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The Health of the State

by Douglas Mercer

NOTHING TO SEE HERE, says the Jew: “We Jews are a disputatious lot always arguing among one another, we can’t agree on anything, we are certainly not working in concert. And you have to look real hard to even find a Jew, they blend in so perfectly, why they are only 2 per cent. of the population, just a drop in the bucket, and they might as well be Smith or Jones for all they stand out, and they for sure have no plans for world domination.”

So said, in essence, Jew Yair Rosenberg who took to the pages of the now Jew-run Atlantic magazine (19 January 2022) to indulge in another round of bellyaching after that Jew hostage situation in Texas. I did notice that it’s not really all that hard to find Jews, as it’s a Jew writer in a magazine full of Jew writers and edited by a Jew. As for that hostage situation in Texas, it perfectly suits them — there’s nothing like a Jew as a “victim” which will get them on their high horses to “warn the world” about the most dangerous thing of all; the most dangerous thing in the world hands down.

What is that most dangerous thing?

Why, “anti-Semitism,” of course — by which they mean any opposition to themselves. (For convenience, I’ll henceforth just use their word for it.) The way they describe it, it’s like it’s a zombie virus that can never die; it can’t be put down, and it irrationally and blindly flares up and keeps going for no reason and with no provocation at all. For the life of them, they can’t fathom its virulence; it’s a total mystery to them. This is because the Jews are people who constantly hold what they say is a mirror up to the world, but have never once considered looking into one themselves. Nothing to see there, you know.

In fact, what they call “anti-Semitism” is a rational response to the known and indisputable facts about Jews and Jewish power. That is: Anti-Semitism is the health of the state. Without it, we’re sunk. With it, we are in the fight. To cast it aside would be suicide, which is exactly what they want.

* * *

Those guys in the tiny hats keep telling us that the Jews are a tiny minority, hardly warranting all the negative attention they get. To hear them tell the tales, you have to squint — and squint hard — to even find a Jew; they’re like a couple of needles in an Earth-sized haystack. But to think that way, you’d have to have not been noticing all the Jews Trump pardoned at the last minute, all the Jews Biden appointed to his administration; you’d have to not notice all the Jew cultural figures, actors, writers, politicians, pundits, media owners, financiers, university presidents, and refugee racketeers. For a people who barely leave a trace on the world, they sure do figure overwhelmingly in the American ruling class. And they sure are stand-outs when it comes to subversion. They want to not to notice these facts. They say it’s all just a coincidence. Could as easily have been a Smith or a Jones. Move right along.

This Yair Rosenberg is something special — and he’s a Jew, in case you couldn’t tell by that 100 per cent. Jewy name. He has made a nice living out of anti-Semitism; he’s one of the go-to Hebrews when anyone wants a big “think piece” from a maggot parasite on why White people hate Jews so much.

Most people do not realize that Jews make up just 2 percent of the U.S. population and 0.2 percent of the world’s population. This means simply finding them takes a lot of effort.

Actually taking your blindfold off is not that hard at all. Once you do, you’ll see Jews oozing out everywhere like cockroaches out of a Tijuana motel mattress, spreading out all over the Earth like a plague. It’s not that hard to find Jews at all. Just turn on the Jew Tube, or open a newspaper, or watch a movie, or catch the news, or walk on the campus, it’s Jews to right up to the gills and sometimes over. Why, there’s a “podcast symposium” coming up where five Jews will regale us with tall tales of the “dangers” that threaten “our democracy.” And the more you look the more you’ll find. In every pus-ridden canker sliming our nations you’ll find a cancerous Jew with his hooked nose in the infection.

But every year in Western countries, including America, Jews are the No. 1 target of anti-religious hate crimes. Anti-Semites are many things, but they aren’t lazy. They’re animated by one of the most durable and deadly conspiracy theories in human history.

It’s true we are energetic, but then we have to be, seeing how Jews proliferate exponentially (how many cities in New Jersey and New York have they taken over recently?) and are so tightly networked as they work for our destruction.

Funny, isn’t it, that none of these “haters” target, say, the Eskimos? Maybe that has something to do with the fact that the Eskimos don’t wander over the face of the Earth in search of prey.

Speaking about Jews as symbols is always uncomfortable, and that’s especially the case when bullet holes are still fresh in the sanctuary. But the sad fact is, that’s why the Texas congregants were attacked in the first place: because Jews play a sinister symbolic role in the imagination of so many that bears no resemblance to their lived existence.

No resemblance? Really? None at all? Didn’t they foist “Black civil rights” (read: Whites losing their freedom of association) on an unsuspecting nation? Didn’t they open the floodgates to millions of non-White invaders? Didn’t they trick and force women into the work force, in one move halving real wages and decimating the White birth rate? And they didn’t push degeneracy of every disgusting description from the “gay” to the “trans” on the masses, especially our children? Didn’t they impoverish us with their usurious financial system? If you think about what has been taken from us since Europe lost the war, you realize the sinister enormity of it all. And the malevolent black hand of the Jews was deep — shoulder deep — in all of it.

Jews are a famously fractious lot who can rarely agree on anything, let alone their religious leadership. We do not spend our days huddled in smoke-filled rooms plotting world domination while Jared Kushner plays dreidel in the back with Noam Chomsky and George Soros sneaks the last latke.

This is a good one. Here he engages in the lame Yiddish sarcasm we’re all so tired of. As if to put those absurd scenarios forward has any meaning at all. As if George Soros wasn’t wrecking our cities with Black crime with his many millions, and as if Jared Kushner wasn’t the designated Jew to keep Trump in check and keep him from promoting the interests of the people who elected him. As for Chomsky, I’m not sure what he’s been up to, but probably no good. I did see a picture of him recently, and I can say that for a man of 92 he doesn’t look a day over 105. He looks like one of those trolls who frighten young children under bridges, but that won’t stop him from plotting and planning to end the White race, even if he does do it by pretending to oppose the Jewish establishment.

But the notion (absurd, the Jew said) that Jews work together for our destruction, that they are highly organized, that they have an almost supernatural cohesion — it’s as obvious as obvious can be. In the old days they had Communism and finance working hand in glove — and now they have their left wing and their right wing Jew, seemingly opposed, but really working together. You have Jewish movies, Jewish television shows, Jewish museum directors, Jewish comedians; they’re not dressed up in those oversized black coats and those hats that look like gigantic hockey pucks, but they might as well be. To the very undiscerning eyes of the very ignorant, it might all seem random, but looked at from a larger perspective, you can see them harp on their constantly repeated themes — why, for all intents and purposes they might as well all be sporting the yellow badge (which is not a half-bad idea). You have Jewish pundits, Jewish editors, Jewish twitter bluechecks, Jewish tech overlords, Jewish moneybags, Jewish CEOs, Jewish university presidents, Jewish newscasters — all working toward the same Jewish goals. Just recently you had some sycophantic non-Jewish Congressman form an actual caucus promoting “Torah values.” The Jews came out against this, apparently it was bit showy, and they said the didn’t need these Shabbos goyim help to promote “Torah values,” thank you very much.

No they don’t. It’s what they all live for, day and night.

The notion that such a minuscule and unmanageable minority secretly controls the world is comical.

Trust me, no one is laughing, except the Jews up their sleeves.

The fevered fantasy of Jewish domination is incredibly malleable, which makes it incredibly attractive. And thanks to centuries of material blaming the world’s ills on the world’s Jews, conspiracy theorists seeking a scapegoat for their sorrows inevitably discover that the invisible hand of their oppressor belongs to an invisible Jew.

They are only invisible to those who can’t see, or those who do not want to see. Indeed, that’s what the yellow star was for, or that meme of coloring them blue.

Once you’ve seen the Jews you can’t unsee them, for they are everywhere.

It is “incredibly attractive” because it is incredibly powerful; it is an explanatory silver bullet. You often hear it said that you shouldn’t attack someone just because they don’t name the Jews, if they are right on every other issue. But being wrong on the Jewish Question is being wrong on the only question that matters. Solve the Jewish problem and you solve the rest. Donald Trump went to Warsaw and claimed the question of our time is “Does the West have the will to survive?” But that’s wrong. The question of our time, just like the question of all times, is the Jewish Question; answer it and you answer every question.

Anti-racism activists — who understand racism as prejudice wielded by the powerful — cannot grasp it, because anti-Semitism constructs its Jewish targets as the privileged and powerful.

Constructs? This is the “it’s all in your mind” theory, and it’s a pack of Jewish lies. You know they are privileged and powerful — for one reason among many, because their lies are so ridiculously transparent but they continually get away with them.

Rosenberg then quotes a wicked Shabbos goy named Walter Russell Mead as saying:

People who think the Jews run the banks lose the ability to understand, much less to operate financial systems. People who think the Jews dominate business through hidden structures can’t build or long maintain a successful modern economy. People who think the Jews dominate politics lose their ability to interpret political events, to diagnose social evils and to organize effectively for positive change.

As always in such instances, this pathetic loser has it exactly backwards. To be blind to Jewish control in all of these areas renders one incapable of understanding; it would be like trying to understand the tides without accounting for the Sun and the Moon; or pondering falling objects without thinking about gravity. Both Mead and the Jews are desperate for you not to know or to think about the Jews and their domination of our society. They slander the Jew-aware as ignorant and backward, incapable of functioning in the contemporary world — when, in fact, accurate knowledge of Jewish power is the password and Rosetta Stone to understanding the world. The majority of our people are positively deterred from seeing these in-your-face truths by codes and norms which intimidate them into thinking that realistic appraisals of Jewish power are “bad” in themselves; but if you don’t see what is directly in front of you, you will be hopeless and helpless before them.

Anti-Semitism isn’t just bigotry toward the Jewish community. It is actually utilizing bigotry toward the Jewish community in order to deconstruct democratic practices, and it does so by framing democracy as a conspiracy rather than a tool of empowerment or a functional tool of governance. In other words, the more people buy into anti-Semitism and its understanding of the world, the more they lose faith in democracy.

Democracy is a conspiracy; it says so right in the Protocols; to get rid of Kings and then to get rid of hierarchy and then to get rid of natural authority is the fulcrum of their actions. In linking Jews and democracy here, Rosenberg is quite correct, and he relies on the reflexive (but incorrect) positive connotations that most people have when they hear the latter word. Remember that when the “future of democracy” podcast comes on, it will be five Jews sitting around telling us what to think about it: Sam Harris, Anne Applebaum, David Frum, George Packer, and Barton Gellman. Rearrange the Scrabble tiles, Rosemary, and they read “all of them Jews.”

The future of democracy is a Jewish boot stomping on our faces forever.

Numerous historical case studies attest to anti-Semitism undermining its adherents at a large scale. European countries that hobbled themselves for centuries by expelling their Jewish populations.

This is really rich; it is either an outright lie or evidence of being historically obtuse; it does not even rise to the level of claptrap. One has only to think of Spain, who expelled its Jews and embarked on a Golden Age. National Socialist Germany removed Jews from civil society and positions of authority and created nearly overnight a country that was the envy of the world. Far from being a barrier to success, getting rid of Jews is a necessary condition for a bright future — and perhaps any future. At one time, huge numbers of people knew this. It was this wisdom of long experience that compelled countries in the 1930s either to get rid of their Jews or struggle to keep them out. And this wisdom is starting to make a comeback. But this is wisdom that Yair Rosenberg would deny us. But then he’s a Jew, so what the Hell else is he going to say?

* * *

The rise of anti-Semitism is a sign of widespread social and cultural failure. It is a leading indicator of a loss of faith in liberal values and of a diminished capacity to understand the modern world and to thrive in it.

This is their moldiest chestnut of all, their favorite one, and the one they think is a kill shot, the supposedly big bomb that they lob into the fray: that anti-Semitism is a sign of decay and decadence and decline. According to this theory it’s a low-class street-corner barroom-stool kind of thing, the safe harbor of losers. But this is belied by the fact that over the course of human history, some of the most refined and rarefied minds humanity has known have held it. They say that anti-Semitism is a sure sign of a failed system, of the resentment of those in decline or despair. They say that it represents a kind of cultural death, that a people who subscribes to it is on the way out.

They say that strong and ascendant societies welcome the Jew for his “intellect and their energy.”

This could not be further from the truth.

Societies that welcome the Jew will soon be tottering, and will be overthrown when the time is right. Societies that welcome the Jew will soon be undermined and subverted, their people impoverished and then enslaved. Societies that welcome the Jew will soon lose their cohesion and be forfeit — and their land will then belong to another people. Societies that welcome the Jews will in the end come to regret it.

Whereas history and common sense show that those that expel their Jews can expect to rise; they can expect to regain what was lost and live in free air again. No longer will those termites be secretly gnawing at the woodwork. No longer will subversion, invasion, and alien “revolution” reign; no longer will the healthy and the whole be maligned; no longer will madness rule.

Because anti-Semitism is far from being a weakness or a lie or a fantasy or a crutch or a sign of resentment; no indeed. It is not decadence, decay, decline, or despair; it is none of these.

Anti-Semitism is the health of the state.

* * *

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Paul Drake
Paul Drake
28 January, 2022 3:41 am

Superb article, Mr. Mercer. The substance and style of your writing is unparalleled. Well done, sir.

Douglas Mercer
Douglas Mercer
Reply to  Paul Drake
28 January, 2022 11:39 am

Thank you very much. I also have the best editor there is in Kevin Strom, and much credit goes to him.

Molting Joe
Molting Joe
28 January, 2022 5:21 am

Anti-Semitism was a staple of speeches by famous men of the past. Google censors the location of one source I found, Unfortunately there is some nonsense to wade through there (religious or archaic).

Br. Art
Br. Art
28 January, 2022 7:44 am


28 January, 2022 10:37 am

Being against Semitism, i.e. anti-Semitism, is the healthiest exercise of European peoples even when the perpetrators of such aren’t Jews.

Robert Ferrara
Robert Ferrara
28 January, 2022 11:03 am

The late, great, American columnist, Joe Sobran once said that the definition of an Anti Semite, is not someone who doesn’t like the Jews. but rather, someone that the Jews don’t like.

28 January, 2022 11:54 am

Perhaps gassing them wouldn’t have been such a bad idea.

28 January, 2022 12:39 pm

A brilliant piece of work about the most miserable “ingredient” in our lives. Thanks dear Mr Mercer.

29 January, 2022 1:52 pm

Is there an accurate company-by-company list of all the jewish people in the US media? I complied one about 7 years ago, but it’s probably out of date.

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
Reply to  Kevin Alfred Strom
30 January, 2022 2:01 am

To use the French saying, “plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” (the more things change, the more they stay the same).

Perhaps a well-curated collection of photographs of the Jews who dominate the mass media would be useful. I think that trying to account for all of their names and holdings is like opening a tin full of wriggling maggots and trying to count them. I think it’s more important to show people what species they belong to. As Douglas Mercer rightly observes, “Once you’ve seen the Jews you can’t unsee them, for they are everywhere.” The physiognomy of these vampires makes it perfectly clear that they’re volksfremd, racially alien.

Reply to  Kevin Alfred Strom
31 January, 2022 9:22 am

Thank you for your response, Mr. Strom! If I ever find the time to update my list I’ll gladly share it with you!

Anthony Collins
Anthony Collins
29 January, 2022 11:05 pm

I think that what Douglas Mercer calls the “moldiest chestnut” of the Jews — the belief that societies that cross the Jews will thereby get jinxed — effectively goes back to the book of Genesis, in which Yahweh tells his chosen pimp Abraham, “I will bless them that bless thee, and curse him that curseth thee.” This biblical conceit was echoed in Jerry Falwell’s insane remark in 1980, “I firmly believe God has blessed America because America has blessed the Jew. If this nation wants her fields to remain white with grain, her scientific achievements to remain notable, and her freedom to remain intact, America must continue to stand with Israel.” A perennial schtick of the parasitic Jews is to make their hosts believe that being parasitized is good for… Read more »

William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
30 January, 2022 7:44 pm

Yair Rosenberg in the 19 January Atlantic was followed by this piece by Scott Bradfield on “anti-Semite” Louis-Ferdinand Céline in the 25 January issue of the New Republic, here: — and that was followed by this 28 January article on how to fight “anti-Semitism” in the Forth Worth Star-Telegram, written by Jew beauty, ADL Regional VP, Cheryl Drazin. Find her scare article here:

Jews doubling down on so-called horrors of anti-Jewism. Might they protest too much?

Jim - National Alliance Staff
Jim - National Alliance Staff
Reply to  William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
30 January, 2022 9:06 pm

Continual whining, protesting, exaggerating, and other forms of prevarication are Jews’ stock-in-trade, so to speak. The article itself revealed that, “Governments need sensible regulations requiring social media companies to do more to address the rampant hate online, to employ more human moderators and use high-tech solutions, such as artificial intelligence, to monitor their networks.”

In other words, impose censorship on anyone who disagrees with Jews.

William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
William W Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Reply to  Jim - National Alliance Staff
30 January, 2022 10:39 pm

Jim: …The article itself revealed that, “Governments need sensible regulations requiring social media companies to do more to address the rampant hate online, to employ more human moderators and use high-tech solutions, such as artificial intelligence, to monitor their networks.” — Yes, that’s ADL operative Cheryl Drazin writing that in the second article linked above. For those who didn’t read her article, this cheeky strumpet also wrote this: [W]e need social media companies to do more to combat the antisemitism and disinformation that’s amplified by algorithms. ADL’s research has shown repeatedly that social media companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have largely failed to root out the hate that is readily available on their networks. How about that, race fans? Jew-owned Faceberg and Instagram have failed to root out… Read more »

2 February, 2022 10:40 pm

What a great article! You put everything nicely & it’s an easy read. Thank you for this!

Wolf Stoner
Wolf Stoner
10 February, 2022 8:03 am

The idea that Jews can’t be detrimental because they are a minuscule minority is similar to the idea that plague can’t be dangerous because the overall mass of bacteria is so infinitesimally small in comparison to the mass of the infected body. The ridiculous idea that a healthy society accepts Jews but a decadent society rejects Jews doesn’t hold a historical test. What about England? For the last century it was in unconditional love with Jews; it did most for them. And what are the results? Where is the British empire? Where is the English aristocracy? Where are British industry and technology? Britain lost not only its empire but even its own homeland; it is a prostrate rotting corpse of a nation that all scavenging creatures of the world feeding… Read more »