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The Mysterious Force of “White Racism”

A scene in once-clean, once-prosperous, once-cultured, once-White Detroit, Michigan

by David Sims

IN A discussion on about the reasons for Detroit’s failure, I recently read the following:

Bloviators love to talk about the ‘unsustainable legacy’ costs of pensions for city workers. They never talk about the ‘legacy’ costs of racism….

It isn’t “racism” that caused the problem. The problem follows in the footsteps of Blacks, not in those of “racists.”

When Detroit had only racists in it, and no Blacks, it was prosperous. Things there were just wonderful. Along came the Blacks, and the racists pulled out, and now you want to set the blame for Detroit’s present woes on the racists, who are gone, and not on the Blacks, who are there. Ha!

What a mysterious force this “White racism” must be, if its effects increase in direct proportion to the distance to the nearest White people. The farther away the racists are, the more profoundly their “racism” is felt by the distant Blacks. That’s quite an amusing farce of an argument you have there.

Of course, I realize that you probably assign blame to the outgoing Whites because they took their money and their property with them when they left. (Most of us don’t define blameworthiness in quite the same way.) But even if the Whites had made a present of all their wealth to the Blacks, it wouldn’t have mattered.

Do you have any idea how much White taxpayer money was given to Haiti during the 20th century? Do you know how much additional money came to Haiti through loans from the IMF that were subsequently written off, essentially converted into gifts? White borrowers everywhere in the world had to pay higher interest because the Haitian Blacks got their money for free.

A Black hole can make an infinite amount of wealth disappear, whether you call it Haiti or Detroit.

Twenty-three out of twenty-three attempts to create a tri-county transportation authority to improve region-wide public transit went down to defeat in the white-controlled state legislature. So, not only was it impossible for African Americans to buy homes near where the jobs were moving, it was difficult to get to suburban jobs that came along with suburban growth.

Of course. The Whites don’t want the disease to spread. Because where Blacks go, ruin goes.

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11 December, 2021 8:46 pm

When one is as worthless and void of the merest compunction that their mentality is one of rewarding good with evil then where should we place someone in our own minds as to what we should want for them in return, ourselves? If I could have an ENTIRELY White country tomorrow and nothing more, nothing to do with justice for what has been done to us and continues more ravenously than ever…then, of course, I would take such a bargain. But as to my own mind as to what would be a perfect scenario, I would want said country…and…FURIOUS REVENGE for what has been done to us today and for the ten thousands of yesterdays wherein we have already been victimized. If the merest justice should ever be manifested in… Read more »

12 December, 2021 3:37 am

The impetus for separation of Whites from every other race exists within our White race in a mostly unconscious way. We within the National Alliance seek to bring that to full consciousness so that planning and all acts towards that full separation are done wisely. It’s not for just any Whites though, but those who have within our DNA that feeling, that internal command that we must do so. We must come to understand it in full consciousness as well. The racemixers must be left behind, they have shown themselves to be easily corrupted by those who relentlessly push for miscegenation and are too weak in mind and instinct to obey our natural desire and thought for separation which is beneficial to us.