Non-Whites, Traitors, Zionists Dominate UK Politics

Munira Mirza with Prime Minister Boris Johnson: her resignation could be the beginning of the end for his premiership

The strange alliance bringing down Britain’s Prime Minister

THIS WEEK a possibly fatal blow was landed on the embattled Prime Minister Boris Johnson – a blow from what is in theory his own side.

Oldham-born daughter of Pakistani immigrants Munira Mirza – who has worked for Johnson since his days as Mayor of London and is one of the most influential Asian women in Britain, though little known to the general public until today – resigned as head of the Downing Street Policy Unit, after criticising the PM for having raised questions about Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer’s previous role as Director of Public Prosecutions.

As DPP, Starmer was ultimately responsible for what he accepts was a wrong decision by his staff not to prosecute the notorious paedophile Jimmy Savile.

Mirza (who was active in the Revolutionary Communist Party before her lucrative career as a Tory adviser) argues that the PM was wrong to raise this issue against Starmer.

But the reality is that this is just one move in a much bigger strategy to remove Johnson from office. Mirza’s husband Dougie Smith was a notorious figure in the extremist ‘libertarian’ faction that dominated Tory student politics in the 1980s, and was employed by the sinister tycoon and political fixer David Hart, who recovered from bankruptcy to maintain a country house and a permanent suite at Claridge’s.

After a spell in Sir James Goldsmith’s Referendum Party alongside poker-playing pals from Aspinall’s gambling club, Smith returned to the Tory fold and combined political work with running ‘Fever Parties’, a business that organised ‘swingers parties’ (i.e. orgies) for wealthy Londoners.

Dougie Smith (above in his younger days as leader of a libertarian Tory faction) is often described as ‘far right’ – but if so then it’s a very different sort of ‘right’ from anything you’ll find in H&D!

This proved no obstacle to Smith and his wife Mirza becoming key players in the modern Conservative Party. It seems certain that Mirza’s resignation is designed to benefit the ambitious Rishi Sunak, presently Chancellor of the Exchequer and another child of immigrants. Sunak is a close ally of Dougie Smith, and if Prime Minister would pursue the libertarian, tax-cutting agenda promoted by Smith and his reactionary chums – a disaster for working-class voters who backed Johnson in 2019, but a bonanza for the spivs and ‘greed is good’ brigade who still dominate the Tory Party.

Yet another ambitious chancer and candidate for the premiership – this time two generations away from a much more mysterious alien immigrant background – is Tom Tugendhat, chairman of Westminster’s Foreign Affairs Committee. The fanatical Zionist and warmonger Tugendhat is likely to be backed for the leadership by Times owner Rupert Murdoch and by senior minister and fellow Israel-Firster, Michael Gove.

H&D has long taken a close interest in Mr Tugendhat. As soon as the leadership campaign formally opens we shall publish our dossier on the background of the man who would be Prime Minister.

Keep reading H&D over the next few weeks to discover the strange background of Tory leadership contender Tom Tugendhat

* * *

Source: Heritage and Destiny magazine

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11 February, 2022 10:44 am

“Tugendhat supported continued membership of the European Union in the 2016 referendum.[18] He voted in favour of the withdrawal agreement negotiated by Theresa May‘s government on each of the three occasions it was put to a vote.[19] Tugendhat is a strong supporter of Israel. He condemned the United Nations Security Council for its official criticism of Israel’s settlement building in the occupied Palestinian territories.[20] In January 2017, he wrote that the Israeli–Palestinian conflict “doesn’t matter” in an article about the demands of protestors in the Arab Spring and concluded that “Why was it more pressing than other disputed territories such as Western Sahara, Kashmir or Tibet? It isn’t. It simply deflects attention for those most in need of a diversion”.[20]  On 12 July 2017, Tugendhat was elected chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, becoming the youngest person ever to hold the post.[21] Soon after the poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury… Read more »

11 February, 2022 8:52 pm

We have to remember that the “UK” has been under the thumb of the usury banks for much longer than americans have. White people need to break this fascination of Hinduism and buddhism in fact all isms. One only need read of the german traveller Theodore Illion’s account in his account in darkness over tibet book.
IMHO anything or anyone sowing discord among whites are either willing enemies, willfully ignorant or willful pawns.
Natural affection = race and kin

15 February, 2022 7:45 am

Johnson is a jew, case closed.

25 February, 2022 11:13 am

1.Freemasons opened up London’s east end for Polish Jews in the early 1880’s at least, likely at Rothschild behest-Jack the Ripper was one of these loathsome golems.

2.The Torah party has used East end Asians as brown proxies for themselves since the 1980’s, protected by their violent Social-Democrat chums on the Left, while the opposition to all this treason and subsequent tyranny has been the Masonic dunces of the NF, the BNP and even the morons of the EDL recentlier.

3.Scum Blair boasted there would be an Asian PM and a brown mannikin it will be.

My vote is with racist Leveller’s but there are none in England…England is a kosher gulag or a virtual Palestine, complete with falasha Policemen.

26 February, 2022 6:21 am

Libertarianism is Monetarist Trotskiism-how the Torah party ever got away with billing itself ‘Conservative’ even after outcasting Zionist Powell betokens the intellectual primitivism of the UK electorate that also believes the Labour party is a workers party.