Jewish Lobby Seeks to Censor BBC

DESERT ISLAND DISCS is one of the longest-running radio series in the world, having recently celebrated 80 years on the air since its first broadcast in January 1942. As all British readers will know, the programme features a different guest each week who is asked to select eight records, one book, and one ‘luxury item’ they would choose if ‘cast away’ on a desert island in the manner of Robinson Crusoe.

Lady Mosley pictured on the front cover of society magazine The Tatler, December 1938. Now – nineteen years after her death – Lady Mosley remains the target of a vengeful Jewish lobby.

More than 2,300 episodes are now available on the BBC website, but last weekend the Sunday Telegraph focused on just one of them: broadcast in November 1989 when the ‘castaway’ was Lady Mosley (the former Diana Mitford), widow of British fascist leader Sir Oswald Mosley.

This theoretically conservative newspaper seems to have joined forces with the Anglo-Jewish lobby to complain that the Mosley episode of Desert Island Discs is freely available for today’s listeners without any “introductory warnings that it may contain material of an offensive nature”.

Government ‘anti-semitism’ adviser Lord Mann told the paper: “It would be appropriate to put a warning in relation to this broadcast and the holocaust denial that is spewed out by Mosley.”

And Dave Rich from the Jewish lobby group Community Security Trust kvetched that Lady Mosley’s “anti-Jewish animus and her admiration for Hitler shine through. Most objectionable of all is her denial that six million Jews were murdered by the Nazis. The whole package could not be more repulsive. There is no mention of any of this in the blurb that promotes the episode on the BBC Sounds website.”

(above left) CST founder Gerald Ronson – a veteran of the violent Jewish ‘anti-fascist’ 62 Group, with London Mayor Sadiq Khan.

Rich’s organisation CST was founded and is chaired by Gerald Ronson, a veteran of the violent Jewish ‘anti-fascist’ 62 Group, some of whose history will be exposed in a forthcoming two-part review article in Heritage and Destiny Issues 107 and 108.

There is no law against ‘holocaust denial’ in the UK and the problem seems to be simply that Lady Mosley attempted to give truthful answers to questions about her attitude to the Third Reich. Speaking of Adolf Hitler she said: “He had so much to say, so interesting, so fascinating… I can’t regret the relationship.”

And when pressed about the ‘Holocaust’ she replied: “First of all, after the war, I simply didn’t believe it, having been in Germany … And it was years before I could really believe that such things had happened.”

Pressed further as to whether she now believed in the extermination stories, she replied: “I don’t really, I’m afraid … believe that six million people were … I just think it’s not conceivable, it’s too many.”

For today’s fanatical Zionist censors, even this now classes as ‘Holocaust denial’. Just what are they afraid of? H&D readers will soon find out…

Video immediately below:

Click the play icon to hear Lady Mosley’s 1989 interview

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Source: Heritage and Destiny magazine

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18 February, 2022 8:12 am

It’s always six million.

Patrick Pappano
Patrick Pappano
18 February, 2022 10:19 am

This article strikes at one of my passions, the history of the Mitford sisters and the work of Sir. Oswald Mosely. And so I am in a position to comment in detail. This article highlights in bright light the core meaning of Jew – Jews are liars, first and foremost. I listened to what probably was the same interview: “Pressed further as to whether she now believed in the extermination stories, she replied: “I don’t really, I’m afraid … believe that six million people were … I just think it’s not conceivable, it’s too many.” Total Lie. What Lady Diana really said is that she believed that 6 million Jews were killed and thought it was awful and could not reconcile that history with the man, Hitler, that she knew.… Read more »

L. B. Blakeney
L. B. Blakeney
20 February, 2022 4:51 am

Wait, isn’t the BBC owned and run by kikes in the first place?

Pat Kittle
Pat Kittle
23 February, 2022 6:49 pm

Always amusing when one bunch of anti-White Jew gaslighters use anti-White gaslighting Jew media to accuse another bunch of anti-White Jew gaslighters of being “anti-Semitic.”