that Mexicans were rapists and tell Jorge Ramos to go back to Univison. For this strategy, he was richly rewarded by being shot to the top of the heap, against all odds. Lamentably, this noble beginning was subsequently ruined by his governing being nearly the exact opposite of his promises. He governed, in fact, in the vein of the 2012 “autopsy,” by inviting Jew Maggie Haberman repeatedly to the White House to get in good with the New York Times, lavishing money on feral anti-White “historically Black colleges,” freeing murderous Negroes with the “First Step Act,” proposing multi-trillion giveaways to the Blacks and the Browns in the form of the “Platinum Plan” and the “American Dream Plan.” The man who shot to the top by saying “Americans are dreamers, too” sold out those Angel Moms by expressing sympathy with the young interlopers, and ended up in the “Dems are the real racists” camp. He had those eighteenth century French swells beat — in that he had forgotten everything and learned nothing.

So much for him — and so much for them.

* * *

Congresswoman Maria Salazar has obviously had some recourse to White science. She used to be sold as the “hot Latina” on Florida Spanish-language television, but she’s currently pushing 60 and she’s hit the wall hard. That Michael Jackson-like surgery is fooling no one. Beneath all the desperate makeup and fashions, she’s just another enemy, and her notion of keeping the American Dream alive is race-swamping the place until Mexico finally completely absorbs the United States while the latter collapses in an ignominious heap of race chaos.

Dollars to donuts that if you see Maria Salazar wandering the halls at the US Capitol, she’s on her way to devising new and even more devious ways to stick it to White people, just like the rest of the inmates. Why do Cubans act like glorified Mexicans except that they vote Republican, carry around pocket Constitutions, belch about “liberty,” and are gung ho to bring in every “person of color” from around the world? They act like they’re criminally unaware that they are building up America’s funeral pyre. By inviting in race aliens, these supposed “anti-Communists” are making the country one step closer to communist tyranny.

Maria Salazar is a disgusting human being who would as soon spit on as look at us. She was for a long while the supposedly spicy tamale on “Spanish language television” in south Florida. And is there any other kind of television in south Florida? The White man once drove the foreigners out of Florida, but they came back and we just watched and let it happen. They say she used to be “hot” but now ideologically she’s a hot mess. She says her new bill, which is “designed to confer a measure of dignity” on criminals who violated our living space, will “seal the border” in exchange for giving away the national store. That is, every last wetback river-crosser will be set up and living large and have a clear shot at “dating” your daughter or “knifing” your son or knifing your daughter after “dating her”; and if you believe this hack has any idea of how to seal a border, or even wants to, I’ll sell you Little Havana for 24 dollars and you’d be getting gypped.

If we had a peso for every time somebody told us they were going to seal the border in exchange for letting an avalanche of race aliens in, we’d be ruling Mexico with an iron fist. The truth is that in these deals the aliens always come marching in, in long and wide columns — and the border somehow never gets sealed but indeed becomes more porous in the bargain. These “deals” are always the same: It’s the elites selling us a bill of goods on behalf of the Jews who are really in charge. The check is always in the mail. It’s the Maria Salazars of the world spitting on our cupcakes and telling us it’s frosting.

* * *

Now yet another “amnesty of the leeches” comes down from the “anti-racist” right and the “business roundtable” right. Maria Salazar styles herself as one of those “wise Latinas” you hear way too much about, and she’s going to open the Republican tent so wide that Tijuana whores and face-tattooed El Salvadoran gang members and flat-faced Indian peasants from the dirt farm will waltz right in and decimate the place. So don’t expect too many Adam Smith ties going forward once the stock runs out.

I am introducing the Dignity Act to secure our border, provide a dignified solution to immigrants in the United States, and support American workers. While we are a nation of laws, we are also a nation of second chances. I’m grateful to my colleagues for joining me to keep the American Dream alive.

How about some second chances for the opioid-dependent White people in Pennsylvania? How about some second chances for the laid-off White tech worker? How about some second chances for those Angel Moms? As for second chances for people who hopped our border, they blew whatever chance they had. They should not have had even once chance — and there’s no goddamn way we should give them a second. And her notion of “keeping the American Dream alive” is giving everything we have left to the Brown squatters until the whole nation collapses in a dirty and mixed-up pile of miscegenation, worth little more than the worst sort of Guatemalan whore’s crib.

And the notion that we should be “giving dignity” to these interlopers is not worth dignifying. If they want their dignity that bad, they can go back to the dirt farm or the urban squalor from whence they came and scratch corn out of he ground or grovel for food amidst urine-soaked alleys. Or not. I for one don’t give a single damn.

Upon completing the 10-year Dignity Program and adhering to all of its requirements, participants could opt to receive a 5-year temporary renewable Dignity Visa or complete a 5-year Redemption Program that would allow them to earn green cards if they learn English and US Civics.

Translation: no matter what they do, they’re in. All these “requirements” will melt away like frost on a warm spring day. The requirements are just window dressing to make these “conservatives” look “tough” when really they are nothing but March violets. They want to look like they are not playing us for dupes, but trust me: They are playing us for dupes. Were this bill to be passed, it would be a land rush — and after the requisite decent interval, the “requirements” will be flushed down the memory hole, never to be bothered about again.

The bill would also provide a solution for unauthorized immigrants who were brought to the US as children, known as Dreamers. It would allow those who came at least five years ago to obtain 10-year conditional permanent legal status and work permits. Those who graduate college, complete three years of military service, or maintain gainful employment for four years could apply for permanent legal status.

White people are dreamers, too. Again, all of these staid and seemingly stately “provisions” are just gibberish. What they mean is: Adios, America.

Rep. John Curtis (R-UT) says a plan that gives amnesty to illegal aliens and expands pipelines for foreign visa workers will be a boost for business.

A Latter-Day cuck.

Here’s the rub of the matter, or one of them: If you recall, way back in 2000 and 16, Donald J. Trump and the Chamber of Commerce butted heads over that most sacred of sacred cows in the conservative pantheon: money. You see, these “conservative” traitors drool over money. The business wing of the Republican Party would kill their own mothers to make a little more of it. So, what’s the end of White Civilization compared to that? They want that cheap slave labor to put butts in the seats, to work and consume, and to confer on themselves untold riches. But they have the reverse Midas touch. Everything they touch turns into a urine-soaked Mexican Hellhole.

Mexican if we’re lucky.

Curtis is co-sponsoring the bill alongside Reps. Dan Newhouse (R-WA), Pete Sessions (R-TX), Jenniffer Gonzalez-Colon (R-PR), Tom Reed (R-NY), and Peter Meijer (R-MI). The bill is backed by the United States Chamber of Commerce and the Niskanen Center.

A rogue’s gallery of traitors just begging for the dock.

“The Dignity Act balances the need for a secure and working border with compassionate policies that keep families together, ensures employers have access to reliable foreign workers, and welcomes people into our society and communities.” Curtis’s donors include mega multinational corporations like Comcast, Alphabet Inc., Berkshire Hathaway, and AT&T, among others, which have a vested financial interest in driving as many foreign nationals to the US as possible.

So it’s quite obvious that, in pushing for a Brown locust plague to swarm into our communities, he is paying the piper. We know who keeps his lights on, who butters his bread. He’d as soon cut our jugulars as look out for our interests.

The plan’s amnesty provisions allow hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens to immediately secure green cards while millions of others are put on a 10-year track to obtain green cards while holding work permits. Also included are expansions of the H-2A and H-2B visa programs that deliver thousands of foreign workers to U.S. farms and seasonal employers every year. With the H-2B visa, the plan exempts returning foreign workers from the annual cap, while the H-2A visa provisions will make hiring foreign farmworkers easier.

It’s a wet dream, and a bonanza, for capital. Capital isn’t as “woke” as it is only as a form of protection; they, even the occasional ones who aren’t Jews, have a serious affinity for the radical left. Both hate borders and both want multiracialism. Capital’s interest in this is that borders impede their ability to rack up profits by lowering wages; and they want multiracialism to make society weak so that we don’t have solidarity to fight against their depredations.

Corporate special interests are throwing their support behind an amnesty plan for illegal aliens, which would expand foreign visa worker pipelines as well, proposed by Rep. Maria Salazar (R-FL) and six House Republicans. The United States Chamber of Commerce — a donor to Salazar, Newhouse, Curtis, Sessions, Reed, and Meijer — praised the amnesty and foreign visa worker expansion. The Chamber represents some of the nation’s largest multinational corporations.

A Chamber of Commerce flunky and flak pouts out this perfidious piffle:

“This bill would help many companies that are struggling to meet their critical workforce needs,” the Chamber’s Neil Bradley said in a statement. “We look forward to working with her and her colleagues in the US House of Representatives to pass these commonsense reforms to our nation’s broken immigration system.”

Likewise, the corporate-funded Niskanen Center announced that they are excited to support the amnesty and foreign visa worker expansion. The Niskanen Center is heavily funded by multinational corporations like Google and mass immigration groups like the Facebook-linked, the Shapiro Foundation, and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation, among others.

I bet they’re excited. I’m sure they’re on the verge of wetting themselves. After all, how often do they get to enrich themselves by five or ten “x” and at the same time eliminate the White people who are the last bulwark against their evil regime? Not every day, that’s for sure — or so they say.

And finally the Cuban goblina Maria Salazar leaves us with this moronic pile of platitudes; and notice that she never once is grateful to the people who took her in:

Salazar, in an interview with Fox News, called the amnesty plan an invitation letter for the Browns, the Hispanics, the Latinos, welcoming them into the Republican Party.

She and her masters do have a few Adam Smith ties left though, I hear. So sign up now.

* * *

At one point, Trump mused that he would give us a Republican Workers’ Party, a sort of Third Positionist party dedicated to the well being of normal Americans of the middle and lower middle classes. What we got, of course, was more gentry Republicanism — yet another round of tax cuts for the anti-White corporations, and halfhearted and ineffective attempts to police the border. He came up with the Remain in Mexico policy which was barely decent, when what we really need is Return to Mexico Forever — and Return to Africa Forever — and Return to Asia Forever — and Return to Israel Forever policies. With these “elite” hooligans, what you get at the bottom of the Cracker Jack box is always a poison pill.

They say Kevin McCarthy has vowed that if the GOP takes over Congress later this year there will be no amnesty. Of course we’ve heard all that before. If he sticks to that, the “Dignity Act” will be dead on arrival. We’ll see. Being the worst kind of establishment stooge, you know that McCarthy, with very fiber of his treacherous being, would love to pass it. He’s from an agribusiness area in California, after all, and his big-money backers are aching to bring in more boatloads of stoop-labor non-Whites to pick their strawberries for them. I’ll take double-price strawberries and lower profits for the bigwigs with my White future, thank you.

You can bet the Chamber of Commerce and the corporations and the Jew moneybags will be hounding and harrying him 24/7 to pass it.

It’s all about “dignity,” don’t you know. And massive scads of cash for the rich. It’s a tried and true truism: Mass immigration is nothing but a transfer of wealth from the working class to “investors.”

Will he cave? We’ll see. Perhaps he will. Or perhaps he sees the seismic shift in the base — and believes that his safest prospect for skin-of-his-teeth survival is to deep six it. Perhaps he knows that if he passes it the next autopsy of the GOP will be upon its very dead corpse. Of course, for anyone who has been paying attention for the last 40 years or more, it already is.

It was dead on arrival from the beginning.

* * *

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16 February, 2022 1:25 pm

The “Conservative” Party here in the UK is even worse than the Republicans. They claim to support lower immigration rates, but they’ve let in more immigrants than Labour did from 1997 to 2010 (which was an awful lot), have Indians and Pakistanis in senior government positions, legalised homosexual “marriage”, etc. They’ve conserved precisely nothing and should be forced to change their name.

Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
16 February, 2022 10:27 pm

[Trump] came up with the Remain in Mexico policy which was barely decent, when what we really need is Return to Mexico Forever — and Return to Africa Forever — and Return to Asia Forever — and Return to Israel Forever policies… 


comment image

(104) GOP can’t be seen as the White man’s party – Page 6 – White Biocentrism

17 February, 2022 12:29 pm

​It will NEVER END until the Small Hats are purged from Government and the Fed Res is shut down.

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Howard
17 February, 2022 8:17 pm

That takes an organized, disciplined people with a good plan and infrastructure to rely on generation after generation, Howard. Unless you believe you or any one person can do it alone.

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
17 February, 2022 8:14 pm

Some get all bent out of shape by attacks on the Grand Sellout Party, you can almost hear the wailing now: “You’ll let the Democrats win and that just about guarantees amnesty for the invaders!” And so Whites hold their noses and vote the traitors in anyway. “Anything is better than the Democrats!” Really? I take the situation like this: better to have the traitors wanting to stab you as they’re looking at you rather than the ones behind you sinking that long knife into your back. But before you believe I’m saying our choices are binary, there is a third way and that’s to give none of them our votes, as little of our taxes as possible, and deny the profiteers a cut of our wallets. Building communities of… Read more »

Donald MacMullen
Donald MacMullen
Reply to  Jim - National Alliance Staff
18 February, 2022 12:06 pm

Exactly Jim. People need to understand it’s going to get a lot worse before it get any better. The ” Cowards & Individualists ” cannot seem to get out of their comfort zone and realize this. The time for action was yesterday. Get off the couch and get into the fight.

19 February, 2022 4:34 am

I read an article or two a few years back of many mexican people actually wanting the US to invade mexico over 100 years ago to stamp out corruption. Which if applied at the time would have made life for both the white race and latinos better.

19 February, 2022 7:41 am

NOT…granting ¨amnesty¨ is an utterly meaningless thing. It´s a mere phrase that formerly was a grandstanding tactic. Its mentioning is not even noticed by the the hoi poloi anymore. The invaders care nothing for the thing. They have all they need now without the burden of something called ¨citizenship.¨ All the institutions advocate for them, half the white population weeps for them and the ¨laws¨ of the land skirt around them. They are far more advantaged than the despised white citizens of this continental shopping mall. And come to think of it, that´s WHY THEY´RE HERE IN THE FIRST PLACE. As some podcasters I regularly listen to – it´s Marvel movies and buffalo hot-wings that they´re all about. And CRIME…of course. ¨Diversity¨ – a word at some future time that… Read more »

19 February, 2022 11:34 am

The article doesn’t mention these provisions of the bill “SEC. 7101. SARAH AND GRANT’S LAW.”People suspected of being in the country illegally can be held indefinitely. “SEC. 7102. PENALTIES FOR ILLEGAL ENTRY OR PRESENCE.”Any illegal presence in the country is a 2 year prison sentence. This includes overstaying a visa or a border crossing. The current policy of status quo is the policy the elites prefer, keeps everyone unhappy and a nice reserve of cheap exploitable labor. Theregore it provides election drama to give people the illusion of democracy and politics Here is a more fair aummary of the bill Under her legislation, so-called Dreamers who were brought to the United States illegally as children would have immediate legal status and a pathway to citizenship. The millions of other… Read more »

Reply to  Ramon
20 February, 2022 8:36 am

The government doesn’t enforce current laws already on the books for years. What makes you think they would ever enforce all the new laws? The current system cannot be reformed.

Reply to  Karen
20 February, 2022 2:33 pm

I don’t think reform is possible at all. Like I said the status quo is the ideal for the elites. And the opposite for everyone else. State and local governments are where it is at. Even then it is not much

23 February, 2022 6:27 am

Take a look at Houston, Tx, Harris County Texas and the five surrounding counties for a prime example of what this author so eloquently presents.

25 February, 2022 6:52 am

I´m STILL waiting for a truly visible proportion of Whites to show that they are ready to take THEIR OWN SIDE in the racial spoils pit called amerika. To think that in this era of EVERY SINGLE RACIAL GROUP screaming and clawing for a take of what´s left and breathing slaughter against Whites for their (the colored´s) delusion of Whites creating every evil on earth…that White´s are still standing there with their hands folded and their feet shuffling is just hard to have to cast your eyes on. Just exactly what will it take for (at least) enough of them to say…¨Yeah, I get it, I´m all in on the race is what it is and all it is,¨ reality in the year 2022? IF…that happens (and it better happen… Read more »

25 February, 2022 7:41 pm

Hispanics do nothing but bring low standards to this country in every facet of civilization, from corrupt government to the oversupply of manual labor. We are becoming a nation of produce exporters

Ted Truewil
Ted Truewil
27 February, 2022 1:07 pm

Sums it up.