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Happy Presidents’ Day

American Dissident Voices broadcast of 19 February, 2022

by Kevin Alfred Strom

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FEBRUARY, before our misrulers forced us into reverent observance of “Black History Month,” used to have a notable holiday called “Washington’s Birthday,” which always fell on the twenty-second of the month. In some states there was an additional observance of Lincoln’s Birthday as a separate event on a different day. All that is no more, now that Dead White Males are officially deprecated by the anti-White Establishment. Washington’s and Lincoln’s days have been compressed into “Presidents’ Day,” which originally was sold to us on the basis of celebrating the births of both men on one day, but now even that pretense is being abandoned, and we are told (on the rare occasion that the holiday’s meaning is even mentioned at all) that the appliance and junk food sales and sports events are somehow “honoring all presidents” or something to that effect — no one is really sure anymore, a certain sign of a terminal-stage nation.

Well, American Dissident Voices is a good place for discussing dead presidents too, so let’s roll with times. Maybe what we have to say will jar some rusty neurons loose.

George Washington is a name the Establishment would like to forget — our first President opposed the kind of foreign alliances and entanglements that the Jews are so fond of these days, would have cut the AIPAC Zionists off without a penny, and would have been aghast at the “war on terror” that really is an endless series of wars for Israel. Washington also signed a bill into law making it illegal for anyone who wasn’t White to become a citizen of the United States. Makes Trump look like a far-left White-hater in comparison.

Thomas Jefferson not only continued the all-White citizenship policies of Washington when he became President, but he was personally the author of a law making racial mixing a felony, and attempted to push a plan for the deportation of all Blacks from the United States. He was also a strong opponent of the money-men who were, even then, trying to enslave the American people with their private money-creation schemes through so-called “national” banks. Now that the money-men — today, almost all Jews or those closely allied with the Jewish power structure — have succeeded in enslaving Americans, this history is seldom taught to young Americans.

Our racial enemies are increasingly moving to remove Washington’s and Jefferson’s names from our nation’s pantheon of honor, precisely because of the good things they said and did for us.

Monrovia, Liberia was named after President James Monroe, who also worked with a group called the American Colonization Society, which established that new nation in Africa for the specific purpose of sending Blacks there — and some thousands were sent.

Another fiery and successful opponent of the money-men was President Andrew Jackson, who destroyed the so-called “Bank of the United States,” which was a precursor to the so-called “Federal Reserve” which steals the wealth of our people today through usury on an even larger scale. Jackson also greatly expanded the territory of our all-White nation at the expense of the Amerindians he ruled or conquered.

There are plans now in place to remove Jackson’s portrait from the $20 bill and replace it with a picture of a grotesque Negress — another sign of a terminal-stage nation.

Everyone knows about Abraham Lincoln and his Emancipation Proclamation, but almost no one is aware of Lincoln’s real racial views. I wonder why that is! Like Jefferson before him, Lincoln favored the repatriation of Blacks to Africa and believed that the millions of freed slaves should on no account simply be allowed to run free in our society. Near the end of his life, he even met with prominent Blacks in an effort to move forward with his plan of total continental-scale racial separation. The anti-White elements in his own party torpedoed his efforts, and some say they killed him.

Ulysses S. Grant, Lincoln’s general and later successor (after Andrew Johnson), has seen his star fall rather rapidly in the esteem and faux honors of the Establishment in recent years, perhaps because of one simple thing he did during the war when he was the de facto governor of huge occupied and devastated territories in the American South. As they always seem to do during times of chaos, Jews had moved into those territories, monopolizing and charging scalper prices for basic necessities, buying up valuable properties for pennies, and generally exploiting and further impoverishing a prostrate, conquered, and desperate people. Grant saw the parasites’ behavior as intolerable and also as tending to destroy the reputation and effectiveness of his regime, and so became the first (but we hope not the last) leader in American history to completely ban Jews from the territories under his control — in this case, a gigantic multi-state area.

President Theodore Roosevelt — though totally blind to the toxic nature of the Jews — was proud to be a White man and stated in no uncertain terms that America was a White man’s land, and expounded on the glories and practical benefits of the White man’s conquest of the vast North American continent.

Woodrow Wilson, for all his many faults, was nevertheless a strong proponent of a White America. He said “I stand for the national policy of exclusion. The whole question is one of assimilation of diverse races. We cannot make an homogeneous population of a people who do not blend with the Caucasian race.” So his star has been falling, too.

President Calvin Coolidge signed the 1924 Immigration Act into law. It was this law that was repealed — at Jewish insistence — in 1965. This repeal effectively opened our borders and America has become less and less White with each passing year since then. The 1924 Act signed by Coolidge (who, though a waffler, did say that “America must be kept American”) required that immigrants from any national group could only come here in proportion to their already-existing proportion of the US population, thereby, its proponents hoped, maintaining a racial status quo. In practical effect, it was somewhat more successful than that — non-Whites not even trying in many cases because of the disincentive — and America became slowly Whiter and Whiter from 1924 to 1965, peaking above 90 per cent when I was nine years old.

President Eisenhower was a disgusting traitor to his own people during World War 2, and it’s hard for me even to speak of him without cursing, but he was hired to rule the Old America, and as such found it not only possible but necessary to institute Operation Wetback in 1954. This was a massive effort by immigration authorities to cleanse America of illegal invaders brought here as stoop labor for profit-hungry capitalists. More than a million were removed in that year alone. Operation Wetback had widespread support.

All of these actions by all of these Presidents are worthy of remembrance. We should think of them on this Presidents’ Day, and we should be emboldened and inspired by them. They make the tough-guy talk of President Trump look unbelievably lame in comparison.

But they were not enough — not enough by far. They were not enough to prevent the present. They were not enough to prevent the takeover of America by anti-White aliens and traitors.

Making citizenship open only to Whites was not enough, and is not enough.

Making racemixing a felony was not enough, and is not enough.

Planning to send all Blacks back to Africa, and even sending some thousands of them there, was not enough, and is not enough.

Utterly destroying the usurers’ “National Bank” and imprisoning some of its agents was not enough, and is not enough.

Expelling all Jews from a huge swathe of the United States by decree was not enough, and is not enough.

An immigration law that blatantly favored White Europeans, even one so successful that it caused the steady increase of the White population to over 90 per cent. was not enough, and is not enough.

A military-style operation, with all the resources of the federal government at its disposal, that forcibly expels more than a million non-White invaders, was not enough and is not enough.

No, none of those actions were enough to accomplish what we must accomplish. And the puny efforts of Trump, even if he had gotten everything he wanted, are completely dwarfed by these totally inadequate actions.

Look at Operation Wetback. For all its success, it was not based explicitly on race. No, it was just an attempt at enforcing the technical requirements of labor and immigration laws, which had been brazenly flouted. Race was never mentioned. And within a few years, those laws were being flouted all over again, and even more brazenly. And the immigration law writers and law enforcers were even more craven and even less inclined to admit, even to themselves, that what was really needed was an explicit defense of the White race. No, that was “unthinkable.”

And the creators and promoters of the 1924 Immigration Act were just as cowardly. Instead of naming Jewish immigration as the clear and present danger that it was, they used weasel words and simply put limits on “southeastern European immigration” without naming Jews at all, preventing some numbers of perfectly White people from coming here in the process. Instead of simply doing what needed to be done, and saying “no non-Whites, now or ever,” they had to pretend that non-Whites were perfectly welcome as long as the sacred 1920 census percentages of various “nationalities” were maintained. A leadership class that has to hedge and weasel in such a manner, and dares not proudly proclaim their intention to protect their own race has already lost the battle.

None of these Presidential actions, though our enemies would call them extreme acts of “racism,” was enough then. They would not be enough now. They did not prevent the present. Only a National Alliance government — a government based on the eternal principles of race, and whose very purpose and highest values are the eternal survival and upward evolutionary progress of our race, will do. By building a new consciousness, we are building a new community that will give birth to a new nation and a new people. Help us, Support us. Join us. Today.

* * *

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19 February, 2022 11:58 am

Federal jealously. Mount Rushmore is a Federal response to Stone Mountain.

The hypocrisy of Black Republicans unleashing ultra modern Negro armies on the North American continent to assault the Southern nation and the world. Propaganda posters all over the place.

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KingVirzion The devout Disciple of Adolf Hitler
KingVirzion The devout Disciple of Adolf Hitler
Reply to  aa
19 February, 2022 1:56 pm

Yup Jefferson Davis also expose (((them))) for what they really were. Also why is the National Alliance praising Ike the kike the Bolshevik mass murderer of Europe? He wasn’t even a racialist. He LITERALY forcefully integrated the south AT GUNPOINT did the writer forget Little Rock? The earlier presidents were all masons working with the jews. The only reason why earlier presidents pretended to be pro white/be anti jew at times is because The had to pander to whites to stay in power.They needed to build their new golem for their jewish masters. That is legit why America was founded in the first place. To make a strong nation you need healthy goyim. Overall America was a cancerous nation through and through and should have never been founded. They destroyed… Read more »

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  KingVirzion The devout Disciple of Adolf Hitler
19 February, 2022 11:41 pm

Mr. Verzion wrote, “…why is the National Alliance praising Ike the kike the Bolshevik mass murderer of Europe?” You failed to read that Kevin Strom said that Eisenhower was a traitor to our race due to his actions in World War Two, a far greater crime that couldn’t be ameliorated by “Ike” running Operation Wetback. This wasn’t praise, but rather as you mentioned, “they had to pander to Whites to stay in power.” And we who are familiar with Kevin Strom’s compilation of that tabloid The Best of Attack! and National Vanguard know well that Eisenhower’s use of troops to force White young women at bayonet point to attend a newly integrated Little Rock school as seen by the photograph and news that accompanied it. You should become familiar with… Read more »

L. B. Blakeney
L. B. Blakeney
19 February, 2022 11:58 am

Very educational and thoroughly researched! This is what we were not taught in school, even in private academies that just happened to be all White by default. We may never find out how the planned deportation of negroes failed to get rid of all of those despicable savages, nor how the (((national banks))) infiltrated the country so very long ago. Long before most of the incoming jews flooded in seeking refuge from their so called holocaust.

22 February, 2022 12:53 pm

The 1950s Klan labeled Ike the Kike a Swedish Jew.