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Those Racist Hardy Boys

by David Sims

EARLIER, I reported that the second book of the Hardy Boys series of adventure/mystery novels for boys, The House on the Cliff, contained a scene in which Frank Hardy (the older brother) became suspicious about something and declared that he smelled a “Nigger in the woodpile.” This was once a very common American expression for finding out or suspecting that something hidden is amiss or causing a problem.

Now I am happy to report that the 14th book in the series, The Hidden Harbor Mystery, contains a long passage in which Black youths are honestly and correctly portrayed as trouble-makers who get their thrills by attacking White people.

The good part begins on page 191 of the original text in hardcover.

The physician was talking to a lady. As she swung around, alarmed by the confusion, the boys recognized her as Alice Fox. At the same moment she saw the limp figure being borne into the room.

“Why — it’s Mrs. Rand!” she gasped. “What has happened?”

“She has been badly hurt, ” Frank explained quickly. “A club of negroes took Ewald from the Rand house as a lark. His mother was wounded when she tried to protect him. We have no time to lose.”

They put the injured woman on a sofa.

“I’ll look after her,” said the doctor curtly. “You fellows get out and see if you can find Ewald. This is serious. There is no telling what may happen. I’ll call the police.”

The main bad guy in the story is a male Black named Luke Jones, who is responsible for causing a feud between two families. But the other Black characters are forthrightly presented as thugs, who at one point try to lynch Frank and Joe Hardy and another person. Also, at another part of the story, these Black “youths” put Chet Morton, all tied up, into a boat which they set to float out to sea.

The candor and accuracy with which race is treated in this book is refreshing. The book echos the old advice that White people once gave each other: “Around Blacks, never relax.”

You can buy a copy of The Hidden Harbor Mystery on eBay. Be sure to get the edition published in 1954, and not one released in any later year, as it might be a rewritten, “woke”-sanitized, and substantially inferior story.

Perhaps, given what author “Franklin Dixon” says in the book, we should add to our lexicon of animal social groups:

cattle : herd
chimps : troop
Blacks : club

Despite prattling nonsense and falsehoods about racial equality, most White people behave in accordance with the truth, which is: Blacks are violent and vulgar by hereditary predilection and no amount of ostensibly remedial socialism will ever change their basic nature.

* * *

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Andrew Hamilton
Andrew Hamilton
15 December, 2021 11:14 pm

Very interesting. The Hardy Boys series originated with the Stratemeyer Syndicate in the 1920s. The Syndicate churned out many similar children’s books series as well, including Nancy Drew, Tom Swift, the Rover Boys, the Bobbsey Twins, and others. The Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew were the most enduring. Anonymous authors were paid very low flat fees to write each book under specific pseudonyms chosen by the publisher. Thus, neither “Franklin Dixon” nor “Carolyn Keene” (credited as the author of the Nancy Drew books) were real people. A number of different authors used those pseudonyms over the years to produce the books and their modernized reprints. The authors were sent detailed outlines for each book from Stratemeyer that had to be closely adhered to. The man who wrote many of the… Read more »

Kevin Alfred Strom
Kevin Alfred Strom
Reply to  Andrew Hamilton
16 December, 2021 8:08 am

Thanks for that most interesting background, Andrew. I note that the phrase “Nigger in the woodpile” was also uttered several times by the character Paul Drake in Erle Stanley Gardner’s Perry Mason books (which ran from 1935 to 1970). Drake was defense lawyer Mason’s private detective and a major “good guy” character in the books. Some other characters also used the phrase. Gardner also had several of his characters use the once-common American expression “I’m free, White, and 21” (meaning of an age and race and social status to make one’s own decisions) over the years. Some mild racial characterizations of Jews were also present in early books in the series. By the time of the Perry Mason TV series (1957 to 1966), the freedom to use such language was… Read more »

Rockwell's Ghost
Rockwell's Ghost
Reply to  Kevin Alfred Strom
16 December, 2021 4:53 pm

Toward the end of the Perry Mason TV series, niggers crept in to the story lines. One show had an ignorant looking black judge who could hardly talk, so he was given no lines. The scumbag that played Mason was a flaming faggot, and later had a race groundbreaking series that had one of his black boyfriends play the nigger that rolled him around in the Ironside wheelchair.

Hans Spit
Hans Spit
16 December, 2021 12:40 pm

book should be adapted as a screenplay and left completely unaltered.
we need aWhite filmmaker to step up and portray racial realism as it is.
why not? Niggers and jews and their scumbag lackeys like Tarentino do it all the time, but from the retarded point of view.

Rockwell's Ghost
Rockwell's Ghost
16 December, 2021 4:46 pm

As a tyke I read every Hardy Boys adventure, and THE SHORT WAVE MYSTERY set me on a lifelong career in radio and electronics, starting at age 8. I think we still have all the books somewhere in the attic. Today the jews control all publishing and the newest “racist Hardy Boys” books probably portray Frank and Joe as KKK white terrorists with nigger girlfriends.

William Collins
William Collins
29 December, 2021 12:41 pm

You can smell a lil’ niggum from a mile away.