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Suicide in the Empire State

by Douglas Mercer

JAMESTOWN, New York is 87% White, which is exactly 13% too low. In our current Jungle America that’s not half bad, but the leaders there should be working assiduously around the clock to beef those White numbers up. Instead the city fathers have announced a horrible idea this month. They haven’t disclosed who whispered this idea in their ears.

What is this horrible idea?

Let’s bring in refugees!

They are proposing that they become like that well-known blight on New York state — Utica — another city that “loves” “refugees.” They are excited to become the counterpart of Clarkston, Georgia, and become the new “Ellis Island of the North.”

America started in that other Jamestown — and they are proposing that it end in their Jamestown. For all intents and purposes, they might as as well have gone on stage at that Episcopal Church and committed collective ritual suicide, or simply leveled every building in the city. The results would have been the same. A city that “loves refugees” is a city that hates itself and wants to die. A city “too busy to hate” its own demise has no future.

We brought the Blacks in from Africa, and then we let the Chinese in, and then came the Jews, and then finally every godforsaken example of race trash from around the world. Haven’t we learned our lesson yet?

Well, we have — but, for the people of Jamestown, most of whom basically have no say in the matter, they are about to embark on a costly tutorial in Hell.

* * *

The story of Jamestown is that classic tragic tale, a nearly all-White industrial and manufacturing center in the 20th century that fell on hard times, found that its population was dwindling and aging (White people failed to have enough children), and so succumbed to the siren call of importing race sewage to make up the “shortfall,” to shore up the economy, and do the “moral” thing in the bargain.

It’s a bargain with the devil.

Soon enough, the once-sleepy White city will be home to a godawful babel of indecipherable dog languages; it will be rife with crime and hijabs; the schools will be swamped by low-IQ idiots from the world over; education will come to a halt; cries of “racism,” “intolerance,” and “discrimination” will be heard; rank smells will emanate from filthy kitchens; whole hosts of “centers” will emerge to cater to the human detritus; lawsuits will be filed on behalf of the new “protected classes”; and no White person will feel at home any longer.

But think of the new cuisine! they will tell you.

In the 20th century, Jamestown was a thriving industrial area, noted for producing several well-known products, including the crescent wrench, produced by Karl Peterson’s the Crescent Tool Company in Jamestown beginning in 1907.

Now they have plans to make themselves one of the rape capitals of America. And all sorts of odd and sketchy customs will be prevalent, and people who have nothing in common with us will walk our once-White streets. Which is quite the comedown from mid-20th century industrial might.

Jamestown was also once called the Furniture Capital of the World because of the once-thriving furniture industry.

Once-thriving being the operative term. The fall of such industry is always the hook they use to put us on the hook for the importation of racial trash. But you can’t save your civilization with other people’s babies, and even if you could why would you want to?

For most of the 20th century, Blackstone Corporation, was Jamestown’s largest employer and one of the driving cores of the local economy, manufacturing washing machines and automobile components.

Now it will specialize in curry dishes and albino bones. Now it will be a nationwide leader in race litigation. Now it will have to get innumerable translators for criminal defendants in its courts.

Historically, up until the 1980s, Jamestown comprised primarily people of Italian or Swedish descent, about fifty percent of the population being of Italian descent, and fifty percent being of Swedish descent.

That is, it used to be European; it used to be White. Now Jamestown is about to do its part in fomenting what Bill Clinton’s Hebe speechwriters called the “Third Great American Revolution.” There had been the one in 1776, and then the Civil War; and we all saw how poorly those worked out, so why we’d want a third is unclear. But the third is the transition from a White country to a multiracial country — and the horrors of the first two will pale in comparison to this one which is materializing before our eyes.

And now the functionaries of this evil revolution ensconced in the federal government — its foot soldiers, and officer class, and generals — have Jamestown squarely in their sights. These are the traitors who will pick off a somewhat crippled city, see that it’s down on its luck, and play off its Jew-implanted sense of “right” and hold out the prospect of new boom times. They are like vultures circling a dying animal and then swooping in when it’s about to fall. They hit the city at its weakest points — and exploit and destroy.

When Mephistopheles comes sneaking up, he whispers in the city managers’ ears: We see that you are lagging behind; your once-proud city is no longer proud, soon you will be prostrate. Your people are getting old and the young are moving out. But not to worry. How about doing the right thing and bring in Somalis, Afghanis, Salvadorans, Hondurans, and a vast array of Africans? Soon your once fair city will be fair again (well not fair, but you know what I mean); soon it will be an “international city” and an open multiracial bazaar. Think of the windfalls to your budgets!

And hearing these blandishments, the city managers drool at the prospect of full coffers, and of all the chances for “moral” exhibitionism treason will bring them. They fantasize about how puffed-up they’ll feel when they condescendingly lecture others about “inclusion” and “diversity.” And straightway they sell their souls for a mess of aliens.

What could go wrong?

Everything, of course. Everything.

* * *

America used to get the quality Swedes, such as the Lindbergh family, but over time we tended to get people like Jamestown’s mayor Eddie Sundquist, which is quite a step down.

Over 7,500 Afghans have taken refuge in the state of New York, with an expected 1,800 more on the way. Mayor Eddie Sundquist hopes to jumpstart his coalition of helping hands by next week.

Helping hands like Dr. Kevorkian’s.

The top brass of the city of Jamestown, New York are sneaky bastards. When they had a meeting to get the ball rolling on the city’s suicide by replacement of Whites with sub-mental morons, they at first only invited the top brass of “NGOs” and heads of the “refugee” racket. Afraid they were of the “unwashed masses,” with their tiki torches and their pitchforks and their desire to live.

And so the vultures swooped in. And found their prey.

The get together included representatives from a host of local and regional nonprofits and organizations and has been several months in the making. The discussion Thursday centered on refugees — people who have fled war, violence or conflict and are seeking safety in another country — and whether Jamestown has the resources available to welcome them.

You know immediately what the “regional non-profits” are going to say, of course. They’re going to say of course we have the resources, of course we do — as they slobber in their drool bowls, dreaming of how they will line their own pockets and feast off this boondoggle forever.

“It’s sad that organizers of Thursday’s meeting felt it better to keep the meeting quiet than to hold a true community meeting to talk about this issue as a community rather than a meeting of community decision makers. And, frankly, we can’t blame the organizers for feeling that way. As a society, as a community, we have struggled to assimilate newcomers for quite some time. These challenges aren’t new.”

It’s sad, but we can’t blame them, they say. Meaning it’s not sad that they were trying to keep what they are doing under wraps for as long as possible — no, not that! But it’s sad that they should need to. It’s sad that people don’t welcome with open arms their own demise and replacement; it’s tragic that people don’t want every opportunity for their daughters to be harassed by strange and dark men, it’s said that Americans don’t see the inherent value in turning their country into a wicked and hopeless den of alien waste.

This may be hard for some of us to believe, but there are people for whom cities like Jamestown — despite its warts and flaws — is their promised land.

How dare these people adhere to home and hearth! How dare they cherish their city, even if it does not have the glory it once did! That is, the ruling class in this country can’t understand for a single second that people value and want to preserve something that they — the ruling class — deem worthless.

Because, of course, what we cherish is ours — and never was and never will be theirs.

* * *

The mayor Eddie Sundquist said he received several inquiries about how the city could help support the increased number of refugees in New York who are in need of a home. He is discussing options with resettlement agencies and the state to see if a program is feasible for Jamestown.

Inquiries from the government, no doubt; inquiries from the devil whispering in his ear: You have a nice little city, or you once did, and we can make it great again. How does a horde of criminal strangers sound to you?

The potential benefits of Jamestown becoming a resettlement location for refugees were discussed Thursday evening during a well-attended gathering at St Luke’s Episcopal Church.

Is there a better or more fitting place to ignite the conflagration of your own funeral pyre than an Episcopal church?

Mayor Eddie Sundquist told a crowd of about 50 at St. Luke’s: “It’s not often that we would see refugees here in the city, but as you all know we are a city built on immigration, built on a melting pot of different people, different ideas. That’s what made us strong many, many years ago and could make us even stronger as we continue.”

This is a lie of course; a shuffling of words. Those immigrants who built cities like Jamestown were from Europe and the new immigrants will never be Europeans. To compare the two evinces either a monumental ignorance or intentional evil. The White residents of Jamestown won’t have time to distinguish between the two as they refit their homes with elaborate security systems and protocols — or get plans underway to move out.

The parley with the devil continued:

City officials have been in contact with Journey’s End, a refugee resettlement agency in Buffalo. Sundquist said on average, Journey’s End takes in about 500 refugees a year; this year they are also expecting an additional 500 refugees.

And so the wheels begin their motion, before most White people in Jamestown even have a notion about what is about to befall them. Soon they will look outside and see grotesque-faced dark-skinned intruders on their streets; soon they will hear the cackles of erectus throwbacks assault their ears; they will soon feel unsafe when they go outside; they will soon be literally shoved aside by the interlopers.

An issue arising in the Buffalo area for resettlement, Sundquist said following talks with Journey’s End, is the increase in housing costs. Resettlement agencies receive a set amount of money per refugee to assist them with housing, groceries and travel.

They get put up — you get put out — and you pay up.

“Since they couldn’t even find housing, many of the refugees are actually being put up in hotels in the Buffalo area until they are able to find suitable housing,” the mayor said.

So there’s a swarm of genetic trash in Buffalo just waiting to descend on Jamestown like an invading army. All that’s needed for it to transpire is the high sign from Sundquist and his co-conspirators in the city’s upper reaches.

“Accepting refugees can help begin to rebuild the city’s lagging population and provide workers for a shrinking workforce. Because of the low-cost housing and available jobs, the mayor believes Jamestown is a perfect fit for helping those looking for a permanent home.”

Mayor Eddie Sundquist (right) and young friend: In 90% of publicly available photographs of him, he has the same plastic grin cemented on his face.

There’s the eternal hook on this thing. The industry and the manufacturing leave, the population dies out, the young move out, and so the price of the housing stock dives, there aren’t enough workers, the cost of living becomes low, and so the city makes the eyes of those looking to resettle “refugees” as wide as a saucers. The city, to them, is like a piece of fruit ripe for the picking — and when they come calling, the corrupted city leaders are only too happy to oblige. The day of reckoning for these bastards can’t come fast enough.

Refugee resettlement booms exactly where the hollowing out of America has become most acute. You’d call it a vicious cycle, but this refugee business is the end of the cycle.

“The city of Jamestown hopes to lend a hand to become a resettlement location to help the evacuees. We have the healthcare resources, both with a federally qualified healthcare center, along with other agencies that provide healthcare services,” boasts Sundquist. “Especially in Buffalo and here. And we’ve found that we’ve got a school system that is ready and welcoming to children of refugee families.”

And then to this pie-eyed nonsense the mayor adds this whopping whale of a lie. The road to hell may be paved with good intentions, but the road to a racial and civilizational quagmire is paved with pious nonsense.

“A lot of the refugees coming in have been embedded in the US military, that have been translators, that have helped in Afghanistan,” notes Sundquist. “So, refugees that we’re getting are people that are hard-working, have a base understanding of our language, and want to come to a place they can resettle. They can work, create their community, start entrepreneurship programs. Being able to open up their own business or to help the community.”

This is Pollyanna meets Pangloss, unless of course it is outright lying. They are bringing in a hundred thousand and more of these Afghanis — were there really that many translators? Or did they just scoop up creatures from those screaming mobs on the sides of the roads near Kabul? And as for his picture of them being solid middle-class strivers “just like us,” this is belied by the child brides, the attempted gang rapes, the strangulations, and all the rest.

Sundquist said the pilot program could help set the framework for the community embracing diversity.

One might as well say it helps “set the framework” for liquidating yourself, your family, your city in the cold embrace of death.

“I like change, and I love the idea of an influx of new folks with new experiences and new perspectives,” said Dr. Kevin Whitaker, Jamestown Public Schools superintendent, who was in attendance Thursday.

We should flood his street with a score of refugees from the worst parts of the world, the worst of the worst, and then come back in six months and ask him how he likes his new perspective.

Also raised was the topic of safety for the refugees, with some stating that not everyone in the community may be as open to the idea of refugees settling in the city.

You think? You think some might take matters into their own hands? Those who don’t like new perspectives or new experiences when they involve embracing death?

* * *

“On its face, the idea of resettling 20 refugee families in Jamestown shouldn’t send everyone into a panic.”

It should be an alarm bell in the night; someone should ride through town on a horse screaming the invaders are coming. They call it a “pilot” program, but what it is is a foot in the door. The likelihood of them bringing in these 20 families and then, after due consideration, deeming it not to have been a success and stopping the program… is exactly zero.

And you know that lady harpy in Albany is very much in favor of what Jamestown is planning. Kathy Hochul is addicted to hokum and she’s got the “nation of immigrants” lying propaganda down pat and is more than willing to ladle up some more.

“New York’s story has always been one of immigrants and these brave Afghan refugees are here to help us write the next chapter in that great story,” explained New York Governor Kathy Hochul. “Their success will also be a beacon of hope for others seeking refuge from violence and persecution.”

“As you know, the Statue of Liberty is inscribed. It says, ‘give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses, yearning to be free. The wretched refuse to a teeming shore.’ And that statement encapsulates our values,” says Hochul.

In the movie The Man in the High Castle the Germans who rule the eastern half of America topple the Statue of Liberty by sending in planes to strafe it.

Maybe those Jew scriptwriters unintentionally had the right idea.

* * *

So Jamestown is the next in a long line of cities to surrender to the refugee racket. The story is ever the same. It’s as if the city is hanging by a thread and instead of giving it a real helping hand you give it a shove into the abyss from which nothing ever returns. Perhaps the city was fading away, but even if it was it would be better to let it go out with some dignity. (Better yet, get that 87% up to 100%!) It’s the equivalent of taking a frail old person in a nursing home, and, instead of surrounding him with family, you surround him with nurses from Somalia and doctors from India. Which, as we know, happens all the time in the Jews’ America.

But to send a once-proud city out on the rails of diversity will forever tarnishall that was once great about it. It will be a stigma forever, a desecration of memory. Indeed, in the end there will be nothing to remember, or nothing worth remembering. Better to die with pride than live (for a while at least) in the clutches of the invaders.

This Eddie Sundquist is one of those cucked Swedes that you hear so much about. He’ll genuflect and talk about “diversity” and about the brave new world he’s going to create. In point of fact he is a demented lunatic who is murdering us all in the name of “morality” and kickbacks. He needs to be stopped. He’s a danger to himself and others.

“I want to be very clear here in the city’s role,” the mayor said. “As the city, we’re not here to put together a program. I like to kind of think about this as a faucet, right? The city’s role is to help turn on the faucet. But we don’t want to turn that faucet on unless the bucket holding the water, the community, is ready for that. We want to make sure as the city, that bucket, our community, can handle that, is ready for it, can provide support for those refugees before we help turn the faucet on, start the water and really bring people to this area.”

Turn on the faucet? Ha! There’s not a bucket big enough for the misery and crime he’s about to unleash on his constituents. It won’t be twenty or forty or even sixty families. They won’t rest until the entire city looks like the very crossroads of the world, a sewer into which all the doomed races are flushed. A faucet? To get a better idea, think of a Niagara Falls of brown waste.

There will be no bailing them out then. Or ever.

* * *

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15 December, 2021 10:30 am

In this matter of racial survival, like all the important things in life, you have to think correctly. Keep a cool head. It is already evident that not only in the USA, but much of the once white and prosperous West, is becoming the Sewer of Hell, where pestilence and racial human waste are imported by the already known destructive parasite, supported by liberal whites. , businessmen, Christian religious organizations, NGOs, foundations and plutocratic financial globalism, all conspirators in the white genocide. Finally, as long as racially, politically, militarily and socially-culturally separated autonomous territories are not created, the problem will not have a solution. Now stimulating racial-ethnocentric awareness in whites is essential, while those new countries or only white nations are devised, planned and designed.

Choose the path.jpg
Reply to  Panadechi
22 December, 2021 9:15 pm

Put another way, devising a plan to survive ethnopolitical repression, or a persecution survival plan, and sharing it with Indo-European-descent Whites is essential, whether or not Croftian orgonite and mass meditations could resolve their issues right away.

— Elfriede Lentner,

Old Aardvark
Old Aardvark
Reply to  Panadechi
24 December, 2021 12:20 am

The problem in Jamestown and every other place in once-white America is that we have a declining birthrate, now well below replacement levels. The 19th Century was the white century because whites had large families with many children. Six was average. Nine and more were commonly seen. If whites don’t start reproducing again then we are whistling past the graveyard.

Hans Spit
Hans Spit
15 December, 2021 3:38 pm

Mr. Mercer , i imagine, could write a Helluva Dystopic novel. Course, it would never see the light of day, as i can’t picture him submitting or kow-towing to some
disgusting Jew publishing house **is there any other kind?**

excellent essay here.

Kevin Alfred Strom
Kevin Alfred Strom
Reply to  Hans Spit
15 December, 2021 8:55 pm

Actually, there is another kind of publishing house: Cosmotheist Books. And a book by Mr. Mercer is something worth doing!

Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Will W. Williams * National Alliance Chairman
Reply to  Hans Spit
16 December, 2021 12:50 pm

I can’t picture Mr. Mercer submitting or kow-towing one bit to Jews, either — just to be published by them. In fact I can’t picture him even writing fiction when what he writes is powerful non-fiction. He currently has more than 100 essays here: Douglas Mercer | National Vanguard

Like Kevin points out, our Cosmotheist Books publishing arm can rather easily compile volumes of Mercer’s recent essays in book form, but it takes money to do so. Perhaps some responsible White person of means, and a fan of Mercer’s who is reading this will step forward with the necessary operating capital to help finance such a project?

KingVirzion The devout Disciple of Adolf Hitler
KingVirzion The devout Disciple of Adolf Hitler
15 December, 2021 9:37 pm

But M-Mr. Mercer isn’t it horrible what the national socialists done in the man in the high castle. I mean look how horrible and oppressive the new statue they replaced the statue of liberty looks like (sarcasm). What do you think does the new statue look bad?

Douglas Mercer
Douglas Mercer
Reply to  KingVirzion The devout Disciple of Adolf Hitler
16 December, 2021 3:37 pm

That is powerful art, you can bet no invitation to immigrants sullies its majesty.

Old Aardvark
Old Aardvark
24 December, 2021 12:14 am

Good writing and a good message. I shared it with friends and family.

Reply to  Old Aardvark
24 December, 2021 2:08 am

Old Aardvark, sharing NV is the White thing to do! That’s the kind of activism Alliance members of all stripes can do, you’re leading by setting a good example.