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After the Awakening

by Douglas Mercer

ROUND ABOUT 60 years ago in this country the Establishment made a decision to drastically reduce the percentage of White people in the population. This was not done by chance. It was not accidental. It was not a “byproduct” of anything. It was not incidental. It was not “just one of those things.” It was a deliberate, well thought out, and intentional plan — and it was done in a concerted way, by design.

Suffice it to say that they have been wildly successful.

To go from 92% White people to 57% is a revolution. But to go from 57% to, say, 45%, will make that revolution look like a church picnic. To make the latter slide is to drop straight through to the killing floor.

Currently, in public kindergartens in this country, Whites are a minority. Until 2020, in each census since 1790, the number of Whites had increased every single decade. Forget about percentages: From 2010 to 2020, for the first time, the absolute number of Whites in this country declined.

There are fewer of us now, and the Establishment’s plan is that in ten years time there will be fewer yet. Look around at the White people in your neighborhood — in 2030, some will be gone. And, given the social forces of feminism, Jewish evil, sexual degeneracy (headline: “One in Five Youth Say They Are LGBTQ”), Jewish evil, immigration, an eroding economic base, and drug addiction, (and did I mention Jewish evil?) we are not only not increasing, we are not even replacing ourselves.

Instead we are being replaced.

All other races except Whites are allowed to organize themselves and to advocate for themselves. The Hispanics have La Raza (or whatever the latest deceptive name for it is) and the Hispanic Caucus in Congress, and innumerable other groups. The Blacks have their “historically Black colleges,” the NAACP, their caucus in Congress, and a thousand more. The Jews have a myriad of groups exclusively dedicated to the well-being of Jews — it would take an hour just to enumerate them. The Asians have the Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus in Congress; the Indians from the subcontinent have a group, or ten, and the Amerindians have a group, or twenty, or maybe 200.

They all have a group. And not only are they encouraged to have these organizations, they are lauded for joining and supporting them.

But not Whites. When Whites even try to form such organizations, not only are we not encouraged or lauded, we are demonized and anathematized.

One only needs to know a little bit of human nature to know that this situation is untenable.

There is a cardinal rule of social life, and it goes like this: There is only so much dung that people will eat.

A once mighty people can be racially diluted over centuries and simply fade away, but they do not get overturned in decades and then simply slink off the stage of history with their tails between their legs.

Least of all White people.

We have seen the bare beginnings of this. An America First Caucus was proposed in which they championed Anglo-Saxon political traditions and warned that mass immigration puts the unique identity of the USA at risk. They also mentioned the beauty of European architecture.

This was all rather anodyne by our standards, but as you can imagine the Ruling Class and the leaders of both parties lost their collective minds over it. It was as if the promoters of the new caucus had done something forbidden and had laid their hands on a barbed wire fence that was clearly labeled High Voltage. No White interests please, we’re “Americans.”

Once the coals were heaped on their heads, the men who’d proposed the America First Caucus jettisoned it, and everyone slinked back under their respective and “respectable” rocks.

* * *

Much has been made of the new “hard right” Congressmen Gosar, Gatez, Boebert, and Greene.

They represent the weak tea you might drink before you start to want the hard stuff.

To give them a huge helping of benefit of the doubt, in oceanic terms they might be an eighth-inch ripple — when what’s needed is a series of tsunamis: a monster wave, then another and another, each inching closer to what is required to scour the shores of the Potomac forever clean of its resident filth. We need, and may well get, a new government, whose leaders will say it cold that they are explicitly working in the name of White people and for White people’s interests, unapologetically and without reserve.

But politics is always a lagging indicator. The real volcanic force is out here with us. Ideology works by osmosis, and it bubbles up from below. People they claim are “just working their keyboards” actually are pushing and pushing at the tectonic plates beneath us, and eventually we will feel and see the shaking and the cracking on the surface. White nationalists, especially the National Alliance, have put forth an uncompromising ideology that will find its way into the mainstream; you already see a phrase like “anti-White” making the rounds.

But politics will still always be a lagging indicator: By the time this happens, the die will already have been cast. And then the Leader will follow.

* * *

Conservatives will always want to retreat to “Americanism,” the notion that the only identity that matters is “American.”

Whatever that means by now.

That ship has sailed. It sailed when the Ruling Elites decided to drastically reduce the White majority. It sailed into a morass of mud, never to return.

Back between 1890 and 1920, America had vast influx of immigrants. The process of Americanizing them was slow, arduous, and painful. But, Jews aside (of course), the other immigrants over many generations did assimilate. This was because even though there were noticeable differences between different kinds of Europeans, there still existed broad affinities among them. But even given this, as late as the early 1970s a book was written called The Rise of the Unmeltable Ethnics.

But they did melt in time.

They are now called White people.

And, in addition to there being this common root, there was also a great pause of 41 years to foster this process. Assimilation is that hard.

* * *

But now we’ve had 60 years of breakneck immigration — and immigration from races that do not, and cannot, have any affinity with us.

This is something altogether different; indeed, it is unprecedented. Assimilation of these aliens is a chimera and, even if it could happen, it would not be desirable from the perspective of White people. Our enemies also don’t want assimilation, anyway. They want to replace us, and are replacing us. They cover this over with high-sounding words like “multiculturalism” and “diversity” and put these forward as positive goods.

There is no going back.

There is no pause or letup in sight.

The die is cast.

Identity politics is the only way out.

And White people will organize. It’s as natural and as inevitable as the changing of the weather. The only issue is whether we can expect sunny days or serial squalls.

* * *

Some of the more cautious of our enemies fret from time to time that this process is going too fast. They worry about this even as it speeds up. Their concern is that they are poking the bear and that the vertiginous speed with which Whites are being replaced will lead to some version of what they call “fascism.”

They are right to be scared.

For every one of them, and every one of us, has an ancestral memory of just what White people are capable of when push comes to shove.

It’s what keeps them up at night.

What will be the outcome of this struggle? You can be sure it will not be a happy, “blended” America where “civic identity” stands first and foremost.

One possibility is that so-called cooler heads will prevail, and there will be some type of peaceful devolution or secession, and many semi-autonomous homelands; that the various races will form into blocs and some kind of Calhounian system of concurrent majorities will be devised.

The other possibility is that the outcome will not be pretty; that outright armed conflict is in the offing, another civil war. No one knows what this will look like. But most probably it will resemble a blood orgy.

The truth is that since the dispersion of the White race from the Eurasian steppes, our people have known almost continuous ascent and expansion — until the last 60 years, which in historical times is the blink of an eye. Prior to this, it was a long road of upward and onward and outward, of innovation, and of creativity and genius and ceaseless work — and a movement to the ends of the Earth in which we transformed every land in which we dwelled. The current great recessional has been brief, sharp, rapid, and traumatic. But even at this late date, it is still true to say that no White majority has ever been reduced to a minority in its homeland. And the fact of the matter is that, for all of the speculation we hear, no one, absolutely no one, can be at all sure what the future will look like.

The question, as always, will be who is cornering whom.

Which is why, except for having children, the most significant act any White person can do is to buy a gun. Preferably several of them.

* * *

Round about 60 years ago in this country, the Establishment made a decision to drastically reduce the percentage of White people in the population. This was not done by chance. It was not accidental. It was not a “byproduct” of anything. It was not incidental. It was not “just one of those things.” It was a deliberate, well thought out, and intentional plan — and it was done in a concerted way, by design.

But when they did this, they had no idea of the colossal and titanic forces they were unleashing. Soon enough, we won’t have to say Wake up, White people anymore — because they will already have been awakened. And then valor will be the better part of discretion, and no one should be shocked if the designs of replacement will fall on the inventors’ heads.

* * *

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Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
23 February, 2022 12:13 am

I take exception to one thing from this fine article: “All other races except Whites are allowed to organize themselves and to advocate for themselves.” We Whites can and will organize and advocate for ourselves. The proof is in the existence of the National Alliance. Now before all the “But but but!!” gets thrown at me, let me say that all these “buts” are nothing but excuses from the weak sisters among us. It’s true I personally have taken setbacks in my life as a result of my Alliance membership, but I overcame all of them. You can too. Some can at the very least support us in some tangible way for those who have no other choice than to work for the Jews to put bread on the table.… Read more »

Donald MacMullen
Donald MacMullen
Reply to  Jim - National Alliance Staff
23 February, 2022 7:11 pm

Damn right Jim! Either on my side or in my way. Get off the couch and into the fight.

Art Thief
Art Thief
Reply to  Jim - National Alliance Staff
23 February, 2022 7:54 pm

You’re absolutely correct; and even those of us who are stuck drawing a Jewish paycheck can funnel some of that money to the Alliance in the form of donations and membership dues. Myself, I feel a sense of happy irony every time I send that envelope down to Tennessee!

I’m moving to a nice, White suburban neighborhood (though, by no means safely distant from our local Negro enclaves) around mid-April. I’m eager to distribute some NA literature where it might actually do some good!

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  Art Thief
23 February, 2022 9:05 pm

Art Thief, if 100,000 more Whites (a tiny fraction of us) did like you do, we’d be a mighty organization with much greater capabilities than we have now. Our Media Director could do a lot of good and so could Will Williams.

Reply to  Jim - National Alliance Staff
25 February, 2022 11:15 am

Exactly. I understand what Mercer meant by “not allowed”, and it is true that we are (((not allowed))), but we do it anyway.

Permission? Where we’re going we don’t need their stinking permission!


23 February, 2022 11:18 am

I think that those filthy Jews have gone too far. More and more White people are seeing the parasites for what they are and I dare say that they will soon regret their evil ways.

Dr. Doom
Dr. Doom
Reply to  Joshua
25 February, 2022 1:44 am

No. These Zion Pigs are stupid and fanatical. Their only regret will be losing. We outnumber )))them((( by 30 to 1. Lets not be afraid of doing what needs to be done.

Art Thief
Art Thief
23 February, 2022 7:51 pm

A lovely breeze of optimism from Mr. Mercer. Thank you for this!

25 February, 2022 11:22 pm

So some smart white guy or group should organize a group called WADL or something. White anti defamation league. As most of what the jews say against whites could be taken to some of the courts still in this land and get big money to further the cause. There are smart white lawyers out there still. Organize it as a not for profit foundation as the jews do theirs. At worst if it shut down they would have to shut down ALL not for profit foundations. Some one smart could also start a not for profit church trust to aid whites in re-locating. Not all judges are stinking piles of corruption yet